See below for details on Comcast SportsNet New England’s coverage of the 2016 NBA draft.

The Delusional reference is to multiple employees of CSNNE, who have characterized Celtics fans with that word. 


9 thoughts on “Delusional Celtics Draft Central on CSN: Thursday 7PM – 11PM

  1. Mike Giardi is such a wannabe “personality”. He tries so freaking hard to act clever, but there are rocks rolling around in his head, clearly, which results in him saying idiotic things like calling his own audience “delusional.” The joy of sports seems to have bypassed him and most everyone else at CSNNETheSportsHub

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  2. I, for one, am not delusional. This is a new era in the NBA. If your franchise isn’t located in Miami, LA, or a tax-free state like Texas (and the other parts of Florida), or New York (and maybe Chicago), then big free agent signings, and even trades, are hard to pull off. You need luck. You need to have lottery picks and then come up with a high pick after the Ping-Pong balls are chosen, AND it needs to be a year with 4 or 5 potential franchise players in the draft. Given these unfortunate facts about the modern NBA, I think Ainge is doing what has to be done. He’s stockpiling first rounders (and even second rounders) and trying to wheel and deal his way to a championship roster.

    But, no, I’m not delusional. I know that most established NBA players would prefer to avoid playing in a city with harsh winter weather, and where most of the bars and clubs close by 2 a.m.


  3. Yeah, I figured the delusional shot was at Giardi too after the tweets I saw from Bruce the last few days. Giardi is just mad that he doesn’t have a home like most of the CSNNE employees. Think about it almost all of them can be tied to one specific sport. I guess with Giardi you would say football and baseball but he has seen “the Senator” pass him by in terms of Pats coverage and there is an endless line of people with more baseball experience over there. He’s probably just not happy with his life so he takes it out on those who challenge him in any way.

    As far as the Celtics go tonight. I am very excited. For those of you looking to bone up on the players who are available tonight I highly recommend grabbing Kevin O’Conner’s draft guide. It’s only $10 which is about what you would pay for a draft magazine but at least this money goes to a local guy. It’s 160 pages of great information and can be downloaded to your preferred device.

    I hope Danny gets more than just Noel/Okafor for the #3 pick as the Hawks only got #12 pick for Jeff Teague. And I hope Valentine from Michigan St is still there if they still have the 16th pick. I saw someone mentioned flipping Noel and Bradley plus picks to Chicago for Butler, but with them trading Rose I can’t tell if they are blowing it up which bodes well for us, or if they are building around Butler, not so good.

    I can’t imagine Marcus Smart continuing to develop with Avery Bradley in front of him. They have similar skill sets except Smart can defend more positions. And I believe we have hit Bradley’s ceiling where Smart still has a ways to go. Avery is coming off a 1st team all NBA defensive team nod and he has an excellent contract so this is a great time to try and move him. Can anyone else see a situation where Marcus can continue to develop and we keep Avery?

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  4. Turned on WEEI this morning and thought it was early May. Everyone was jumping off of bridges over draft picks they have never seen play. I thought we only did that for the Patriots.

    The Boston DMA is a notoriously ambivalent towards college basketball yet everyone knows Jaylen Brown will suck in Boston. I’m not sure how they know but they do.

    Then, of course, the draft and stash guys “won’t help now so why bother?” Right. The french player is predictably being compared to Jerome Moiso. Why? He wasn’t even drafted by this regime. If we are going that far can we compare the Croatian to Dino Radja? He was pretty darn good. No, that would hurt the narrative. The French player has been compared to larger, more physical players like Larry Johnson and Nene. Let’s skip right over that though.

    Gary was in this morning for John Dennis and he said that if the celts had the #1 pick you have to trade that for an established star because you don’t know if Simmons will become one. Ok, fair point perhaps. Then he immediately turns around and declares that Jaylen Brown will not become a star. So you aren’t sure about #1 but you are damn certain about #2. Got it…

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    1. Personally, I’m a little surprised they didn’t make a trade (other than the draft pick swap with Memphis to get out of having to make a couple of those second round selections). However, if Grousbeck was telling the truth last night (and why would he lie?), and the other teams really were asking for the C’s option on the Nets’ 2017 first rounder as part of any trade package, then I’m glad they passed. That pick has a very good chance to be Top 3 again, or better, because the Nets could very well be worse than they were this year.

      Also, there is still free agency yet to go this offseason, and they’ve got cap room. I’m not expecting Durant, but they should be able to do better than last year’s underwhelming FA haul, I would think. And….this Brown kid they took with the #3 pick is an elite athlete and a very intelligent guy, and a hard worker. If those sports talk radio guys think that Brad Stevens won’t find away to get the most out of his talent, then they haven’t been paying attention for the past couple of seasons.

      If I had one criticism of what the C’s did last night, it was taking the French guy at #16 when they probably could have had him 20 picks later — at least that’s what all the analysts said. But, then again, we know that “all it takes is one other team to show interest” to get the team intent on drafting him to strike earlier rather than later. So the Celts probably had an inkling that one of the teams picking between 17 and 22 had an interest in him. The Pats do this all the time, and get royally roasted for it — sometimes with good reason (cough, Tavon Wilson, cough); the jury is still out on Jordan Richards, but they were also criticized for “reaching” for Deion Branch and Logan Mankins, and those picks worked out OK.


        1. Yup.

          The bottom line is that no one has any idea what these teams’ draft boards and scouting reports look like, and, more importantly, WHY they look the way they do, and why they tend to vary from team to team, sometimes dramatically. The fans just follow the sports writers’ leads in decrying that this player or that player “could have been drafted six rounds later so why did they waste a second rounder on him!!”

          The “problem,” for lack of a better term, in following the Pats’ drafts as a fan is that BB drafts guys that he thinks are suited for his system, and he also likes versatility and values special teams ability far more than other teams — which is why he probably never would have taken Clay Matthews back in ’09 even if he had six other chances to draft him after trading out of the 26th pick in the first round (not saying he was right or wrong to not consider Matthews, but I understand WHY he didn’t take him).

          Special teams guys don’t usually show up on Fantasy Football rosters, and so picks like that drive the fans crazy, and those fans are, in turn, egged on by mediots who claim to have an in-depth understanding of the game, when in fact they’re just fans with better access to the players and coaches.

          I mean, I think the less-than-glowing, “expert” scouting report on a certain 199th overall pick 16 years ago is the best argument in favor of just taking a chill pill and waiting to see if these names on a draft list can actually play once the practices and games begin for real.

          And, again, as for the C’s, there is still free agency to deal with, and there’s still plenty of time to make a “big splash” trade, if they so desire. Or, hey, they may just keep this Brown kid and let Stevens attempt to mold him into an All Star. That would work, too.


          1. I think we can safely state that the decision to not consider Clay Mathews goes into the “wrong” category if it is as you suggest that BB would have passed six times over on the guy – but agree that anybody can play the “what if” game for any draft pick not selected. To go back and look at all the misses in any draft by any team is eye opening and helps redefine what a successful pick is.


      1. When Thon Maker goes #10, I don’t think we can safely assume where “the French guy” would’ve been drafted.

        I’m excited to see the French guy play. I’m thinking a rich man’s Sully (or, if Sully was bouncy and in better shape; and could shoot).


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