Eddie AndelmanThe Godfather of Sports Talk Radio may be in semi(mostly)-retirement, but he still deserves a day on the approval ratings!

Eddie Andelman is a pioneer in the sports talk radio arena. The original Sports Huddle show back in the 1970’s was one of the first of its kind on the airwaves.

Andelman was a fixture on WHDH radio during the 80’s, and moved over the WEEI in the 90’s. He was best remembered on the station for his show with Dale Arnold, dubbed “The A Team.” Andelman left the station in December, 2001 right in the middle of the Patriots push to their first Super Bowl title.

He reappeared on sports radio 1510 The Zone, where he opened his show blasting his former employer and partner. He took many more shots over the years at the station, and WEEI to this day continues to blast right back at him with whiner line callers and various skits.  

He’s had an intense rivalry with Glenn Ordway over the years, angry that Ordway had taken his time slot on WEEI and also canceled his son Michael’s weekend show on the station. With Ordway’s recent family crisis, it is thought that Andelman might’ve been one of the one’s Ordway referred to when he expressed gratitude for support from people he never thought he’d ever hear from.

Andelman currently hosts a show on Sunday nights from 7:00 to 10:00pm on talk radio WTKK, named the New Sports Huddle. These days however, Andelman is chiefly known for his annual Hot Dog Safari to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis/The Joey Fund.





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  1. Can’t listen to him now, but can’t bring myself to disapprove of someone who was such a pioneer. APPROVE.

    But man … I forgot how bad Michael Andleman’s show was. Brutal.

  2. I approved simply out of respect for what this guy was in the early to mid ’80s. He was hilarious, and the Sports Huddle was must listen on Sunday nights. I used to go to my dad’s house every other weekend when i was a kid and when he would drive me back to my mom’s, we always had the Sports Huddle on. Those guys had such great chemistry and back then, talk radio was really a novelty instead of the all-encompassing engine it is now. Eddie was the Glenn Ordway of the Sports Huddle — he created the characters of Jim McCarthy and Mark Witkin. I agree that it’s sad the three of them broke up. They were awesome. It was a different era back then. Obviously, Eddie could not change with the times.

  3. Yeah, I used to like him when I was a kid too, but there’s the magic words – when I was a kid.

    He DIDN’T invent sports talk radio – the guy from WUNR that put him on in the first place was. If it wasn’t for that guy, he’d be just another loudmouth prick in a bar. Eddie surely has overlooked that little fact.

    I approve of Classic Sports Huddle, disapprove of everything since.

  4. A big APPROVE.

    Maybe he’s not what he once was, but for a whole generation
    of sports fans the Sports Huddle on Sunday night was the
    talk show you never missed, Eddie, Mark, and Jim’s one liners and routines were things you laughed about with your friends the next day.

    And yeah..he doesn’t like Dale or Glenn. Points for that, too.

  5. love him. love him even more when the big show still talks about him. if he is so yesterday then why does the big show constantly mention him? the guy works 1 day a week and raises more money for charity than all the weei shows combined. was right about deossie and smerlas. they give about 15-20% of their charity proceeds to the actual charity.[texas hold em tournaments big joke!] was right about the superbowl tickets being scalped by patriot players. was right about that back stabber ordway.constantly stuck up for dale arnold who rips andelman every chance he gets. was right about weei’s stock value going down. when ea left stock was around $50.00 now its about $8.00. in all EDDIE ANDELMAN IS STILL IN 850’S HEAD!!! THAT IN ITSELF IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  6. If I were running a jail, I would punish the inmates with hours and hours of Phantom Gourmet reruns. Do you think Eddie will auction off Mike’s press fedora, along with the used pu-pu platters?

  7. big eddie fan. pearl franks, pro wrestling, the kowloon, jambalaya,don zimmer,fuddruckers,ripping canseco apart,real estate genius.having to work with that back stabber dale arnold, hall of fame callers, captain lou albano, paul the poet, red sox violet, mosi tatupu, big foot,phd in cornbeef,the famous 99, bruno sammartino,rico petrocelli, red auerbach, fabulous judy, hot dog safari,stan papi, joe clemente,biff bulkie aka vin maloney,phantom gourmet,ordway sucks,yankee elimination party, in all i love eddie andelman.

  8. I wish EDDIE would sell his old sports huddle tapes & someone can put on once-a-week “The Best of Sports Huddle Shows”…………..:)

  9. i have seen war, poverty. had to run through the mountains in italy during the war to escape capture by adolf hitler.had my neck broken in a match.had med flies eat all my chest hairs.these were all extremely painful incidents. but the most pain i have ever experienced in my life was when eddie andelman put me in the “andelman gotcha” hold. i approve under extreme duress!

  10. ‘EEI will always be haunted by Eddie (even when he’s gone) because he was funny, original and was more about sports. Almost all the guys on EEI now would be benchwarmers for the Huddle, including Ordway. ‘EEI is like an all-you-can eat truck stop that just reheats the same stuff over and over again, day after day.

    His interviews with wrestlers were priceless, mostly because the callers were true believers and were funnier than the fakers.


  11. love eddie. does great charity work. listen faithfully on sundays at 7pm on 96.9 fm. it is weird how eei still mentions him.kind of like the patriots were when parcells was coaching the ny jets.i approve of eddie.

  12. Any man who could be as ignorant as Eddie was, for his WHOLE life, about hockey is nothing more than a buffoon…. He loved making Dale uncomfortable by ignoring any recent success of the Bruins and by consistently hanging up on callers who wished to carry on a civil conversation about hockey….to Eddie they were stupid people who needed to hear HIS stories about REAL sports like wrestling and boxing……to Eddie, Bobby Orr was an overrated, media-hyped, mistake prone, uneducated Canadian bumpkin….his rants about hockey NOT being a “major sport worthy of rational conversation” was actually funny for the 1st five minutes, then it quickly became a pathetic and ignorant “skit”…..I found that his rude behavior was unsettling and could not listen to him for more than 10 minutes at a time….I don’t miss him at all.

  13. Brian where did that untruthful rant come from? That was from way out in right field….and i mean way out! EDDIE loves Bobby Orr. Its Sinden & Jacobs that he didn’t & he was the first in this market to “voice” those opionions! So please get your facts straight!

  14. He also referred to the the University of North Dakota as the Flying Sioux and stated on numerous occasions that hockey fans were dumb. Sure, maybe he was kidding.

    But I also have it on good word that he, Kadolfo, and the Chili Guy stole 18,000 dollars or half a quarter ton of eights from a shoe bank.

  15. invented the hot dog safari. that is a fat guy’s version of heaven.all the hot dogs,chicken wings,sausage,ice cream,donuts you can eat for $10.00.as a big fat slob myself i say”i love you eddie”.

  16. I approve simply on the fact that he is a TRUE sports fan but he is so out of his element now it’s sad. The Sports Huddle is on Sunday nights and is dreadful to listen to.

    I heard him arguing about how people still like to buy newspapers the other week. Eddie, take a look at boston.com

  17. Once upon a time in the first round of broadcast deregulation Eddie and Mike O’ were partners in a venture that owned WKZY in Fort Myers, Florida. It was the mid’80s. I worked for those guys doing mornings on their station and Eddie was the most generous radio teacher I had ever known. He has impeccable timing and a great capacity for capitalizing on strengths. Yeah, he takes no prisoners on the air but he is the biggest heart in the business. I just wanted to weigh in on this.

    Peace everybody!

    Kevin O’Dunn B.Msc

  18. Eddie andelman does more charity work than anyone.Why does weei rip him every chance they get? Because they are jealous.Any station that would allow the biggest crooks in the world on its airwaves only proves that Eddie was right.Fred Smerlas,Steve Deossie, and Glenn Ordway are involved with a police charity that gives money to widows/widowers of police officers killed in the line of duty.Well according to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office 15% of the millions of dollars raised ACTUALLY went to the charity.SMERLAS KEPT MILLIONS!!!ORDWAY AND DEOSSIE ARE INVOLVED AS WELL!!

  19. Lest we forget – Ordway bashed (Badly) the legend of Johnny Most! Ordway not a good person. Neither is Dale – Dale is such a passive non-sports person. He is just in it for the money, not the love of sports.

    Eddie – I remember him from when I was a kid all the way up until the early 90’s before I moved to Florida. He was always the best. He is a New Englander through and through.

    He invented Sports Radio style. Maybe not the idea of putting sports radio on the air. But he invented the style. This opened its way to ESPN. I believe if it wasn’t for Eddie A. there would be no ESPN.

  20. Eddie Andelman’s anti-hockey stance was crap. He once referred to the University of North Dakota as the Flying Sioux. Ummm, no.

  21. Eddie when i was young in the early to mid 70s i used to put a radio under my pillow and listen to the sports huddle with mark and jim Funniest chit going on! its too bad glen fired his son for having a stripper in the studio on radio and months later glen had don imus on to go against howard stern , and soon was doing the same toilet humor , stern was kicking weeis asses and glenny panicked, i hope someday glenny will have eddie on or do a show on how eddie was a pioneer in sports radio , eddie was loyal and i remember when dale arnold didn’t back eddies choice for the new owner of the red sox and eddie went balistic and that was the end of the eddie and dale show , remeber happy trails too you until we meet again!!

  22. Back in the early 70's when I was going to school in Boston and not having a great time I looked forward to the Sports Huddle every Sunday night. Even as a Yankee and Giant fan. It was a very funny show and Andelman was the chief reason.

    I don't know what course his career has taken since the 70's but I've never found any New York sports talk show host who was his equal in those Sports Huddle years.

  23. Sunday nights are not the same.On his last show December 26,2010 Eddie said he might be back but he will never do a sports show again.He states that the athletes really don't like and appreciate the fans who pay their salaries.Andelman said he might do either a politics or business show.Eddie you are a radio legend!

  24. for sports talk in the 80s it was Eddie on WHDH or no-one.Guy Manella and "Calling All Sports" on WBZ was history. Then came Ciff Keane and Larry Claffin on 1510 and Bill O'Connell (later John Carlson) with Tmmy Horgan, Joe Gil and an array of Boston sports writers on WRKO and to me Eddie became a wind bag in the storm. There were alternatives and I utilized them. It would be nice to see Eddies ratings compared to the competition back then.

  25. eddie, marc and jim did start it all. all present radio/media sports guys and gals who presently cash in should thank them, especially eddie.yes he may be pompous but love or hate, he made you listen. I too am curious about their past and present relationship.

  26. JUMBALAYA!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Eddie on your induction to the "Boston Radio/Television
    Hall of Fame".I am honored to have met and listened to you!

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