The Red Sox split a doubleheader with the Minnesota Twins yesterday, but the biggest story of the day was the performance of Eduardo Rodriguez in the first game. Coming off his ultra-impressive major league debut in Texas, the young lefty was equally as impressive yesterday, going seven innings, allowing two hits, one run and striking out seven.

Eduardo Rodriguez gives desperately needed boost – Michael Silverman says that the 22-year-old offers the Red Sox “the righteous path to redemption.”

Eduardo Rodriguez is all aces through two starts – Nick Cafardo is “all in” and “sold” on Rodriguez.

Red Sox lefty Eduardo Rodriguez penning a great opening chapter – Gordon Edes has the Twins very impressed with the rookie.

Boston Red Sox’s Eduardo Rodriguez and the Clay Buchholz of May make Sox an actual contender – Christopher Smith says that if these two can keep it up, the Red Sox may have hope.

It looks like Xander Bogaerts has really turned a corner– Alex Speier has a look at the shortstop, who seems to be coming into his own as of late.

The Boston Herald has a good one-two this morning from Jeff Howe and Karen Guregian looking at the options facing Tom Brady. The Patriots QB will have his appeal heard by Roger Goodell on June 23rd, and if the result is anything less than a complete elimination of the suspension, Brady has to decide whether to go to court. Both writers make good points.

Why Tom Brady should end fight after appeal – Guregian says the best answer Brady can give is to win another Super Bowl, and to do that, he needs to get this over with.

Why Tom Brady should fight NFL until the end – Howe says Brady owes it to himself to get nasty with the NFL after their attacks on him.

I asked Stephanie Stradley, a Houston based writer and Lawyer, who has been watching this case closely for her thoughts on the articles and Brady’s options.



Boogie on: A Celtics pursuit of DeMarcus Cousins – Ben Rohrbach looks at the Celtics interest in the Kings enigmatic star and what it might take to land him.

A new Boston tradition: The Globies sports awards – The Globe will hold their own Sports Awards show this fall.


26 thoughts on “Red Sox Still In Deep Hole, But Rodriguez Offers Hope

  1. Today’s “random quote” from Jason Wolfe is actually quite prescient.

    Fatty, Forehead and Kirk spend as much time, if not more, then the two idiots on 98.5, talking about popular culture (don’t kid yourselves, this includes modern politics), then they do talking about sports.

    Gerry is obsessed with homosexuals, sex changes and Muslims while Fred and Rich are obsessed with 80s music and sitcoms…


    1. You stole my thought…
      I wonder if any other city gets to wake up to 2 sports radio stations…
      And then get some good ‘transgenders are gross – every Muslim wants us dead – Obama is trying to kill us’ talk on one station…
      And then on the other… get 80’s hair band references and one funny thread about someone in local or pop culture – and have it completely beaten to death for 20mins.?

      We’re so lucky!!!!


    1. “Failing to trade Tom Brady before today’s OTAs is just another sign that this team is committed to the bottom line and not winning.”


    2. I just read Jimmy G tossed 4 INTS in the 2-minute drill today.

      “He’s not the answer, Mike!! They wasted a 2nd round pick on him! Like, really!”


  2. So I listened to 2 hours of Caitlyn Jenner chat on WEEI this morning and the angst they were having because the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner was receiving an ESPY for courage. To be honest I have no comment or care about some person receiving a made up award from a media organization. My comment has to do with the several times Gerry agreed with callers that this is only a story because Bruce is part of the Kardashian clan.

    Had he never met Kris Kardashian this would be a huge story. He is not Renee Richards. I defy you to name one other decathlete from the last 50 years (Dan and Dave are the only 2 I can come up with and only because they had the funny Reebok commercial). Bruce Jenner was THE story at the 1976 Olympics. He was the most famous athlete in the world after his world record setting performance. He has remained the guy that all others tried to be in USA track following his performance.

    So the the fact that he struggled with being transgendered for 40 years following, coupled with three failed marriages directly relating to his secret, and that now he is comfortable enough to come out as a woman makes this not only an entertainment story but a sports story that would be everywhere even if he was not Kim K’s ex step dad.


    1. Good lord. That’s like saying that if Joe Montana became a woman, it would only be a story because he does commercials for Just For Men.


    2. Had he never met Kris Kardashian this would be a huge story

      That’s what kills it for me. Anything associated with that disgusting family is toxic.


  3. Claude keeps his job for another year while Farrell keeps his this year. Nothing says commitment to win more than rewarding incompetency.


  4. Well, Tony, now we found out why BB didn’t wear an American flag to the WH during the trip. So, on top of being a horrible drafter, he’s anti-American! Kraft should fire his ass!


    1. I saw that story and started laughing. I am sure there will be no grand inquisition. Pat Bowlen, I am sure, is very proud of his son this morning. The NFL will say nothing, I doubt the story gets any play on the NFL Net or ESPN. Now if he were driving on tires under inflated by 1PSI…that would be a story worth chasing.


      1. The old man has Alzheimer’s so I doubt he even knows who his son is this morning.


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