Catching up on a few items from the last several days while shaking my head that the Red Sox were nearly no-hit last night…

Nick Underhill of, one of the best young writers covering the Patriots announced yesterday that he’ll be moving on.

It’s a big loss for the beat, Underhill carved a nice niche for himself covering the Patriots, blending solid reporting, film study and statistical analysis in a straightforward, informative, easy to digest manner. I’m impressed with the entire staff at, so I’m hopeful they can bring on someone who can approach the competency that Underhill brought to the job.

Best wishes to Underhill going forward, New Orleans should be a great beat to jump on.


Last week, NESN announced that Gary Striewski has been named as the network’s primary Red Sox in-game reporter. He follows Jenny Dell and Heidi Watney in that role.

The network claimed to have reviewed over 200 candidates for the job before awarding the position to Striewski, who has done a nice job this year in the role.

I don’t know if NESN even sent out a release on the news, as I didn’t get one, and Chad Finn at the Globe didn’t get one either, which is rather odd given that this is a relatively high-profile position.


Eddie Andelman’s Twitter Feed Is a Cornucopia of Offensiveness

So when does the Godfather of Boston Sports Radio have his Twitter account deactivated?

Also, the account is not verified are we sure it is even him?


A couple days late on this, but I laughed at this Peter Abraham paragraph in Sunday’s paper.

It was only the second homer for Ross in 96 at-bats against righthanded pitchers over the last two seasons. The other was against Texas ace Yu Darvish last season. So if you’re a well-paid Japanese sensation, the backup catcher of the Red Sox is coming for you.


Bruins await Jarome Iginla’s decision – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins hoping to retain Iginla, who is almost certain to receive more lucrative offers elsewhere.

Plenty of options on Danny Ainge’s table – Steve Bulpett assesses what the Celtics might be able to do this summer.


20 thoughts on “Patriots Beat Loses a Good One, Sox Just Lose

  1. I thought the same thing about the Andelman account; what are the chances that old jackass knows what Twitter is, or can even count to 140? And either way, who cares? He’s the definition of irrelevant. He was irrelevant 15 years ago, never mind today.

  2. If I remember correctly, this is not the first time that the “Andelman Twitter account” has made the headlines. I doubt that it’s really him.

    1. The author of the Globe article, which Bruce linked, did say they attempted to contact him and got no response. In something like that, don’t you want to respond and say, “definitely not me” ?

      I know that there are tons of “fake” accounts that look damn real. Just look at the NBA/NHL free agency news breaking today. A few big NHL writers have already got spoofed by a fake Bob McKenzie account (think Adam Schefter for NFL but NHL) .

      Still, that’s one time where you would want to say that, no?

      1. “Andelman did not respond to emails or tweets requesting comment or explanation.”

        Does he read emails?

      2. Andleman is 83. I am not sure he really cares to deny anything any more. It might be him. It might be his account with a ghost poster. It might not be him. But thanks to the Globe we are now talking about him. I don’t see any reason to say anything. The hot dog safari is not until next June.

        Anyway…it is a dumb article. Who cares what Andleman says in 140 character comments. And if it is that offensive…why give him publicity? I don’t understand these people.

  3. On a personal note. It was 44 years ago that, as a young teenager, I first became a fanatic for the Sunday night Sports Huddle on WBZ AM (missed the 1st year at the top of the dial). I was such a fan to their Marxian comedy that I would catch their Ch. 56 shows and buy Boston Magazine to read the Andelman column. It was thru Andelman that I first understood the centralized power of the NYC media to affect all of us in the quality and choice of information that we get. That began my life long interest in the workings of the media complex and communications, in general.
    Years later, as a more qualified mature adult, I met Andelman while installing a communication system at 1510 The Zone. We talked a bit. I told him of my youthful obsession with his original show. Perhaps he could see the still youthful fan in my eyes for he turned toward a younger co-worker, who was listening to our conversation, and nodded his 3 chins toward me and said “See”. I strangely felt sad for him. As if he needed me to prove to his co-worker that once upon a time he was an original and not the blowhard thin skinned cliché that he had become.
    Time turns to dust for all of us. Yet we should never forget those who have contributed something original to the pop culture we live in. Perhaps we can give him a mulligan?

    1. This should be expanded into a short story. I’m deadly serious. There’s so much depth to it. I mean, I can put myself in your shoes. The surreal feeling of seeing the quasi-celebrity in person. Then the punch-in-the-gut shift in emotion to some strange amalgam of sympathy, sadness, embarrassment and loathing for the man you once admired in your naive youth. There’s even a twinge of dark humor to it. Or, hell, maybe that’s just straight horror. Whatever it is, it’s good stuff.

    2. Sorry, I can’t help but come back to this story. I just need to add that I can totally picture this scene playing out 20 years from now with Michael Felger in the Eddie Andelman role. I know MF is the undisputed king of Boston sports talk right now, but am I the only one who remembers what a thin-skinned baby he used to be? I can vividly recall an appearance he made on Sports Final in the mid 00s where they debuted a segment created specifically for him which (I think intentionally) featured a bad picture of him for the opening graphic. He almost lost his mind on air and Bob Lobel had to talk him down. BOB LOBEL had to talk him down! In hindsight, MF’s petulant attitude in those days was clearly based a belief that he was an unrecognized talent in the local sports media. And although he has proven himself to be correct, his time will pass just like everyone’s does. And I have no doubt that when it does, his ego will remain the same. And he will find himself to be a latter day Eddie Andelman.

  4. From what they pasted in the article, I’d estimate that 50-75% are ones that would not fly well in the area, given the political orientation.

  5. What a run but sad to see it end..

    One of the big parody accounts, @TheFakeESPN, summed up the media/popularity thing pretty well.

    @TheFakeESPN “Now get your damn self back to the 5th spot where you belong, fuck’n soccer!” -Hockey

  6. As an aside, i need to cure myself of reflexively visiting, like ever. It used to be a gateway to finding Globe and other local content but since the split it’s just a complete crap-generator. Not just the Murderer’s Row of Sports Trolls (Mazz, Wilbur, Kaufman); virtually all of the content is just complete garbage. Finn is the only reason to visit that site now.

    1. Agree totally. Although they do keep us fully informed on vital hard-hitting news items like the Patriots cheerleader tryouts….

      1. Reminds me of the garbage that local news is. When they’re not busy leading with stories about 11-yearolds being kicked off the school bus for farting too much, it’s back to just doing some “Emmy Winning” teleprompter reading from talking points memos.

  7. They’re not offensive, they’re also not funny. It’s Grade Z comedy.

    Maybe I don’t remember Eddie well enough.

  8. OTL is the one last bastion of real journalism ESPN produces.

    I guess Ted Serandis and Ann Coulter weren’t available but wow is this line-up one gigantic bag of suck. (I know who Chastain is but no clue how good or bad she is and all I can tell about the guy in the lower right corner is that he looks like James Woods.) Have to think if anything memorable was said that Deadspin already has a clip.

    But, really ESPN? I get that you’re two days before a big holiday weekend but this is your ‘panel’ ?

    1. wow…that line up is BLEAK… but don’t forget this is the network that gives us (gave us? is it still on the air?)
      Dan Le Batard and his FATHER I still can’t get my mind around that… OTL and 30 for 30 are the only thing ESPN puts out that are any good.. SportsCenter is unwatchable because the anchors ruin it with their never ending “witty/clever” comments.. if I’m desperate for highlights I watch it with the volume off

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