If you enjoy the unknown, tonight’s NBA draft promises plenty of drama and intrigue.

The Celtics currently hold picks 6 and 17, and many people will be disappointed if they just sit and make those picks.

There are a number of scenarios for tonight that have been rumored through various media outlets:

1) A trade for Kevin Love. After many declared a week to ten days ago that this was definitely happening, the chances of this move tonight seems to have slipped back significantly.

2) A trade of Rondo to Sacramento. This possibility re-emerged in the last few days, though the Kings have long held interest in the Celtics point guard. Could the Celtics hang onto their #6 pick and pick up the #8 pick in a Rondo trade? If they do, we’re in for another rebuilding season.

3) A trade up to the number one pick. Though this seems remote, A. Sherrod Blakely reported the other day that the Celtics have at least engaged the Cavs in talks for the pick. Would they take Parker or Wiggins there?

4) If Joel Embiid slips to #6 do the Celtics take him there? Especially if they pick up the 8th pick in scenario number two?

5) If the Celtics stand pat, and Embiid is not there, or they don’t pick him, who do they pick at #6? Gordon? Smart? Exum? Randle? Vonleh?

Of course, it could be none of the above.

The draft starts at 7:30 tonight on ESPN.


16 thoughts on “On Celtics Draft Night, No One Knows What To Expect

  1. My feeble basketball IQ being what it is, I vote for starting fresh. Trade Rondo and max out picks this year. This looks like one of the deepest drafts in years, might as well take advantage and get some players tonight. Who knows what will be available in the future, could be a couple of lean years coming up. As much as I would enjoy rooting for Kevin Love, I just don’t think Rondo/Love/Insert 3rd player here (Mello or Gordon Heyward) would be good enough to raise another banner. Might as well give Stevens a good group of young players that he can develop and hope that with additional picks and some savvy veterans they can grow into a contender. But that’s just my opinion.


  2. Nothing else on, so why not follow Twitter and the NBA Draft until the Celtics pick or do something.

    WojYahooNBA is not only basically breaking every single piece of news, he’s 5-7 minutes ahead of the picks and tipping them. ESPN can only sit there and watch him mock their staff of 75+. Loving it.

    Is it just me or does Bill Simmons need to take his Adderall before he goes on TV?


  3. Harold Reynolds vs. John Kruk on successive nights as baseball analysts .. Any way to tell which is worse? Did FOX bring on HR on just to make people appreciate Joe Buck? Broadcasts on cable networks seem to not care, unless these guys say something racist or offensive, but man HR is painful on MLBN and when he’s doing games.


    1. Did you catch the man crush reynolds has on ellsbury.It was very uncomfortable last night he used adjectives such as attractive, good looking also said just looks good in a uniform.He says so many things that make me scratch my head especially on the mlb network.He’s awful.I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a minority hire.If I hear that special olympics ad with jenny dell on eei anymore I will not be responsible for my actions.


      1. Today, I did a search with HR on Twitter to gauge reaction. Someone posted that clip. Creepy… I would have paid money to see what the reaction was in the production truck and studio for that.


    1. NBCSN simulcasted the TSN coverage. I thought TSN did a great job. It was very professional and seemed to lack the “lets bring analysts on who have to say something to fill their word quota”.

      The issue I had was NBCSN cutting coverage off as quickly as possible to get back to some track and field event that I don’t think was even live. I get that interest would be low for the rest of the rounds, but I don’t think they had anything they had to air then, so you were stuck having to follow via Twitter or find a stream.

      But, yeah, in terms of interest:

      NFL > NBA > MLB/NHL, with the first two far outweighing the rest. The order follows natural interest but also the “you’ll see these guys who are on TV now in the Fall” mantra. MLB could do so much more, but I think the NHL (NBC) letting TSN do its coverage is the way to go.


      1. Also, at least there are live trades with the NHL draft, and you’ll see a few of those high-end kids in the league next year. That puts it ahead of MLB, which is way too long with absolutely no immediate impact. Putting it on TV will never change that.


        1. First and foremost, you hit the big problem: trades.

          MLB seems to have no interest in changing its draft.

          They’ll never be able to change the major interest level, though, because something like less than 50% of the people picked will ever see a field, and its years down the road. However, you hit the big thing that might drum up some interest.

          Also, having it on MLBN means only baseball/sports fans can watch it. At least NBCSN has the NHL Draft on, which means anyone with cable can watch.


  4. I was visiting my 93 year old grandfather today, he’s one of the last Globe print delivery customers….So anyways I read Shank’s bullshit column. Just look at his list of prospects. You see anyone missing? Funny how Pedroia (and that’s just one name) doesn’t make the list.


    1. And along similar lines, the likes of Gerry Callahan and others have repeatedly said (and probably written) that Bogaerts offensive production fell apart almost immediately after the signing of Drew was announced. Gerry’s line is “he hit well for 4 to 5 games”…

      The reality is that Bogaerts was the team’s best hitter, by far, during the immediate 17 game stretch after Drew was signed. Between May 21st and June 7th, spanning 81 plate appearances, Casablanca batted to the tune of a .420 OBP and .603 SLG…

      Gerry and the rest of the wanna-be Sigmund Frauds…


  5. I’d love to stay and chat about sports with you guys, but I’m apparently going to have to go into hiding now before Eddie Andelman sics the INS on me….


  6. I don’t watch D&C in the morning on NESN.I listen while getting ready for work.I thought I heard a listener challenge Gerry about his hair.Am I missing something? Is he wearing a hat on air?


    1. Yeah, he’s had a hat on for a month or so. I remember when he started, there was something here or SoSH about it (no source but I’m sure one could Google). He’s apparently preparing for a transplant, and part of it was wearing a hat. I don’t know if it’s medical or cosmetic. (I have to assume Dr. Robert Leonard, who did Welker + Curran’s hair’s doc is doing it for some cheaper plugs–no pun intended)


  7. From about half an hour ago:

    @Nick_Underhill I have accepted a position with The New Orleans Advocate covering the Saints.


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