As The Boston Globe splits from, the latter continues its transformation into a collection of #hotsportztakes with the return of Tony Massarotti to its bandwidth.

Now that none of the Globe content appears on, and none of the Globe writers blog on any longer, it really has become something of a wasteland for the web version of sports talk radio.

One of the few exceptions being of course, Finn’s own blog, which carries a very different tone from the majority of the site.

Here are the local media columns for today:

High praise, ratings for NCAA Tournaments – Chad Finn hits across many topics this morning, including the mens and women’s hoop tournaments, Danny Ainge’s turn as color analyst on CSNNE, and NFL draft programming.

Will a rookie come out of Woods at Masters? – Bill Doyle has thoughts from CBS analysts and executives on the Masters programming and storylines.

There will be much in the way of local programming heading up to the Boston Marathon. CSNNE, for example will feature a week of heartfelt vignettes that will air in Chevrolet SportsNet Central and online at from Sunday, April 13th through Sunday, April 20th. The week will culminate with a 30-minute TV special titled Running Strong scheduled to air on Sunday, April 20th at 5PM.

Here are the segments which will be combined into the 30-minute special:

A TEAM REACTS (Sunday, April 13th)

A recap of how the day unfolded for the Boston Bruins who were scheduled to play a game later that night. Hockey reporters/analysts Mike Giardi, Michael Felger and Kevin Paul Dupont review the chronology as to how the team found out, their reaction, and all that happened right through their next home game which commenced with Ray Rancourt’s powerful pre-game National Anthem.

GROUND ZERO (Monday, April 14th)

Athletic store Marathon Sports was the site of the actual bombing and the store has since become a pseudo shrine to remember the events of the day and honor the victims and heroes. Shane O’Hara, Manager of the Boston store location, talks to Comcast SportsNet with a personal recount of the day, how the business has done its best to be “Boston Strong,” and his participation in the Red Sox parade ceremony later in the Spring.


Airing on the 1-year anniversary of the 2013 Marathon, this segment will recap how the day and week unfolded with a focus on how the tragic events impacted the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins.

INSPIRED TO ACT (Wednesday, April 16th)

Comcast SportsNet talks with two doctors from Brigham and Women’s – Dr. Kelli O’Laughlin and Physicians’ Assistant McKenzie Bollen – who both witnessed and experienced trauma that day.  The two also talk about how they were inspired to train for and run in this year’s Marathon.

A NEW LIFE (Thursday, April 17th)

Heather Abbott lost a leg in the bombing and her life was changed forever. Comcast SportsNet visits her home in Newport, RI where she has recovered and remains strong.

AN INNOCENT SURVIVOR (Friday, April 18th)

Stoneham resident Mark Fucarile was another victim who lost a leg in the bombing. Mark talks about his recovery, how this affected his 6-year old son, and how he was set to be married soon after the marathon and will finally wed his fiancé later this month. David Portnoy, Founder of the “Barstool Sports” website which caters to the ‘everyman’ like Mark, talks about his efforts to help Mark with fundraising.

THE WITNESS (Saturday, April 19th)

Boston Globe Sports Editor Steve Silva captured the most powerful video of the explosions and ran towards the danger. Comcast SportsNet interviews Steve about how he remembers the day and talks about how he was inspired to train for and run this year’s marathon.

THE LAST RUN (Sunday, April 20th)

Boston Marathon Legends Dick Hoyt and his son Rick who has Cerebral Palsy have run the Boston Marathon together for decades and have become an iconic part of the annual event. 2013 was going to be their final time running the Marathon, but in light of the events, they will now run one final time in 2014.


10 thoughts on “More #Hotsportztakes Headed To – Mazz Returns!

  1. I think Mazz’s return to the Globe is a good thing. The comment section will allow people to tell him how awful he is without having to wait on hold for 45 minutes only to have Felger cut them off before they finish speaking.


  2. I think Mazz will be like Madge Eagan at the Herald…inflammatory rhetoric designed to attract page view and clicks. Media people are bottom-feeders; there’s no difference between Mazz (or Eagan) and a man begging on a street. One shoves a hat at you and the other shoves a column at you.


  3. maybe this has been going on for awhile but I just found out you can read 10 Boston Globe articles a MONTH online for FREE… considering I’ll never waste one on Shaughnessy, that’s not a bad deal.


  4. Last night, MLBN had a package of games they simulcast from the locals and we wound up with the LAD/ARI game via SportsNet LA (Dodger’s Network). I’ve listened to Vin Scully before but, my god, what an absolute diametric contrast to what NESN has become. Scully is an institution, so it’s hard to compare anything and anyone to him, but the approach and style of each broadcast could not be different. These stupid polls, pop-up facts (sponsored, of course) and other things that NESN now pollutes both the Sox and Bruins broadcasts with compared to where a single person just sits back and tells you, in a matter-of-fact what is going on. I’ve yet to see anyone who enjoys all these superfluous things, instead of just the game.


    1. The over-production, over commercialization of NESN is becoming unbearable. Are other networks doing the pop-up facts, polls, etc? I am going to spend Easter in southern CT and will have access to SNY and YES, I look forward to comparing the broadcasts so far.


      1. I was wondering the same thing. It’d be interesting to know if someone tracks this type of thing. I’d be interested to know how many other RSNs have gone above and beyond what, say, the national broadcasts do. I’ve watched YES, a few of the regional FoxSports, ROOT for Pittsburgh (all via MLBN or other means). I wasn’t tracking but I can’t remember sponsored pop-up facts at every inning change. Hell, even the suits they’re using are sponsored (seems to be more common now among people in sports). During Bruins games, they take 30 minutes of the media timeout to do the “Berkshire Bank Rewind”, which is about 20 seconds too long. At some point, I would have to think that MLB, or another sport, might step in and limit this type of thing. One can only hope..

        Am I the only one besides you guys who thinks NESN does a little bit too much? Don’t they hire a consulting agency or focus group to tell them that they’re going a bit overboard?

        Also, after watching the Masters this weekend.. my god is that just an unmolested, pristine broadcast. I love how the folks at Augusta still flip the bird at commercialization. 4 an hour for 2 minutes. They prohibit CBS/ESPN from branding everything, as they usually do. How nice is it to not see all the stupid advertisements for the comedies coming this fall that are going to be cancelled a month later? Just, wow. It will _NEVER_ happen anywhere else but man is that a breath of fresh air.


      2. It’s just as bad on WEEI with the radio call. Pretty soon each pitch will have a corporate sponsor.

        That strike call was brought to you by Giant Glass! And next up at the plate is the Foxwoods Resort and Casino designated hitter! Playing in Garelick Farms Center Field tonight is Jackie Bradley Jr.!


  5. Sometimes I’m just letting you know what’s coming on. Those segments will be of interest to some people, I just put the information out there without comment. Don’t need to pass judgment on everything.


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