I’m not sure why I subjected myself to this, but I took some time to peruse the last 100 columns that Dan Shaughnessy has written.

This 100 columns dates back to October 14, 2013. So in almost exactly 6 months, he’s written 100 columns.

58 are on the Red Sox. Given that they won the World Series at the start of this timeframe and have held spring training and the start of the season since, it’s natural they would get the most mentions, especially when you consider special editions for the World Series Champions and Season Previews. Still, that’s a lot. Of the 58, 37 were positive or mostly positive. 11 were neutral. 10 were negative or negative/neutral.

20 are on the Patriots. Of those, I deemed 12 to be completely negative. 4 were neutral, 2 were positive. 1 was stupid. (The 12/10/13 parody of how the Patriots could be Super Bowl champs.) and 1 was negative/positive – the Darrelle Revis signing column where he lauded the move, but still took all his usual shots.

5 were “thoughts” columns. I was actually surprised there weren’t more of these.

4 were on Harvard during the NCAA tournament, and his transparent attempt to make Tommy Amaker the next Boston College coach.

2 were on the Celtics

2 on the Super Bowl

2 on general NFL topics

1 on the Texans (victory lap)

1 on the Orioles

1 on UMass

1 on MLB HoF voting

1 on himself (Write not Root)

1 on the Seahawks (Marshawn Lynch and not talking to the media, really)

1 on High School athletics

0 were on the Bruins. (Bruins fans probably prefer it that way.)

The full list:


13 thoughts on “Shaughnessy – The Last 100 Columns

  1. Bruce, is this a new form of ‘enhanced interrogation technique’ they’re using down at Gitmo?


  2. Next mission: Across X (number of) months track final outcomes related to all prognostications, predictions and declarations from Tony Strawmanotti (pronounced Strawminaughty) and Adam Jones.


    1. Since we’re into self-torture in this column, take a shot every time that Adam Jones says “I don’t know…” before giving a really pathetic, half-baked, fence-sitting take. “I don’t know…could it be, that Sizemore won’t last? Doesn’t seem ridiculous, I don’t know.” Just grow a spine and own an opinion, Jones. Goodness, gracious.

      Jones doesn’t leave himself wiggle room when it comes to his insistent hand-wringing, he creates Grand Canyon-esque chasms through which to escape.

      Or how about this HOTTAKKKKEE from csnne.com over the weekend, “Bertrand: Uehara’s injury a “legitimate concern’.”

      You don’t say!


        1. Agreed – he’s like Felger, but this drained, vanilla version. At least Felger possesses the capability to be interesting, sometimes humorous.

          Emphasis on capability, not habit.


    2. So the lead columnist at the region’s largest newspaper has filed a column from the Garden TWICE in six months? At most? But isn’t it funny how his rust bucket beats a path to Allston to pick up little checks and get his tired pumped on that unlistenable midday show.


  3. If you wanted to further torture yourself, go back through Nick Cafardo’s last 100 columns to see how many mention Stephen Drew.
    Yesterday he compared the Drew offer and the approach he feels the Sox are taking with Lester to the Patriots, saying they are now taking the hard line with players and assigning a dollar value to them and not budging from it, giving the player no leverage. Drew is an idiot for allowing Boras to have him walk away from a $14.1 million offer and the fact that no other team is interested at this point shows that there isn’t a market for him, yet Cafardo feels that he’s getting screwed by the Sox.


  4. Popped into D&C for a whole 3 minutes this morning and got to hear some lovely death penalty talk. Turns out it wasn’t a discussion on the NCAA.


    1. Actual phrase I heard when turning on D&C this morning (before quickly turning it off), “That’s 5% that Obama took out of your ass!”

      Can either morning show please just talk sports? Please?


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