Wes Welker and the Denver Broncos got off to a great start to kick off the 2013 NFL season last night, trampling all over the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens 49-27.

The Patriots start their season Sunday afternoon in Buffalo, followed by another divisional game next Thursday night against the Jets.

You can check the season previews from both the Globe and Herald. Also check PatriotsLinks.com throughout the season for all the Patriots stories in one place.

In the shameless self-promotion department, if you pick up this week’s edition of Patriots Football Weekly, my media column has Bill Polian taking some time from his Aaron Hernandez victory lap to offer some praise of Tom Brady, noting that “any time they have Tom Brady they’re an elite offense.”

CBS voices question Patriots, but expect them in the hunt – Bill Doyle has CBS broadcasters giving their opinions of the Patriots this season.

ESPN Predictions for the 2013 NFL Season – Here are all the predictions from the worldwide leader, not a single one picks the Patriots to win it all.

NFL ON CBS Announcers Weigh In on NFL and Week 1 – Here is more from the CBS crew.

SiriusXM Offers Comprehensive Coverage of 2013 NFL Season – If you’re a satellite radio subscriber, here is a rundown of the coverage.

ESPN’s Extensive Coverage of the 2013 NFL Season – More on the season plans for ESPN.

NFL NETWORK & NFL.COM SEASONAL PROGRAMMING NOTES – The NFL Network has put out its seasonal schedule and programming.

NBCSN To Launch New Weekly NFL Studio Show “FNIA Coach’s Clicker” On Wednesday, September 11 – The NBC Sports Network is rolling out a new weekly show this season, a takeoff of the “clicker” segment on Football Night in America.

Also, check Chad Finn’s media column – NESN set to reveal Bruins behind the scenes – for a look at the origins of the new All-Access show on the club.


12 thoughts on “NFL 2013 Is Under Way

    1. It was funny how Wes Welker went from “ZOMG THE PATRIOTS SCREWED UP SO BADLY” to “WOW BELICHICK IS A GENIUS” after the dropped catch and muffed punt in the 2nd quarter and then back to “ZOMG LOL BELICHICK” after the 2xTD, if you Twitter.

      Look, I feel the same way on the predictions. It’s a disease that plagues every sport. Remember the stretch last year with MNF/SNF winners? Patriots smoked the Texans, to 49ers smoked the Patriots, to the Seahawks destroying the 49ers. What happened each time? ESPN hyped up the dynasty in the making, blah blah, and guess who won the Superbowl out of all of those? None.

      Writers are assigned this stuff because they know they’ll get a ton of traffic and it is the seeding of a news cycle:

      Deadspin covered this perfectly:


      Your best bet is just to ignore ESPN and the outlets that do this. It’s pretty easy to just follow (on Twitter at least) the folks who are truthful and don’t report or Tweet useless stories like you linked above.


      1. Part of Bruce’s mission statement is holding the (primarily Boston) sports media accountable, and my knee-jerk reaction to corporate-sponsored overreaction is snark.


        1. Oh, I agree.
          However, with how many of these are done by the national and local outlets, you could do an entire blog on that alone.

          That’s why I ignore most of them outside the absurd stuff.


  1. I’ve been reading this site off and on literally since it started, but I find Bruce’s lack of Red Sox coverage as of late to be really frustrating.

    The Sox are on fire, they played a game for the ages last night, and he does not even mention a single word about the game? Not even link or ANY thought to last night’s game?

    If heaven forbid, though, anyone mentions anything negative about the Patriots, Bruce will surely come out and write a 3,000-word blog about it.


    1. There are plenty of beat writers chronicling the daily Sox drama if you need your fix. Since they’re up 6.5 games with 20 left to go (and the Yanks are out of it), I don’t fault Bruce for focusing on the Pats/NFL since it’s, you know, Kickoff Friday.


    2. Game for the ages?? They blew a 5 run lead in the 7th. they should not have had to come back and tie it in the 9th.


    3. ” Bruce’s lack of Red Sox coverage”..

      In case you haven’t noticed, this is, “Boston Sports MEDIA Watch”…”Media” being the key word…plenty of places to get, “Sox coverage” you come HERE for it?


  2. for those who care, from Pete Sheppard’s twitter: The Pete Sheppard Show will be back this Monday at my new home 980 WCAP..MON-FRI 11AM-12:30PM…So happy to be joining the team over there!!


    1. Wow, talk about a step backward… far weaker signal, non-sports station, no national network backing, non-primetime midday time slot. Have no idea why Sheppard would leave 1510 for WCAP, unless he was fired or WCAP is capable of paying him significantly more (which I doubt it can do for any prolonged period). After all the bridges Pete has burned, he better hope Ordway comes to rescue him if and when he returns to local radio, otherwise WCAP may be Pete’s last ride in the Boston market.


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