Facing their own ghosts of the past, the Bruins just gave up last night, meekly submitting to the Toronto Maple Leafs as Boston completed its collapse from a 3-1 series lead. Appropriately enough, the Bruins were done in by Phil Kessel, as the former first round pick of the Bruins scored to make it 3-1 two minutes into the third period and then assisted on the final Toronto goal three minutes later which made it 4-1. The Bruins had no energy, could not generate scoring chances and at times appeared disinterested. Look for coach Claude Julien to pay for this epic collapse with his job.

How many columns with sentiments similar to the above do you figure were in the process of being written during the third period last night?

The Bruins instead pulled off a historic comeback, scoring three times in the third period, including twice in the final 90 seconds to force overtime and then won on Patrice Bergeron’s wrist shot in the extra period (Dave Goucher audio) to take the series four games to three and move on to face the New York Rangers.

It’s hard to imagine two more different scenes than the one right after the fourth Toronto goal, and immediately following the game. Dirt was being shoveled onto the Bruins grave, and then fans had Mike Felger calling for backup and fearing for his safety in the studio across the street from the Garden. There was also an F-bomb dropped on the air coming in from a break as they wondered if the window was going to be broken.

Bruins Win Overtime Thriller, Toronto Left Staring Into Nothingness  – Deadspin has the NBC video, the NESN video and reaction from the Toronto crowd. For some reason they also do a finger wag at NESN (New England Sports Net Switches To Toronto Feed In Ultimate Dick Move) for briefly showing the Toronto crowd. What Deadspin seems to miss is that NESN was showing those Toronto crowd shots all night long, especially after Maple Leaf goals. Many complained on Twitter after the game winner that NESN didn’t show enough of the Toronto crowd after things went bad for them.

Hope Was Lost Until The Bruins Restored It – Kevin Paul Dupont compares this game to Carlton Fisk’s home run in the 1975 World Series. (Except here, Patrice Bergeron  played the role of both Bernie Carbo and Fisk.)

Bruins display heart of champions in comeback – Joe Haggerty looks at the unlikeliest of game seven comebacks.

Bruins pull off epic turnaround – Joe McDonald has the Bruins making history again.

Bergeron delivers in face of mounting criticism – Stephen Harris has Bergeron delivering after his line had been criticized all series.

Leafs endure heartbreaking collapse in Game 7 overtime loss to Bruins – From North of the border, Bruce Arthur is as good as they come.


8 thoughts on “Miracle On Causeway Street

  1. Rumors are that there is a video of Dan Shaughnessy being interviewed by the CBC, about halfway through the 3rd period, proclaiming that the Bruins will never come back from a 7-0.. err.. 4-1 defecit.


  2. Felger wetting himself and STILL being negative after this game almost topped the win itself for a great moment. I am just waiting for him to disappear. Too many negative Boston fans to make that happen I’m afraid.


  3. To steal a line from Bill Simmons, Felger sounded on the verge of tears like Michael Jackson did singing “She’s Out of My Life”


  4. “Who will Toronto face?”
    This was on Boston.com front page right after regulation ended. They hadn’t updated the links yet.
    I didn’t know how to do a screen grab from my phone. Only copied text. —–

    Live coverage »

    04043rd Intermission 0:00


    Bruins claw back into the mix

    The Bruins scored 3 third-period goals to tie the game at 4-4 with less than a minute left in regulation.
    Box score  |  PICTURES Scenes from the series  |  Who will Toronto face? Rangers-Capitals Game 7 


  5. Watching Felger come unglued was almost as good as the comeback itself……classic!


  6. I now know what the Celtics should do…blow the team up and tank the year and try again for that next new great player…Wiggins.
    ESPN reported that every team polled said he will be the first pick and that he’s a once in a decade type of player…a game changer.
    Eventually the Celtics have to get lucky and get that first pick sometime right?


    1. Yeah, he’s #1 this year (picked Rock Chalk), but would be #1 this year if he could declare and will be next year, based on the 150 they already know for the 2014 class.

      “Best prospect since LeBron.” is what I heard not just ESPN but everyone say. The other nickname assigned is “Canada’s Jordan”.

      Ever see a highlight video of him? You can’t help but be impressed. Google his name. If you don’t, KU is gonna be preseason Top3, so they’re guaranteed to get the max ESPN slots.

      Rig for Wiggins? (like a Suck for Luck) Only problem is that lottery. However, if you believe in the ‘hot envelope’ stuff, the Celtics would be a prime candidate here.


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