A snide comment from Kevin Paul Dupont last week suddenly looks prescient as the Bruins, once up 3-1 in this opening round series, find themselves fighting for their playoff lives tonight in game seven against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bruins have lost wiggle room – Joe McDonald says that the formula for the Bruins is simple, they need more shots, more traffic, more players in front of the net to cause havoc.

B’s flaunting inconsistency to the end – Joe Haggerty says that based on this season, we have no idea which version of the Bruins will show up tonight. Haggs also notes that this band of Bruins are familiar with the pressure of a game 7.

Tuukka Rask hopes for best – Stephen Harris has the Bruins goaltender putting the 2010 playoffs out of his mind as he readies for tonight.

Undying loyalty to Seguin, Marchand might lead to Bruins’ early demise – Matt Kalman thinks that Claude Julien’s loyalty to his young duo might end up costing him his job.

Toronto got the better of Boston twice yesterday, as the Blue Jays pounded Ryan Dempster and the Red Sox 12-4 at Fenway Park. Boston has now lost eight of ten.

The Red Sox’ reality: The lineup’s problems, and potential solutions – Rob Bradford looks at how the Red Sox can turn things around as they now face a nine-game road trip through Tampa, Minnesota and Chicago.

May has brought lots of problems – Tony Lee notes that since the calendar switched from April to May, it’s been all bad for the Sox.

It’s getting to be a grind for scuffling Sox – Ron Borges looks at how things have faltered for the Sox as of late,  suggests they take  a lesson from the Mayans, and has a new nickname for Dan Shaughnessy.

David Ortiz is 1-for-17 since The Cooler asked him to defend himself because apparently 40 allegedly negative drug tests for performance enhancers weren’t good enough.

How much longer Ortiz struggles is anyone’s guess, but you don’t have to know much about baseball to understand he wasn’t going to continue to hit .450, because if he did, The Cooler wouldn’t be the only guy asking him questions about how that was happening.

Not bad, not bad. Whenever things are going well, we can count on Dan Shaughnessy going in to insert himself into the equation and foul things up however he can.

Of course, “the Cooler” is a phrase that Shaughnessy himself had some fondness for, as he used it in at least three different columns as a nickname for Adrian Gonzalez.


8 thoughts on “Bruins Pushed To The Brink By Leafs

  1. NESN is loving life right now:

    Bruins game last night: 14.3 rating – 23 share – 4th best ever.

    I’m going to imagine that tonight will break this.


    1. There are probably a bunch of rolled up twenties and white powder in the NESN Watertown studios tonight after that OT thriller.


  2. I’d like to see the B’s advance because I am a B’s fan. But also the more
    compelling match-up in the 2nd round will include Boston. But if Toronto
    pulls it out–I’d like to see Kessel do really well–score the
    game-winner or score a hat trick. Just to rub it in all the B’s fans
    who’ve been chanting “Thank you Kessel”. A little humble pie does a body
    good on occasion.


      1. I wouldn’t be surprised. I emailed him a similar sentiment earlier. In the end–I’m much more satisfied with the B’s comeback. Not that I think they will go much deeper in the playoffs–but it sure was fun to be on the other end of a choke for a change here in Boston.


  3. Since NESN didn’t post the crowd after the OT goal, I found it in a video that probably won’t be up forever from NBC’s feed:

    (It’s at the end.)

    I’m going to assume that CBC/NBC will post official clips at some point.


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