No, the two parts of that headline are not related.

It was a rough night in Boston sports, as all three teams lost and looked bad doing it. The Celtics appear to be at the end of the line, (wait, are they really not better without Rajon Rondo????) the Bruins are disappointing, and Alfredo Aceves and the Red Sox bats both failed to show up last night. Let’s move on…

The Globe yesterday officially hired Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post as the replacement for Greg A Bedard, who is departing for Sports Illustrated at the end of this month.

A Maryland native, Volin has been at the Post for seven years, and has covered the Dolphins for the paper for the last four years. He also covered the Florida Gators football team for two years, making him familiar with several current Patriots.

Note: We’ll be having a Q&A session with Ben sometime next week. If you’ve got a question you’d like us to ask him, please leave a comment below, or send Ryan an email at


Pete Sheppard continues to be publicly critical of his former employer. Some have asked for audio of the rant against Entercom that he went on during his debut show on Monday. 1510  has posted the segment online.

Also, he was a guest on FOX25 television on Monday night. Only 2 and half minutes were shown on the air, but the station posted the entire interview online:;;playerWidth=515;playerHeight=289;isShowIcon=true;clipId=8803659;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=overlayBoston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston


10 thoughts on “Globe Hires Ben Volin, Locals Crushed

  1. Bruce…you got mentioned 3 times in the on air rant!!!! You are FAMOUS! Can I have your autograph? Better yet…can I get a t-shirt. Being serious now…I don’t see how a rant like that (although fun entertainment) helps NBCSportsradio look to be anything other than petty. I can’t believe the people responsible for the Brand are thrilled to now be knows as “not quite WEEI” lite. Its time Pete put WEEI behind him and starts looking forward and help his new employer build their brand. It means trying new things and growing as a host and person. Challenging your old boss to a street fight on air…not real mature nor interesting. Also dump the “meat” nickname…it was a signature at WEEI…but you are 40+ years old now…time to move on.

    Having said that…I did catch a good hour of the show…the last 30 minutes with Nancy Marapesse Burell, and the next 30 minutes… it was not a lousy show. Hockey talk bores the crap out of me, but they kept it lively and moving. You can hear Pete’s passion for sports when he is on the air. I will say this…it was a better hour than either midday show (Mutt and Lou, Gresh and Zo) produce. He will not get the ratings with that lousy signal…but there is now a third alternative.

    * daily plea…please check out the Calendar raffle at the top of BSMW. $10 entry with a chance to win up to $200…all for a good cause. My daughter and I both really appreciate it.


  2. He sounds a taylor swift breakup song. (which i suppose is redundant) -heartbroken that much like the Fredo that he played for so many years, he was passed over.
    also – didnt his former show used to joke about the hamster wheel stations by playing static whenever somebody mentioned a show there. remember them busting a (considerable) gut mimicing the 890 Felger show over that sound.


  3. Couldn’t be happier that Tanguay will NOT be calling Patriot games on the radio. Well played Patriots.


  4. Ratings from last night (thanks Felger):

    NESN+ (NBCSN was blacked out for PHI/BOS) 4.8
    NESN (Sox/A’s) 3.5
    Celtics/Knicks – CSNNE 3.5
    Celtics/Knicks – TNT 1.8
    (5.2 combined for Celtics)


  5. Bruce

    Nice shot at Felger regarding the Rondo comment. Anyone that thought they were a better team without Rondo really is clueless about this game.

    I have always been amazed why anyone actually listens to anything he has to say regarding BB. It’s one thing to hate a sport, it is another to have no knowledge of it. For those who do agree with him, I have one questions, do you think the Celtics miss Rondo’s 17 ppg & 12 apg (which was his average in last year’s playoffs).


    1. Even Ordway jumped in the boat:

      @GlennDOrdway Anybody out there still BE-lieve that the Celtics are a better team without Rondo?

      @ptwiraga @GlennDOrdway probably felger

      @GlennDOrdway Time to give that one up Rondo may drive us crazy at times but he makes the C’s a more formidable playoff threat

      (All funny because Felger was using the Francesa rant about Twitter being out of control about how people use Twitter to troll and rant too much. Talk about irony..)



  6. I didn’t see this on any of the posts on why we haven’t heard from Ordway:

    @NBAonNBCBoston – tweets @ Glen asking why he’s not on anywhere.

    @NBAonNBCBoston Pete the Meat is great..Can’t do local radio right now due to contract restrictions. That will change soon enough

    – Gonna assume its a standard 3 month “non-compete” ?


  7. Jim Cutler posted on radiodiscussions he is leaving WEEI…associated with 850 etc going back to 80s as WHDH. Not on much lately anyway tho the AM side prob still has him (“Espn radio Sportscenter!!”)


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