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Mike Francesa (still) hates Twitter. The rant above came after the AP’s Twitter account was hacked. Twitter is far from perfect and this certainly was a bad incident from a security standpoint, but focusing on one mishap fails to take proper context into its benefits and shows severe lack of perspective. Coincidentally, I actually wrote about athletes and Twitter this week in my column for Metro Boston.

This isn’t the first time the mike-francesa-sleeping-gifWFAN host has lashed out against the social media website. A year ago he infamously quipped “Do you know how inane some of this stuff is?”  

The irony of a sports talk radio host reprimanding the inanity of Twitter doesn’t escape me.

I’d make a joke about Francesa asking me to get off his lawn, but he seems like the type who’d ask me to mow it before leaving.


Bob Lobel, meanwhile, is more progressive. He thinks that blogging thing is gaining steam and will be contributing to SuiteSports.com. The press release may or may not be riddled with hyperbole. The word “giant” was used to describe Lobel’s reach. So there’s that. I’ll let you decide, here is an excerpt:

Legendary Sports Broadcaster Bob Lobel Will Begin a Weekly Blog and Podcast with SuiteSports.com

BOSTON, MA- APRIL 22, 2013 – SuiteSports.com, a new hybrid site that will feature both local Massachusetts high school sports coverage, as well as national sports opinion pieces from bloggers and reporters across the country, today announced the addition of legendary sports broadcaster Bob Lobel to its team.

For nearly 30 years, Lobel was a New England sports institution as the lead sports anchor for WBZ-TV in Boston. With his signature catchphrase “Why can’t we get players like that?”– Uttered whenever a former Boston player made a big play for his new team– and memorable humorous personality, Lobel quickly became one of the most recognized sports broadcasters in the country.

Now, Lobel joins SuiteSports to take a shot at the blogging world, a format he believes is tailor made for his writing style.

”I think blogging will play right into the way I thought for TV,” Lobel said. “It’s just going to be a collection of my thoughts. Perfect for my ADD when it comes to sports.”

Lobel will write a weekly blog running on Tuesdays. In his blog, Lobel says he will cover it all – The four major Boston teams, national stories, scandals – with a sense of institutional knowledge, but also with humor.

”You can’t have enough humor,” Lobel chuckled.

Lobel will also appear on a weekly podcast for SuiteSports every Thursday where he will discuss the greatest events he has covered in his illustrious career. SuiteSports co-founder Joe Parello will host the segment, and can’t think of a better person to join the SuiteSports team.

“The idea that Bob Lobel is joining our team, it’s almost surreal,” Parello said. “I feel like sometimes we get stuck in the Boston bubble, but I mentioned Bob to a friend of mine in Texas and he immediately shot back ‘Why can’t we get players like that!’ That was a reminder that Bob is a giant, not just here in New England, but across the country. I honestly can’t think of a better guy to join our site, and he’s got some opinions that will get people talking, trust me.”



5 thoughts on “Sports Media Musings: Mike Francesa Still Hates Twitter, Bob Lobel Tries His Hand In Blogging

  1. Don’t really have the ambition to delve into it deeply….however as someone who does access/use twitter, I do agree with Francesa’s comment , ” “Do you know how inane some of this suff is?’ ………..When it comes to twitter, I’d say 25% of it is useful and/or interesting the other 75% is mindless minutia


    1. I believe you may be a bit on the high side with your Twitter is useful percentage, NOTT. Do I read and use Twitter? Yes. However, I’d put that useful/interesting number at perhaps 10 percent — tops. The rest is mostly self-absorbed blather. And that’s OK, as long as you know what you’re getting into.

      The social media “experts” out there, however, will have you believe that Twitter, FaceBook, etc. are the equivalent of the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel in terms of its overall historical importance. Perspective, folks.


      1. ya know, your right…. 25% is too high…bottom line, I find it useful for links to SOME articles …once in awhile you get some “breaking news” (that turns out to be accurate)… but your right on, it is a lot of narcissistic bullshit….(especially when the mediots use it as a “chat room”)


  2. Speaking of Lobel, annyone been to a Red Sox game yet with him as the stadium announcer… TERRIBLE! He’s completely flat and lifeless behind the mic. It honestly made me depressed to hear him announce batters stepping to the plate.


  3. He couldn’t even get past the first word of the headline (‘Legendary’) before the hyperbole kicked in. Sports media people have an awfully inflated sense of self-worth, and no matter how often that is pointed out to them, their only response is, “Is there a mirror nearby?”


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