Boston College vs Notre Dame seems to be one of those rare college football matchups that actually gets the attention of Boston sports fans. With the Fighting Irish coming in undefeated, tomorrow night’s matchup at the Heights (8:00pm, ABC) gives BC a chance to play spoiler before a national audience.

After years of struggles, and a myriad of head coaching changes, Notre Dame is again a national power, coming in ranked 4th in the country. Amalie Benjamin looks at the resurgence of the program under head coach Brian Kelly.

The Eagles are huge underdogs, but Boston College has spoiled Notre Dame’s season before.

The Patriots come off their bye week to face the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium on Sunday afternoon (1:00pm, CBS, Ian Eagle/Dan Fouts)

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The Celtics are busy this weekend, hosting the 76ers tonight before heading out to Milwaukee tomorrow night and Chicago on Monday night. All three games are on Comcast SportsNet.

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The GM meetings have wrapped up, and the Red Sox continue to make preparations for the 2013 season.

Cherington’s groundwork in progress – Joe McDonald says that the offseason is really just getting started, and he runs down the options for Boston.

As much as they’ve been burned in free agency in recent years, the Red Sox will need to make some moves in that area this winter. In the Herald, Michael Silverman and Scott Lauber both look at options available.



5 thoughts on “Patriots/Bills, BC/Notre Dame Headline Weekend

  1. After reading this article in the WSJ (, I’m not so sure that quarter billion dollar salary dump was done to provide the Sox with “payroll flexibility” going into the next few offseasons. Looks like the Red Sox & Liverpool aren’t the only organizations Henry has been mismanaging.

    Wonder if media types like Gammons will still laugh this off like that Fox Business report a few months back. John W. Henry is the most smartest man ever in the history of earth after all, so this must be just another right-wing media conspiracy, right?


    1. 1.) Heard it before but I wonder how many in the media here “scoff” at the source because they’re so bias. It wouldn’t surprise me if they compromise their journalistic integrity because of politics even if they’re in sports. I’d understand if it was some blog/uncredited source/joke like AOL but this isn’t. It’s so sad that politics creep in here.

      2.) Wonder if it has to do with your usual BBWAA fault lines: A number of people are either on the payroll or an affil and refuse to cover something like this/producer/editor/boss makes that call. Or, if you have a few who are trying, like Rob Bradford, to “Jen Chang” themselves into a front office position on Yawkee Way.

      3.) Many were fed this “John W. Henry is smarter than..” (insert whatever Gammons is shoveling this week) and can’t default on their previous columns/talking points, even if there is a legitimate concern that things might not be run right. This over-reliance on whatever the latest statistical state-of-the-art/fetish is.. (Sabermetrics in baseball; the “sabermetricization” going on in not only English soccer but throughout, etc) seems to follow a common theme and it is not working out anywhere. I assume this stems from how Henry made his money in the first place but it’s the same problem of “smart people” getting lucky once and thinking that their past success guarantees future success.

      4.) If Jacobs was selling off/Kraft selling off chunks of his company, would they afford the same/more/less coverage?


  2. Hopefully the BC hockey team can do tonight to Notre Dame what Notre Dame’s football team will do to BC tomorrow. The best of BC’s hockey National Championships was the one against Notre Dame.


  3. Not sure if we’ll get a post today but I found this funny:

    Daniel Jeremiah
    I don’t understand why Pats fans are so unhappy with
    their win yesterday. Divisional games are tough. SF/STL great example. #Spoiled


    (He’s a scout who doesn’t pull for any team. Good column/etc. So, no dog in the fight or someone who would know the media market like @rapsheet)


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