The Celtics snuck past the Wizards 100-94 in overtime Wednesday night at the TD Garden. It was their second win over Washington in five days. Kevin Garnett led the team with 20 points and 13 rebounds, while Rajon Rondo was right behind with 18 points and 14 assists. The team returns to action Friday night when they host the 76ers.

Celtics win over the Wizards not much to be proud of– Gary Washburn says the Celtics underperformed in their win Wednesday night.

Despite win, C’s effort not there– Steve Bulpett says the Celtics’ effort was not there in last night’s win.

Wizards see Celtics as ‘vulnerable’– Jessica Camerato gets reaction from the Wizards following the game, some not too impressed.

Why Tommy Heinsohn is a Celtics institution– Dan Shaughnessy looks the career of the former Celtics great and now long-time commentator on Comcast Sportsnet.

Earlier this week it was thought the Red Sox wouldn’t be making any moves this week at the winter meetings, and while they might not be making any major moves, the team has reportedly shown interest in some relatively well-known, older, free agents. The team did announce they have hired Juan Nieves, the White Sox’ bullpen coach since 2008, as their pitching coach. This did come as a surprise to most as it was thought Rick Peterson would be the guy.

For John Farrell and Juan Nieves a working relationship 25 years in the making– Alex Speier looks at the relationship between the manager and new pitching coach.

Outfield chatter surrounds the Red Sox– Nick Cafardo says the Red Sox have begun kicking the tires on outfielders at the winter meetings.

The Red Sox’ search for outfielders is getting more interesting by the day– Rob Bradford also looks at the team being interested in outfielders and what may come from that.

Free agent Torii Hunter among hunted– Scott Lauber looks at one player the team could be interested in– Torii Hunter.

Former Angels Hunter, Haren could be on Red Sox radar– Sean McAdam says some former Angels could potentially come to Boston.

There was a funny moment out of Gillette yesterday when Tom E. Curran asked Tom Brady why “he dresses so weird?” The question did get a laugh out of the quarterback. The question came following Brady’s look at the Aerosmith concert on Monday. Click here to see video of the exchange between Curran and Brady.

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7 thoughts on “Celtics sneak past Wizards, Sox to make noise at winter meetings?

  1. Curran has found his own little niche….half sportswriter, half comedian. I have no problem with it, However he thinks he’s funnier than he is most of the time. When he talks straight sports he’s pretty good in my opinion.


    1. Agreed, I much prefer him just talking sports, but sometimes the extra-long looks into the camera sitting next to Giardi or Borges can be funny. Although I think it may have backfired on him this time as his question became a story. It was the #2 story on yahoo this morning. I never get the feeling that Tom is trying to make himself part of the story although that’s what happened here.


  2. So, did we get transported to Indianapolis? ESPN has turned the Colts/Luck into their “story of the week that does not contain LeBron/Heat, Kobe/Lakers, Tebow/Jets” but now the local media? I know he had a great game but did everyone forget we play the BILLS this weekend and not the COLTS?

    The sad thing is that if any one of these guys watched just the popular CFB games on ESPN/FOX, Luck was constantly on prime-time in the past 2 years (most people knew he’d be a stud 3 years ago after his first year starting). If you got past the noise created about how Luck was going to suck by certain folks who were invested in the #2 pick succeeding, he was the real deal and surest thing since Elway. (Manning/Leaf was a toss up @ the time)


  3. It goes without saying that Brady is a great QB but why does he have to be such a poser? He looks like a moron half the time.


  4. Has anyone asked Tom ‘Eeee’ Curran why he’s too dumb to do anything else in life but be a sports media HACK? Ok…I will.


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