The brave and fearless Dan Shaughnessy informs us this morning that the Boston Red Sox are not a very good baseball team, and for this incredible insight, he is lauded on both morning shows today and on Twitter.

Thanks Dan, where would we be without that amazing insight?

Injuries or not, the entire Red Sox organization from ownership down is a joke. Somehow they’ve managed to erase the goodwill of two World Series championships and transport us back to 1992.

While the diehard Red Sox fans suffer through and try to hope for improvement, many in the region are counting the days until Patriots training camp, amusing themselves with videos of Bob Kraft (not gonna link it, trust me, it’s easy enough to find) or hoping Danny Ainge can make at least one impact move this summer.

Looking ahead to Boston’s second half – Tim Britton looks at what we might expect from the rest of the season.

Fellow pitchers pulling for Sox’ Daniel Bard – John Tomase has pitchers from around baseball wishing Bard the best, with some blaming the Red Sox for what’s happened to him.

Yesterday, Bob Ryan had written that we shouldn’t be bashing Ray Allen on his way out of town. I’m not bashing Ray for making the decision to go to Miami, play with the defending champs and enjoy the year-round weather, I’m just intrigued at how a guy painted as the consummate professional could have so many issues. This morning’s column from Gary Washburn (Plenty of blame to go around) meant to portray things more from Allen’s perspective doesn’t change my view at all of the situation. Apparently Ray was as pissed that he wasn’t traded to Memphis as he was that his name was in the trade talks.

Celtics’ Fab Melo lands on feet – Mark Murphy looks at the quick feet of the Celtics 7-foot rookie.

E’Twaun shooting for Moore action – Chris Forsberg has the second-year guard looking to make the most of his opportunity.

We’re in the slowest sports days of the year right now, so most of what is on sports radio is nonsensical filler, but how does that differ from the rest of the year, really.

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Red Sox Not Very Good

  1. Interesting note from the Ray Allen presser that I am listening to at the present moment: When asked about his relationship with Rondo and Boston in general, Ray said in referring to his teammates Paul, Kevin that “They shared a-lot of disappointments on the court, but also some thrills off the court…” Maybe I’m over analyzing, but it seems to me that Ray didn’t mention that they won a championship. Sounds like although they may have won, and contended almost every year, being the 3rd or most recently 4th or 5th fiddle is not what Ray truly enjoys.


  2. @rjinvegas posted this today:

    Vegas says: AL Div winners: Texas, NYY, White Sox. WC: Angles, Red Sox. NL Div: Nationals, Cards, Giants. WC: Pirates, Reds

    Take that how you want to take it.

    I listened to parts of the Allen presser. There are tons of things to pick but I have to ask this big question: are we over-analyzing this? Is it getting to the point where we’re getting too Nancy Grace on this issue and certain folks in the media are so obsessed that they will be dumpster diving outside AA Arena in Miami (if they’re not too busy doing this in State College, PA), looking for trash bags filled with shredded paper? All of this seems to be at the point where it’s like a People Magazine editorial on the Cruise/Katie break-up. He left. We’re moving on as is he. Right?


    I said this before but it really seems like every station in town is doing anything and everything possible to NOT talk about the Red Sox, and this could be the reason why the Ray Allen stuff is getting exhausted.


    1. They are making a big deal about this because its so dead with no sports activity. Also, Ray isn’t helping stop any of these rumors. All he needed to say is he wants to win with younger guys. Instead, he beat around the bush and left alot unsaid.


  3. The best of today was when T&R had a gay guy on talking about all the things he would do to the “chubby” John Dennis.


  4. Very happy once again that the insufferable Dan Shaughnessy is locked behind a paywall. Put another way, 99.8% of the people who could read his sophomoric drivel…can’t.


  5. I literally saw Tanguay pat himself on the back last night because he told the viewers a week ago that Ray was going to Miami. Hey Gary, you long haired hippy, if there’s anything worse than a sports “personality” telling me how I’m supposed to feel about things, it’s a media member saying I told you so. Did ya? Congrats to you jerk off.


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