Public ratings are out tomorrow, but Toucher and Rich are already celebrating. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the lineups do, considering how May went.

Update: Gresh and Zo are declaring victory over WEEI:



15 thoughts on “Toucher and Rich Declare Spring Victory

  1. Good for you guys! You still get your asses handed to you by Matt Segal and his female orientated, celebrity themed, pop culture show. And Fred is still a Jets fan so he can suck it.


    1. Find one sports station that is number 1 in its market. Those top 40 and dance stations dominate everywhere.


  2. If I were T&R, beating D&C isn’t something I’d continue to keep bragging about, and their all their crowing over their ratings is becoming rather unseemly. Isn’t it time they moved on to frying bigger fish?

    I don’t see them as direct competitors to D&C since T&R isn’t really a pure sports talk show. T&R’s listenership seems to span across more of the younger demos that wouldn’t traditionally tune in for sports talk. I know several younger adults that are casual sports fans (at best) who listen to T&R, and never listen to any other show on either 98.5 or WEEI. In my opinion, the larger attraction of T&R appears to be all the running gags, taped bits and pop culture talk. Based on the show’s format, I’d put T&R more in the category of a Hill-Man Morning Show, Karlson & McKenzie or Ramiro & Pebbles.

    Also, WEEI beat the Sports Hub in the latest quarterly ratings for the 25-54 male demo that were released today. Not sure why that wasn’t worth mentioning in your post while T&R’s victory grabbed the headline…

    Breakdown per Chad Finn (
    Overall – WEEI 7.1; TSH 6.0
    Mornings – WEEI 7.3; TSH 8.0
    Midday – WEEI 6.7; TSH 6.8
    Afternoon – WEEI 7.9; TSH 6.1

    Would seem the only time slot where WEEI is behind by a meaningful amount is the 6-10 AM slot, yet the margin is far slimmer than in spring 2011 (WEEI tralied by 5.6 in 2011 vs. 0.7 this year).

    See what happens when you have Pete Sheppard back on your airwaves? Give that man a raise!


    1. “Public ratings are out tomorrow”

      I’m assuming this post was written and published before Chad Finn’s article came out with the leaked ratings numbers.

      Also, saying that Toucher and Rich/Dennis and Callahan don’t compete directly with one another is just wrong. As evidenced by the ratings numbers you posted, Both shows are competing for the 25-54 male demographic, which would mean that the shows are “direct competitors.”


      1. Males 25-34 was the only demo given in the story. That’s a pretty wide demo that a whole lot of stations, if not every station, competes for. WBZ-AM Newsradio competes for males 25-34, so would you consider them “direct competitors” of Toucher & Rich too?

        Dennis & Callahan seems to skew more to the 35-54+ demos while Toucher & Rich are much more geared toward the 18-34 demo. Yes, much of their respective audiences overlap, but I am of the belief that Toucher & Rich’s listeners have more in common with Hill-Man’s audience than they do with D&C’s. I could be completely wrong, but that’s my opinion based on listening to both programs and speaking with other people who have listened.

        Also, I don’t think it’s “just wrong” to say D&C and T&R aren’t direct competitors. As far as I’m concerned, they aren’t offering up nearly the same product as one another. I’d say the Big Show and F&M are direct competitors, but D&C and T&R are apples and oranges to me. Both are fruits, yes, but just not the same.


  3. Toucher and Rich has become so hard to listen to. The fill-ins are good when they are on vacation.


  4. Quite the competition between Toucher & Rich and Gresh & Zo for the Ultimate Sports Radio For Dummies award.
    Not a whole lot of deep sports analysis among these 4.
    And these self congratulatory tweets are beyond lame.
    Meet Dumb, Dumber, Dumber yet and Dumbest of them all.


  5. Based on those ratings, it’s safe to say that Mutt & Merloni have gotten a stay of execution (although it’ll be interesting to see if they lose ground to Gresh & Zo come football season). I also think it’s a safe bet that Dennis & Callahan will re-up with EEI, although I can’t imagine Entercom will want to pony up the same kind of dollars as their last contract. Only thing that prevents D&C from returning is if they pull a Ray Allen and feel disrespected enough from a pay cut to take their services elsewhere.


  6. It seems, at this point, we as BSM watchers can safely make some assumptions after two years of competition between EEI and TSH. Here are some things that were pointed out, wondered about, and opined about in the past:

    1) Early on, T&R showed that they would openly gloat about beating the competition. Most of us didn’t seem to mind at the time, seeing as D&C did it for years with no sports competition. Also D&C would continue to cry about Providence. However now that time has passed, the T&R celebrating has gotten a little tiresome. I don’t need tweets every quarter about beating D&C. We get it, you’re legit and likely here to stay.

    2) It was also speculated on what M&M would do come summer? Their early struggles led a lot of us to believe their fate was sealed tighter than King Tuts tomb. Some mentioned that M&M would likely take over come baseball season, though it actually occurred earlier than expected, at least IMO. I attest this to a combination of a Celtics playoff run, lack of Bruins run, and insufferable RedSox Turmoil. I also believe there is a trickle down effect from F&M’s incessant Celtics/NBA bashing that turned a lot of people off to the show and or station. I’ll admit, I actually find myself giving M&M more time than G&Z. While I totally expect TSH to takeover come August, the change in ratings will show truly whether M&M were a spring flash in the pan, or here to stay.

    3) F&M once again lose to the Big Show. While I’ve wained on my feelings about Felger’s hot sports takes, I still can’t find it in myself to listen to The Big Show. Clearly I’m in the minority on this. Although, I have noticed that Felger has lightened up on his bash the NBA stance, Celtics bashing as well. I said it before, I wonder if someone had a talking with him at either TSH or CSNNE. Bruce, maybe you can confirm of deny if something like this occurred?


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