Kevin Garnett has been playing well of late, (in the month of February – 11 games – he averaged 17.6 ppg and 10.8 rpg) and last night submitted another vintage performance with 25 points and 10 rebounds as the Celtics held on for a 102-96 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Rajon Rondo, who ESPN says the Celtics are aggressively trying to trade, had a triple-double, with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

The under-the-radar greatness of Kevin Garnett – Paul Flannery looks at why KG isn’t completely appreciated by those outside of the team.

Good luck getting to know Kevin Garnett – Dan Duggan says that whenever KG decides to hang it up, he “will leave one of the most interesting legacies in league history.”

Rajon Rondo play points way – Steve Bulpett says that coming off a scoreless night in Cleveland, Rondo rebounded nicely.

Rajon Rondo rises above chatter – Chris Forsberg looks at why Rondo is a hard guy to trade.

She knows whereof she speaks – I suppose you could make a case that Bob Ryan is in a bit of a conflict of interest here, writing a glowing column about ESPN basketball analyst Doris Burke, given how much Ryan appears on ESPN, but I think Ryan would’ve written this piece about her if she worked for CBS instead of ESPN. She’s very good at her job.

Jason Varitek will officially announce his retirement this afternoon at 5:30. It looks like it will be carried live by most sports outlets here in Boston.

Jason Varitek an All-Time Red Sox Great, From First Hit in 1997 to Final Bow in 2011 (Photos) – has a season-by-season slideshow.

Cook’s story is stirring – Nick Cafardo with a mini-feature on the journey of Aaron Cook as he competes for the fifth spot in the Red Sox rotation.

Nick Punto alters culture – Scott Lauber looks at the big impact the utility infielder could have on the Red Sox clubhouse.

Like everything else, Aceves takes potential move to rotation in stride – Tim Britton has the former Yankee just looking to pitch.

Dale Arnold remaining at WEEI – Chad Finn reports that in a mild surprise, Dale Arnold will be sticking around at WEEI. The former mid-day host has a new deal with the station for a slightly expanded role – more Saturday shows, and the primary backup for the morning and afternoon drive shows.


6 thoughts on “Vintage KG Performance Lifts Celtics

  1. I’ve been loving the KG “turn back the clock” performances of late…but consider the competition. He dominated the last 2 games against Cleveland and Milwaukee, 2 teams with no bigs at the moment. I hope it continues during this critical west coast trip against the league’s iron.


  2. Wonder if Dale isn’t settling in with the possible expectation that the mid-day slot might be vacated within the near future. Even Finn mentions how badly Mutt & Lou’s ratings have been.


    1. Was wondering the same thing. If you’re already there, easier to get the lateral move from fill-in->long term fill-in->tryout->job.

      Plus, it doesn’t sound like SportsHub will be making any changes until WEEI wakes up and gives them a challenge. It’s been over a year now with SH beating WEEI at all hours in the ratings share? Even though they seem committed to mediocrity, I can’t see someone higher up the food chain content with that.


  3. There are only two possibilities.
    1. Dale has battered wife syndrome.
    2. Like Merloni inexplicably staying on with WEEI even though he could’ve had the gig with Felger I see Dale has been given some kind of word that he will be rewarded for sticking with them.
    I think it’s the latter. I think it won’t be long until you an announcement for the Dale and Lou show because I believe that Dale has some measure of respect for himself to just be WEEI’s waterboy after decades of loyal service.


    1. I dunno, “Dale & Lou”? Frankly, I don’t believe that Merloni hasn’t acquitted himself well at all as a host. You can’t blame Mutt for the fact that Lou has no clue about football or hockey, or basketball. Hearing him attempt to put an analysis or argument together about the Patriots or Bruins was painful, and their “Patriots Monday”/”Patriots Friday” shows were an out and out embarrassment. I’d surrender the slot to Fred and Steve before recommitting to Mutt & merloni again.

      That slot needs a total cleansing, and putting Arnold back on the air would restore some credibility back to it. Not that I’m in love with Dale — I’m not — but he actually knows something, which seems to be the big problem with Merloni when he’s not talking baseball (and Mutantsky on pretty much everything)


  4. I think Arnold did a great job doing hockey games, but I’m no fan of him on talk radio. He goes between mealy-mouthed to dismissive and insulting to callers who don’t follow the WEEI line. The fact that he’s not Ordway doesn’t make him good radio. As long as he has no chance to give his own opinion – like on play by play – he’s fine.


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