While I admit that I am skeptical of the Bobby Valentine experiment, and can’t say that I was a huge fan of his hiring, I think it’s going a little too far to proclaim him the next Rex Ryan, as I’ve heard several times already.

Is he guaranteeing World Series championships? Is he saying he’s not going to kiss Joe Girardi’s ring?

We know he doesn’t shut up, and he’s already made it a point to tweak the Yankees a couple of times already, but he’s not boasting about how great his team is, and he’s not making promises of championships. Of course, he could do all of that today, and make this entire post void, but for now, the comparison to Rex Ryan is just dumb. Buck Showalter took shots at the Red Sox last spring training, did he become the next Rex Ryan? Joe Maddon has gotten in a tweak or two at the Red Sox, is he the next Rex Ryan?

What this is, once again, is an easy, lazy, hot-button topic for sports radio and TV hosts.


The Celtics managed a much-needed, if uninspiring 86-83 win in Cleveland last night. Rumors continue to fly about the future of the franchise and what this team will look like in the next couple of weeks, never mind to begin next season. On NBC SportsTalk, Adrian Wojnarowski stated that Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers had decided that this team cannot contend this season. Wojnarowski then gave his opinion that Paul Pierce is the most likely member of the big three to be traded, since he had multiple years remaining on his contract.

I can’t really picture Pierce being dealt, but this is Danny Ainge we’re talking about. If they really have determined that this team cannot contend this season, even with possible additions, (Lamar Odom? No thanks.) then the only thing that make sense is to gather as many chips and assets as you can for the future. I think I’m done with Rondo. He’s too inconsistent and moody and just seems to have lost something. In the past, he would’ve treated last night’s game against rookie sensation Kyrie Irving as a challenge, instead, he goes scoreless with 11 assists in 32 minutes, while Irving scored 24 points on the other end.

On an aside – how many times did Glenn Ordway refer to Jermaine O’Neal as “J-Bone” yesterday? 10? 20?


Not really a great day for links, but here’s the top five today:

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Not surprisingly, Michael Felger stuck to his guns yesterday when it comes to Cap is Crap, saying that the Bart Scott contract in no way impacts the Jets ability to sign free agents as they can simply restructure other contracts to do it.

Of course, they’re in this situation because they restructured Scott’s contract in a failed bid to sign Nnamdi Asomugha last offseason. It will be a repeating problem, just pushing off problems for another season. By restructuring the contract of D’Brickashaw Fergsuon, which they did this week, as Felger pointed to as an example, they’ve basically committed to having Fergsuon on the roster through 2015, as his “dead money” hit would make it about impossible to cut him. So they’ve created another Bart Scott.

What if certain players, who they want to keep, refuse to re-do their contracts? As it is, if the Jets want to sign any free agents, they need to restructure more contracts.

9 thoughts on “Bobby V – The Next Rex Ryan? Um, No.

  1. It’s embarrassing our alleged all star PG cant even muster 2 points against a 19 year old rookie. You’re right about his moodiness and Randy Moss-like “play when i wanna play” attitude. It’s inexcusable and even more maddening because we all know the high level he’s capable of. Based on that alone, he is not the future.


  2. Its the offseason and there are no baseball games on tap so I guess I have the time and energy to attack the “cap is crap” argument head on. In Felger’s world, because a team can manipulate the cap to sign a player by guaranteeing someone else’s money and then spreading that out over the life of the contract means that the “Cap is Crap”. What he is essentially saying is that the cap is never a detriment to signing a player you want without having to give up someone you want to keep. In other words teams never have to make “Sophie’s Choice”.

    In only one way is he right. To this point in time if a team wants a player today then can push money forward and in most cases work them in. However the caveate to this was that the NFL’s salary cap was going to go up by 15 -20% a year giving each team “free” space that they were not counting on when they made some of these contracts. The new CBA puts an end to this. It severely cuts back on how teams spend money. The NY Jets right now are feeling it greatly. They are forced right now to keep a player who wants out (Bart Scott) who they want out, but financially they can’t release because they do not have $4.2 mill in cap space to release him. Understand what I just said. The NY Jets DO NOT HAVE THE CAP SPACE to out and out release a player because they cannot afford the accelerated hit to the Cap. So as of right now, unless they figure out how to clear $4.2 mill off their cap they will be stuck with an untradeable, unreleasable and unhappy player.

    This does not mean the Jets cannot make moves. They can restructure a contract and push more guaranteed money forward. They can sign a player to a contract that is back loaded (assuming he would accept it). However as of right now, there is no way they could afford Peyton Manning unless they make wholesale changes to the roster. Felger might think they can just wave a magic wand and get whoever they want, but the Jets can’t. They are in someways like the Celtics of the last few years. They might be able to eek out a few dollars for a mid level player but they can’t make wholesale changes to the roster.

    On the other hand the Patriots have $20 mill in free money. This means they can sign whoever they want. Again, to Felger the Cap is crap. To the Patriots good management of the Cap means it never becomes an issue, therefore you are never forced into a personnel move because of financial reasons as opposed to football reasons. That is the difference between the Pats and Jets right now. The Jets needed to win over the last three years because they knew eventually they would have no money to spend. The Pats always build with an eye on winning now and in the future. It is so easy to understand at this point I am pretty sure Felger is making the argument he is just to annoy people.


  3. latetodinner,

    The Bart Scott situation is worse than you describe. The cap hit from cutting Scott is worse than keeping him. Something like $5.5 million to cut against $4.2 if he stays.


    1. Jake…I have read two conflicting reports and went with the more generous one. I think the difference has to do with when a roster bonus will be paid (March 28 I think). From what I understand the Jet’s cleared 7.2 mill with Fergerson restructure so in theory they could cut Scott but then they will not have room to sign a draft pick.

      The germane issue is that the Jets do not have cart blanche. I have read that if the Jets want to sign Manning they have to cut Sanchez which is why they have not restructured Sanchez yet. If they restructure him money becomes guaranteed and then they can’t afford to cut him. I think it is a pipe dream for the Jets to think they can afford Manning. Or worse, trade Manning for Sanchez. If Manning’s arm is a noodle now what do they do? As far as I can tell they can’t afford to upgrade the back up QB position. They can’t bring in OL help which they need desperately if they want to keep Manning or Sanchez from getting killed. They can’t upgrade at receiver which they need desperately. Realistically the Jets also need a vet RB with LT done, an upgrade at safety, and an upgrade at TE for them to stay competitive with the Pats. I don’t see how they do any of this outside of the draft with the Cap situation they are in.

      As this directly relates to Felger, you can game the system for one year but you can’t do it consistently under the new CBA. Eventually the money spent has to be accounted for.


  4. Who’s that masquerading under Mazz’s byline over on Boston.com.

    A well thought out premise, informative and interesting.


  5. It’s funny how a long post, I think by a guest, on here, even got Felgers attention but he refused to acknowledge that one of his rally calls was garbage.

    And, again, he could clear things up real fast and easy by getting ESPN’s Andrew Brandt on who routinely does other radio interviews. Two emails thus far, both saying that they’re “working on it” and he’s yet to be on. I refuse to believe that it’s scheduling at this point because he’s on elsewhere all the time (he tweets it @adbrandt).

    I don’t get it at all. You’re openly wrong and refuse to admit it when people you consider “experts” are openly addressing your name in articles they write? Sad.

    It is one thing to be “contrarian” with the opinion but when your arrogance pushes the contrarian to “lets see if we can be cute with it”, it’s dangerous.


  6. There is actually a very simple rebuttal to the Cap is Crap argument – one that Felger has at least implicitly accepted. By now, the accepted wisdom is that the Colts can’t hold onto Peyton Manning while drafting (and signing) Andrew Luck. If the cap were truly a non-issue, then the Colts should have no problem doing both.

    BTW – why is no one in Boston slamming the Colts for not showing Manning sufficient respect they way they did when Tom Brady was negotiating his latest agreement with Bob Kraft?


    1. the issue with the Colts keeping Manning and Luck is not money. It appears Luck’s people have quietly said he will not sign with a team and sit….kind of like Peytons brother Eli and the signals he sent SD.


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