Mention that the Patriots seem like underdogs in this Sunday’s Super Bowl, and you’ll be mocked, likely by someone citing the Vegas line that has established the Patriots as favorites.

Meanwhile, look around listen to analysis and predictions from around the country and tell me 75% of “experts” aren’t saying that the Giants are going to win this thing. The Giants themselves have said it multiple times this week.

Based solely on the past two times these teams have met, the Giants should win this game. It would be an upset if they didn’t. There are a lot of other things to consider, however.

Abandon all hope, ye Patriots fans – Jerry Thornton lays out some of those very things. Required reading.

Dispatches from Indy: Media day – Chad Finn recaps yesterday’s activities.

Super Bowl Media Day: Lies, Brady Bashing and Rich Cimini is an Idiot – George Cain also weighs in on media coverage from yesterday.

Mariucci passed on local boy Brady – Bill Burt talks to NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci about passing on Tom Brady when Mariucci was coaching the 49ers.

What we learned Tuesday: Super Bowl XLVI will be referendum on Pats’ offensive line – Christopher Price looks in details at some of the themes from yesterday.

Dante Scarnecchia always there – Jackie MacMullan with a second fascinating column this week, this time an in-depth look at the offensive line coach, the only member of the organization to participate in all previous six Super Bowl appearances by the team. Karen Guregian also has a piece on Scarnecchia.

Getting a grip on things – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has rookie Stevan Ridley determined to make the most of his chances on Sunday. The Globe notebook from Greg A. Bedard and Michael Whitmer has Sebastian Vollmer expected to play on Sunday. The Patriots Journal has Bill O’Brien keeping focused on his Patriots duties this week.

Bruins scrape off rust and scrape up a win – Kevin Paul Dupont reports on the Bruins comeback win over Ottawa. Douglas Flynn has the Bruins knowing that they can’t keep relying on comebacks.

No boos for Thomas a good thing for all – Joe Haggerty says that moving on is best for everyone.

Celtics win, but nearly blow big lead again – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics barely hanging on after blowing a 21-point lead.


10 thoughts on “Giants Victory Train Rolls On During Super Bowl Week

  1. The "Brady SUCKS" from Rich Cimini, Jets writer, has even made its way to Dan Patrick and he's wondering what will be written Monday morning if the Patriots win. I get that ESPN is having its Jets people cover the Patriots but isn't this material that you expect from Page6 instead of ESPN?

    George, as usual, great article. A few here had commented on or mentioned some of the same points but you did a great job summarizing the past few days.

    Don't tell Felger about moving on. I doubt he will until Thomas is traded.

    I pasted this on the previous post but wanted to reiterate the SI cover story on Kraft/Patriots. It's a good read:

    Also, a great article on Hoodie and one of the greatest scouts in the game from PFW:


    1. You're on fire today. The last article you linked is as good about Belichick as I've seen. There's also a related article nearby about Heath Evans that confirms a lot of what I've heard about other NFL teams.


      1. Thanks.

        Bruce normally gets most of the great links from local and national sources but I think the obvious attention with the Superbowl produces many more that can be hard to track–this being where all of us come in and contribute.


    2. Once again the fans "get it" in regards to Tim Thomas and not guys like Felger. This is one more place he's trying to stir up controversy and outrage when it's not reflective of the actual situation. I think most everyone would acknowledge he should've gone to the White House — but so what, it was his decision and that's it. Move along. The guy is still a Stanley Cup champ and the Bruins goaltender.Very clearly that's all people really care about.


  2. Thornton absolutely nails it. Don’t bother watching people. The Giants are going to register 20 sacks and win 100-2


  3. Tony Mazz was hilarious yesterday. His conspiracy theory that Gronk is more hurt than he really is and the Pats are showing him without the walking boot to fool the Giants was beyond anything I've ever heard from him.

    I'm going to tune in today so I can see what fresh insanity he cooked up overnight.


  4. Jerry Thirnton's piece is pure gold. He absolutely nailed it with the media these last two weeks. The sarcasm just drips off the page. Best thing I've read so far leading up to the Super Bowl.


  5. The sniping continued between the stations because both are doing parties. SportsHub is not charging a cover while WEEI is.

    The WEEI party says that "a portion of your admission goes to Boomer's foundation", which could mean anything.

    Only link I could find to the SportsHub event is:

    Now, to be fair, most bars and places in Indy are charging $20 and up for covers. $100 to get in is modest considering the event/city. Hotels have required 4day minimum stays, jacking rates from below $100 to almost $1000 a night.


  6. More proof the fans get it and the media in Boston are lazy, self absorbed fools. The posting excepts Ashley Fox's piece on ESPN where she laments that not disclosing the whole truth about an injury is lying, and of course this is the Patriots way. At the end of the piece there is one of those pop up surveys ESPNboston likes to do. The question asked is:

    Should the Patriots be more transparent when discussing injuries?

    408 people had voted when I copied and pasted the results into this posting.

    2% – Yes. They hold things too close to the vest to the point of being dishonest; we have a right to know

    98% – No. Why would the Pats do anything to give info to an opponent? I like their strategy

    I wonder if the 2% (about 8 people) are employees of the Globe? More importantly if the entire fan base overwhelmingly agrees (at least with this sample size) that the Pats policy is the correct one…why do the media in this town keep making it an issue (SMY?)


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