Glad to see the Enemies list post getting some good discussion going. The point of the list was not that these are people that I personally dislike, that’s not the case. It was those who I think at the moment are consistently and purposely being an irritant to the Boston sports fan.

Like to hear who I think some of the “fan friendly” media types are?

Greg A Bedard, Boston Globe

Bedard is a pro, who mainly sticks to just football, and while he has not problem pointing out the flaws and weaknesses of the Patriots, unlike some of his colleagues, he also has no problem pointing out the good and giving credit to things that working well. He is extremely accessible on Twitter, @Greg_A_Bedard and even organizes meetups with Twitter followers. He did one in Washington last weekend, and I believe one is in the works for this weekend in Denver as well.

A. Sherrod Blakely,

Blakely is another seasoned pro, with great contacts around the NBA. He is also known for marathon sessions on Twitter with his followers, even when he has to answer Rasheed Wallace questions 20 times a day. He gives good reports both on television and in print, and always keeps things professional.

Michael Holley, WEEI

Holley is coming up fast after a rough start in his pairing with Glenn Ordway on the afternoon drive. Initially, Ordway dominated the show, and bringing Mike Adams on board compounded the confusion, as Ordway and Adams would talk inane things, leaving Holley out of the discussion. He’s asserting himself more, and spreading goodwill at his book signings around New England, where he is said to be gracious and friendly. He’ll also talk to fans on Twitter from time to time.

Ian Rapoport, Boston Herald/Mike Reiss ESPN Boston

Can’t have this list without Rap. Is anyone on Twitter more than he is? He answers questions, teases fellow reporters and still manages to bring solid reporting and information in the paper and online. Reiss is still the standard for a fan-friendly reporter, keeping agendas and personal gripes out of his work, and responding to even most annoying questions in his mailbag and chat session.

Others worthy of mention: Rich Shertenlieb, Gordon Edes, Carolyn Manno, Joe Haggerty, Chad Finn, Christopher Price, Tom E Curran, Rob Bradford, Bob Ryan.

I need to give Michael Felger credit on something. Two years ago, he was on the Tim Tebow bandwagon before anyone else. He talked day after day about how the Patriots should draft Tebow, (and I think they might’ve, had Denver not grabbed him in the first round) not so much to groom him as a QB, though that was part of it, but to have his leadership, work ethic and passion here in that locker room – all the things we’re seeing Tebow display in Denver. I’m not sure what Tebow’s role would’ve been here, but I’m sure Bill Belichick would’ve found a way to get him on the field, as he does with Julian Edelman.

Here are a couple of media links from this morning:

Media Roundup: Sick of Tim Tebow? Blame The Media, Not Tebow – My SB Nation Media column looks at why you shouldn’t be mad at Tim Tebow for the media overload around him.

Not in the holiday spirit – Chad Finn has Jeff Van Gundy feeling that the NBA is rushing things too much to get games played on Christmas Day.

Why Tony Mazz Is Wrong About Brady: Breaking Down His Monday Column – Tanya Ray Fox on SB Nation Boston has a nice takedown of Tony Massarotti ludicrous column about Tom Brady earlier this week, a column clearly written by “Mazz’s On-Air Persona.”

Friday’s Viewing Picks – Ken Fang has your Sports TV listings for tonight.



17 thoughts on “Media “Friends” and Media Links

  1. Forgot to include Rap on the previous "good" list like Reiss. He's the other one I follow. Great commentary anytime he's on the radio/TV as well.

    And, good call to balance out the last one along with the discussion that it created.


  2. Did anyone catch the segments that Bryne did yesterday on SportsHub and repeated most of on D+C this morning? If you watch any football at all, if only just SEC football, you knew what you got with Tebow. Urban Meyer on DP's show said something similar:

    Felger was on him before anyone as mentioned above.

    Easiest defense: He's 7-1 now with the same D that Orton was 1-4 with.

    I'll end there because I'm sure everyone is Tebow'd out.


  3. Bruce:

    Regarding your list of "friendly" to Boston Sports Fans… my comments.

    1) I don't see how you have any list that does not start with Bob Ryan. He might not be a prolific tweeter or have a mail bag but the guy has always delivered well researched, well written, intelligent columns (or when on the air, opinions) on any topic he is asked about. When I think of sports reporter (not just Boston Sports Reporter) he is the guy I think about first. In the 40 years I have been reading his stuff (god I am old) I can never remember him taking a cheap shot or unfair position towards a player, coach, owner, situation or condescend to the fan base.

    2) We will still have to disagree on Mike Holley. The fact that he is friendly at book signing does not make up for the fact that there is no substance to his work. I don't see how him getting a little more air time is making that show any better…he still says nothing relevant.

    3) I would add Tom E Curran to your Rap/Reiss pairing. He is funny, self-depricating and accessible in his written work and on the air. He tweets, answers emails (always within a few hours when I have written him) and seems to have a pretty good insight into the common fans thinking.

    4) I am going to take a little heat for this last one but I think Rob Bradford deserves to be mentioned. is an excellent on line resource (sometimes I can hardly believe it is part of the radio station). Bradford's writing and insight have come a long way (not sure his radio work is any better), but more importantly he has proved to be a great on-line website editor/mentor/organizer. He is accessible, never condescending and I think quietly driving a lot of the sports media conversation in this town indirectly.


    1. Late, you have no reason to take heat for including Rob Bradford. He is a terrific writer and a good broadcaster when not partnered with the atrocious Kirk Minihane. Bradford is the definition of a well prepared, informative, and mild mannered media person. Rob Bradford is polar opposite of Tony Masserotti and that is truly a good thing.


    2. I'm with you; Bradford's good. I do think his radio work's improved, even with Minihane. (I can tell because Minihane pushes his agenda and Bradford sticks to facts and opinion based on reasonable conjecture from those facts.)

      I also enjoy Flannery and Pete Abraham. (Abraham may be too cynical on Twitter to be a long-term objective success, but in the meantime, he's funny, so it all works out in the end.)


    3. On #3, as of late, I've come to really enjoy Curran. And, when he appears on national media, he represents the NE media well. He is passionate about football, the Patriots, but doesn't homer it up to a point you want to turn it off. I've also heard Tom on the radio with Dan Patrick and NBC Sports Tonight (Versus 6pm offering against SportsCenter) and he seems to be becoming a better analyst, without the 'homer' feel that some can bring.


      1. And, to add to this point, an entry on posted by Curran:

        The Patriots and Pro Bowl linebacker Jerod Mayo have agreed to a five-year contract extension.

        The news, originally reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN, has been confirmed by Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran.

        More to come . . .


        Schef beat everyone here (searched twitter and looked at the major breakers like him, Mort, Jay Glazer, etc) and reported it on the 11AM special edition of "NFL Countdown" ESPN did. Curran gave credit where credit was due. A+


  4. Slightly disagree with A.Sherrod, not because he bad or anything, but i've personally never read anything revealing, insightful, or breaking that he wrote. He generally is behind the pack with breaking stories and doesn't really offer much else. Again, this does not make him bad, just average.

    With the rest of the list, I agree 100%. Paul Flannery should also be an honorable mention.


    1. I don't know all of his previous work but all of last year, during the Perk trade, he was an hour late and looked like all of the reporting/tweeting was just reiterating what ESPN/WojYahooNBA/etc had already known. I've called local media out before on this many times, and ESPN is guilty as well (see the Pujols move to LA and Dan Patrick's commentary).

      Maybe they have the same sources but they could at least give credit when their an hour late instead of looking like they're "insiders", and your news is already 60 minutes lale and been RT'd in the thousands with articles already being written.

      Likewise, on the Rondo trade stuff, Woj had everyone beat, and I saw A. Sherrod talking about the "news" as if he broke it. Maybe I'm just a sticker for attribution on this or your higher-ups aren't good at confirming if you were the person breaking a story.

      Seems descent on the analysis otherwise.


  5. Bruce, the Tanya Ray Fox article for SB Nation is a terrific recommendation. She has wonderful perspective on the sideline incident. For Maz to compare Brady to to Moss shows just how much Maz cares about the soundbite as opposed to being thoughtful. Unfortunately, Maz continues to sound just plain ignorant.

    Speaking about the sideline incident, Charlie Weis was interviewed by Dan Patrick a couple of days ago and he was asked about it. Weis said he recognized that moment well, as he had multiple fights with Brady on the sidelines. He said you scream at each other and five minutes later you forget about it. Someone needs to tell Andy Hart of PFW this so he wont continue to say Brady has never had a sideline outburst against a coach.

    As far as Tim Tebow goes I felt he would be successful one way or another in the NFL because of his fitness level, which is off the charts, and a drive to succeed that is second to none. Finally, and most importantly, he has a lot of talent. Bruce I agree with you that Felger does deserve some praise on Tebow. He was right when a lot of other media people were wrong. A lot of them still won't admit it. The one item you left out though was Felger's asinine statement that the Patriots should draft Tebow because he felt it would light a fire under Tom Brady's butt. Felger said that Brady had lost his drive and had become too complacent at quarterback. The stupidity of that statement is mind-boggling.


    1. Regarding Felger and Tebow: Felger also said Randy Moss was a dog – right before Moss blew the doors off the NFL. Listening to Felger squirm when his own people ridiculed him for weeks was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. He resisted admitting his was wrong until Moss had about 15 TD, and then he sulked for years, waiting for Moss to do something, anything wrong so that he could claim he was right all along. All in all, it was as petty a performance as I can ever remember a media person pulling off – right up there with Borges vs Beichick. So don't tell me about people who won't admit they're wrong and mention Felger's name in the same month.


  6. I forgot to mention, I have no problem with anybody on this list. I will say the most improved is Greg Bedard. When he first arrived, he seemed literally shocked that the Patriots are only forthcoming when you have an actual football question. If you want to ask about a personality or an injury you will get nothing. I was surprised that Bedard seemed to not understand this and then went to Twitter to cry about it.

    Since that time Bedard has adjusted nicely. He has stopped whining and is sticking football. He is very informative and I think it is because he is asking the right questions. When someone like Damon Amendolara says that the Patriots let go of Lee Boden because he had become a problem in the locker room and states it as fact, it is good to have Bedard immediately tell him that is not true. Bedard said the issue with Boden was physical. He continued to work hard and the coaches had no problem with him. As we would see Boden would need back surgery and Bedard was right.


  7. Just saw Mayo extension, Green stuff and, as Bruce put it on Twitter, "What about Wes?"

    I didn't want to pollute up the comments here with it. Bruce/Ryan, is that post worthy so we could discuss? Kinda big there since it concerns both sides of the Pats + Celtics.


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