Cue the “Et tu, Brute?”, Anakin Skywalker, and Hulk Hogan to N.W.O. jokes. Or, even call me Judas..

Today I’m signing off because (and I’ve thought about a gregarious way to say this), I’m taking my talents to South Beach! I’m going to be writing for

Needless to say, I’m sure some of you are reading this thinking, “fraud.” And that’s fine, obviously I’ve been critical of WEEI in this space before. But I’ve also been critical of ESPN, 98.5 The Sports Hub, and CSNNE.

I wanted to work in sports media in some capacity, and I really like the news gathering approach of I think it will teach me discipline both in writing and in my reporting. I also like the writers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both before and after my stint began there.

The crux of the matter is, as I’m approaching the end of my graduate program, the TLC song, “No Scrubs” was slowly becoming germane to my personal situation.

I can’t thank my editors – KC Downey and Bruce Allen – enough for my time in the blogosphere as media critic for Sports of Boston and Boston Sports Media Watch.

Both gave me a platform and let me run with it. I’m sure at times each felt like Grady Little leaving Pedro on the mound during the ’03 ALCS. But, regardless, they let me ruminate and opine at my own discretion.

Additionally I have to give special thanks to David Scott, who provided me with advice when needed along the way.

I also can’t help but thank those in the media that took the time to talk shop with me whether it be on my podcast or in passing — Rich Shertenlieb, Chad Finn, Kirk Minihane, Michael Holley, Tom E. Curran, Jon Anik, Anna Clark, Gerry Callahan, Chris Price, and many more.

Sometimes I think back to last year when I was working at an investment bank and loathing life. I never thought I would have done half the crap I did in my short stint writing this column. From talking to a class at BU about sports media to writing on BSMW (a site I’ve frequented since I was about 18-years-old), it has been a great ride.

You hear the term “outliers” a lot these days, because of Malcolm Gladwell’s book. I can’t help but feel lukewarm about the term as it pertains to my run here. Let’s face it, a lot happened while I wrote Sports Media Musings.

From the politically correct debate of David Portnoy’s “baby-gate” incident to Michael Felger vs. Heidi Watney — the column basically wrote itself.

(As one reader pointed out, I’m happy to learn my “Sports Lodge Is On Fire” column is referenced on Felger’s wikipedia page)

I never wanted to be the Jim Rome or Skip Bayless of media critics, though. I didn’t want to make myself known by putting people on blast (although I’ll admit, when Andy Gresh called me a ‘chump media blogger’ on the radio, I smiled).

A friend asked me how much more mileage I could milk out of the column a few weeks ago. I never really looked at it that way. Bruce has been doing it for so long, David Scott did it before me, and someone will do it after me. That’s why the ”outliers” concept seems disingenuous to associate with Media Musings.

Predictably, I was assured this much while sitting at Health Point, waiting for Celtics practice to open up to the media Wednesday. I chuckled to myself when I overheard a few writers laughing about Bruce’s enemies list.

As far as my future goes, I’m excited to have this opportunity to be a part of WEEI’s site. Down the road, I’ll be doing a media podcast. Working under the prism of mainstream media will give me easier access to guests and resources. I’ll also be writing some other content for Rob Bradford & Co.

As for right now, I’m contributing to their Celtics coverage.  (Here is my debut piece on rookie, JaJuan Johnson. Later on today, I have something going up about Brandon Bass.)

I realize this is going about 500 words to long, so I’ll leave you with my new Twitter handle. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the column as much as I loved writing it.


7 thoughts on “An Ode to Sports Media Musings

  1. Ryan:

    First off I want to wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor. I can't speak for everyone but personally I am glad to hear your hard work has gotten you to a job that you WANT to do rather than to a job that you HAVE to do. Having said that….

    500 words on Ja'Juan Johnson…now that I am awake…could you "put more phrases in" quotation marks. Nice work "rook" I am sure Bulpett and Ryan will have you carrying their lap tops to the car for the next month…especially if you continue to bring schlock like the Johnson piece. Now if you could maybe become some agenda driven contrarian hack that we can mock regularly…then you will have arrived. Until then don't bore me with facts, competent reporting, good writing and thoughtful insight, its not what I…the typical Boston Sports Fan… wants, expects or demands!


    1. PS Stay in Touch! If I don't hear from you often enough, I'll just assume Rob Bradford is keeping you locked in the basement without food or water next to Alex Spier, DJ Bean, and Mike Adams cot.

      "It puts the article on the internet. It does what it is told."


  2. Congrats Ryan, I've enjoyed your stuff here. Good luck working on the "dark side" (don't let em break ya!)


  3. Ryan your blog was terrific and it is going to be missed. I think you you will do a great job at Rob Bradford has done a great job assembling a fine crew of writers. Jerry Thornton and Alex Speier are my two favorites. Kirk Minihane is not bad as writer, he just should not be within a mile of a microphone as he is just miserable. But I digress, good luck Ryan and carefully read Dave's advice. It's perfect.


  4. Ryan,

    I am new here (it seems like most on here have been here for years) but from the work you and Bruce have done here, it is a definite loss to the site. I really enjoy the forum and the regulars here always make the comment threads worth reading. It seems like WEEI is really trying to ramp up their online stuff, which hopefully can translate to some of their on the air stuff.

    Best of luck.
    Best of luck.


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