A few links to keep you occupied until Ryan comes by with Sports Media Musings…

The Sports Hub Receives Marconi Award For Sports Station Of Year – 98.5 The SportsHub was named Sports Radio Station of the year in the Marconi Awards.

Media Roundup: Breaking Down NFL Network’s Bill Belichick Documentary – The headline of my SB Nation Media column is a little misleading, I don’t actually go into the content of the documentary, but instead wonder what the fallout will be now that it has been shown.

Now it’s talk nation – Chad Finn looks at the long list of ex-Patriots who are now making a living in the media.

Around The League – Week 1 – Jeremy Gottlieb on Patriots Daily goes around the NFL.

And yes, the Red Sox are positively lousy right now…


3 thoughts on “Friday Quicklinks

  1. First off…congrats to 98.5 and Mike Thomas for being recognized not just locally but nationally as the best talk station in the country. I think it is a great honor to be recognized by your piers for a job well done. We, on this website spend a lot of time looking at the individual things we like and don't like about media coverage in general, but we are spoiled…both WEEI and 98.5 are better sports talkers than you find anywhere else in the country. Don't believe me…stream WIP out of Philly or WXOS 101 from St. Louis…two of the better sports talkers in the country…I guarantee you will want to blow your brains out 10 minutes in.

    2) Are they still talking about Bruschi's tweet crime on Chad 85? If so…please shoot me now.

    3) If you ever needed proof that the Sox have become marginalized in Boston look no further than sports talk this morning. We should be in full out fire Tito and Theo the Sox are going to blow a 9 game lead and not make the playoffs with a $180 mill payroll talk…instead for the last hour I listened to Belichick documentry, Tim Tebow and Ocho talk.


    1. Personally, I place more value on the recognition of my wharves and jettys…. 🙂

      I don't think the Sox have become marginalized. First, remember that talk hosts control the dialog, they don't respond to it. There will always be more than one caller who wants to talk about each of the local teams, or BC hockey, or Sarah Palin's basketball career. What you hear is what has been let through the screeners; i.e what the hosts WANT to talk about, not what the public is demanding to talk about.

      Second, I think they're just being smart. The last time they jumped on the "Sox are Toast" bandwagon — you know, two weeks into the season — the Sox went out and put up, what, a 42-15 record over the next two months? And the doom-and-gloomers looked sort of idiotic at that point. (As has been well-documented on this website.) Once bitten, twice shy. If/when they lose the lead and miss they playoffs, I guarantee you that you will hear NOTHING but "Red Sox choke with $180M payroll" for at least two weeks. The Pats could score 245 points against the Raiders in Oakland on Oct 2nd, and if the Sox have just choked away an 8-game wildcard lead, you're not going to hear a single word about it on the radio (other than the scheduled Brady interview on D&C, etc.).

      The wolves are out there, you just can't see them in the shadows yet.


  2. "2) Are they still talking about Bruschi's tweet crime on Chad 85? If so…please shoot me now. "

    Well, at least it's not the Portnoy/Brady Baby pic scandal.


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