With respect to Thomas Moore, I think we can place the blame for yesterday’s Red Sox loss on Daniel Bard.

The Red Sox reliever continued his recent struggles by turning a 4-2 eighth inning lead into a 5-4 deficit and eventual loss for Boston. With both the Yankees and Rays losing last night, the Red Sox lost a chance to pick up a game on both teams as well. With Tampa coming into town tonight for a critical four-game series, every game is important these days.

Bard and Sox can’t hold on – Peter Abraham has the particulars of Bard’s ugly outing.

Time for results, not finger pointing – Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox just continue to making things more difficult for themselves. Christopher Smith says that the Red Sox need a sense of urgency starting tonight.

Daniel Bard says he’ll figure it out – Joe McDonald has the young reliever confident that he can get back on track. Adam Smartschan though, thinks it might be time to panic over Bard.

For Lavarnway, it’s not rocket science, or is it? – Jessica Camerato has the Red Sox rookie realizing that playing in the big leagues can be hard, even for a rocket scientist.

Ill-timed ills for David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez – The Herald notebook has the Sox sluggers coming up injured at the worst possible time for the team. The Red Sox Journal has former teammate Brandon Morrow speaking highly of Erik Bedard. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has the Red Sox giving the ball to rookie Kyle Weiland to start tonight. The CSNNE.com notes from Maureen Mullen have John Lackey settling down after giving up two runs in the first.

Few surprises with Chargers – Greg A Bedard looks at the Chargers, a team the Patriots are very familiar with. Ian R. Rapoport looks at the anticipated duel between Tom Brady and Philip Rivers.

Pats Pregame Points: Game Two vs. Chargers – Chris Warner on Patriots Daily looks ahead to Sunday.

Connolly now the center of attention – Mark Farinella has the backup lineman again thrust into a starting role, this time at a different position. Michael Whitmer has more on Connolly. Chris Forsberg worries that Brady might lose a comfort factor without Dan Koppen.

Will Chad Ochocinco tune out noise? – Mike Reiss will be watching to see how the receiver reacts to the wave of criticism.

Shaun Ellis all charged up – Rich Thompson talks to the former Jets about his early impressions of his new team.

Let’s quell Brady excitement until February – Bill Burt thinks that the Patriots QB did “nothing special” on Monday night, and would like to see him prove that he can win a playoff game.

‘Bill Belichick: A Football Life’ is must-see TV on NFL Network – Bill Doyle with a look at the documentary, which debuts tonight at 9:00.

Chargers Antonio Gates adds to tight end showcase – Rapoport’s notebook looks forward to a big afternoon of tight end play on Sunday. The Globe notebook from Michael Whitmer has more on Ochocinco. The Patriots Journal has more from Ellis.

Benoit Pouliot hopes third organization’s a charm – DJ Bean has the former Canadien looking for a fresh start with the Bruins.

Bruins, Marchand keep on winning – Joe Haggerty has the Bruins and Marchand coming to terms on a new two-year contract.

Five questions for the Bruins – Stephen Harris has a few areas to look at coming into training camp.


8 thoughts on ““Oh! blame not the bard.”

  1. And with the following words:

    But let’s not put the cart before the horse. Brady is seven seasons removed from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Let’s save that argument, hopefully, for February, when there are no questions about Brady’s ability to carry a team to a championship.

    Bill Burt proves yet again he why I have no respect for him. If I understand Burt correctly, we as fans should not be impressed with regular season performances, rather only playoffs and SB's count. Brady with 3 SB titles, a 4th sb appearance and 2 League MVPs has not proved to Burt he is capable of winning a SB, All because the Pats lost last years Playoff game to the Jets.

    God I hate these guys who look at a spectacular performance by Brady and then say…"But he lost the playoff game last year" or "Brady is seven seasons removed from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy"…if they can't enjoy it, or even look at it without a negative bias…then maybe they should not be covering it.


    1. Especially true for those of us who remember the "phantom" roughing the passer call, the 1-14's of yore, Rod Rust, Eason to Grogan to Eason to Flutie to Eason to Hodson to Zolak to Millen etc. etc. etc.
      You gotta love the ride of the past 10 years.


    2. I always marvel at the notion that "going 7 years without a Lombardi Trophy" is considered a negative in this town by some media people, and far too many fans. Were any of these people around in 1990 when they went 1-15, or even during the very disappointing Pete Carroll Era? Very few of them seem to realize that it's very, very hard to win a Super Bowl. You have to be good and, especially in today's hyper-competitive NFL, you also have to have some luck. The Packers were one Tampa Bay upset loss last December away from missing the playofs entirely. The Patriots had some very good breaks during their first two Super Bowl years (2004 was a dominant team on both sides of the ball). The Colts got every break imaginable during their run in 2006, from several playoff opponents with lousy QBs to some horrendous officiating that went entirely their way in the AFC title game. The Pats were a couple of very bad breaks away from going 19-0 four years ago; but the breaks went the other way and now we're saddled with "no Super Bowl wins in 7 years!!" stuff like this from the media (and from some spoiled fans, too). I find it all to be just a bit crazy, really.


      1. I always get a kick out of "no championship in 7 years" when the Bruins just ended a 39 year drought, the C's a few years ago ended a 22 year drought, and in 2004 the Red Sox ended an 86 year drought. 7 years is nothing compared to those other numbers.


      2. Couldn't agree more Tony. Started really following the Pats when I was 10 years old. Went 31 YEARS before I saw them win a Super Bowl. So this 7 year "drought' doesn't seem like much to me…..maybe they should talk to Browns Fans or Lions fans…..or yes, JET fans


  2. Wasn't Bill Burt the same boob who "broke" a false story about the Lockout ending in June? Who cares what he thinks about Brady? I almost cant wait until Brady retires and then to watch these below average writers churn out "Tom Brady ain't walking thru that door" columns.


    1. Come now, let's not give the below-average writers the wit and wisdom of Rick Pitino… It's the good writers who will be writing the "TB ain't walking through that door" columns, because they're the ones who recognize and don't question Brady's status as a franchise QB.

      No, when Patrick McBigarmthrow takes over the Pats QB position in the future, the BAWs will be writing stories along the lines of "this guy ain't no Tom Brady. Nobody ever questioned whether Brady could lead a team to a Super Bowl, even at the end of his career." Note that this will also be written before McBigarmthrow has ever taken a snap for the team.


  3. This is not a huge story but something I did pick-up while watching CSNNE. With it looking like the Celtics will not be playing for quite some time, Mike Gorman will be replacing Gary Tanguay in the play-by-play booth for CAA football games. This, of course, is a good thing.


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