Tim Wakefield wasn’t at his best, but the Red Sox offense was as they routed the Toronto Blue Jays 18-6 at Fenway Park last night. Wakefield went six innings, giving up five runs, which was enough for him to pick up the win, the 200th of his career.

More importantly to the Red Sox, the win, coupled with a Tampa loss gave them a four-game cushion in the Wild Card standings.

Tim Wakefield’s 200 nothing without ‘04 – Who better to get all sentimental and sappy over Wakefield than Steve Buckley? OK, maybe Dan Shaughnessy? Over on NESN.com Tony Lee says that the win came at the perfect time for the Red Sox. Maureen Mullen has Wakefield grateful that was able to reach this milestone in front of the Fenway fans. Gordon Edes has Wakefield securing his place in history. Rob Bradford has Wakefield showing great timing again for the Red Sox. David Schoenfield on ESPN says that Wakefield is a living connection to the good old days.

Pedroia breaks out in a big way – Michael Whitmer has the Red Sox second baseman breaking out of his slump with a huge night at the plate. Joe McDonald has more on Pedroia and the Red Sox offense finally waking up.

Manny Ramirez: A man without a plan – Buckley also offers thoughts on Manny Ramirez, who might have a tough time trying to adjust to life without the structure of baseball.

Ailing Bobby Jenks KO’d for rest of year – Scott Lauber’s notebook has the reliever’s season coming to an end when he was diagnosed with a small pulmonary embolism. The Red Sox Journal has Josh Beckett saying he’s ready to go. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Beckett likely to pitch on Friday. The Gatehouse notebook from Mike Fine has Kevin Youkilis returning to the lineup, though still in pain.

Making The Grades – Patriots at Dolphins – Jeremy Gottlieb has the Patriots Daily report card for this week. More report cards from Ron Borges | Kirk Minihane | Boston.com | Matt Goisman | Jeff Howe | Steve Grogan

Curran’s 44 lines on 22 Patriot issues – Tom E Curran looks at 22 items around the Patriots.

Criticisms of New England’s Defense Are Overblown and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Slacker Jeff Howe only has 20.

Overnight ratings are high – Greg A Bedard risks the ire of Patriots fans* by suggesting that the defense was actually pretty good on Monday night. He even offers more on the defense after fans* went after him on Twitter.

Still some concerns on defense – Mike Reiss has several prime examples of these fans* in his mailbag.

Bill Belichick digs deep, finds stuff to fix – Rich Garven says that the Patriots coach can always find things for his team to work on.

Tedy to Ochocinco: ‘Drop the awe factor’ and get in your playbook – This rant from Tedy Bruschi has made national headlines. Ian Rapoport though, says that Bruschi is dead wrong in what he said.

First Impressions – San Diego Chargers – Greg Doyle looks ahead to the Chargers and has San Diego fans feeling pretty confident.

Bill O’Brien credits splurge to team concept – Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots offensive coordinator talking about his unit. The Patriots Journal has the no-huddle offense doing a number on the Dolphins. The Globe notebook from Shalise Manza Young has Dan Koppen expected to miss 6-10 weeks with a fractured ankle.

* I’m convinced that these “fans” are really Steelers, Jets or Cowboys fans, Bill Parcells syncophants, or people who jumped on the bandwagon in 2007 and feel “owed” a championship, and who constantly criticize the Patriots just to be annoying and contrarian. There are several who visit this site.


18 thoughts on “Wakefield, Sox Finally Get Long Awaited Win

  1. A+ to The Rapotack on this one. Tedy is in no position to comment on how Chad 85 is doing vis a vis the playbook/his work ethic/etc. He's doing the Bristol thing and selling us his life insurance (because YOU COULD HAVE A STROKE TOO!!!!!), not sitting in on WR meetings in Foxboro. I'm sure Tedy would have loooooved for Terry Bradshaw to be questioning his commitment to the team back in 2000 if he had missed an assignment or two in a game. I'm sure he would have been duly chastised and apologetic, right? Yeah, right.

    However…. ESPN has a track record of directly instructing its talking heads to say controversial things. (Thank you, beloved ursine dolt John Kruk, for letting that cat out of the bag.) Because hey, we're talking about ESPN and Tedy Bruschi now, aren't we? Free advertising. This is not something I would normally expect Tedy to be saying, so I'm wondering how much of it was real and how much was ESPN.


    1. So then what's the deal with OchoCinco then? Moss barely practiced and didn't play in any preseason games. He was then instantly on the same page as Brady in week 1. Are people so sensitive to think that Ocho might simply not be good enough to play within this system? Ocho is physically more talented than Branch, but because Branch grasps the system, he will start.

      Joey Galloway wasn't a scrub in his long career (a huge part of a Super Bowl champion) and he washed out very quickly here. It's possible if Ocho hasn't got it now, he never will.

      But I will reserve a concrete statement of that until Week 4 at the earliest.


      1. Mike Reiss had the explanation for Game 1 in his notes: when you run a no-huddle, as the Pats did for much of the game, you typically will only run it with WR vets who are very familiar with the system, as they need to immediately line up in the right place and know which routes they are running without a huddle or any explanation from the QB. It's clear 85 isn't at that stage yet (he admits it himself), so that's why he wasn't on the field for much of the game.

        Whether he'll adapt to the system or not, I don't know.

        And neither does Tedy Bruschi.


    2. Not sure if this was your thought or a result of listening/watching the Dan Patrick show, but this was literally his response verbatim on the 85/ESPN/Bristol stuff.

      He added that one of the NFL analysts they had recently let go had asked DP what he thought had gone wrong with ESPN and responded that not being “over the top” enough was the result (wasn’t in their personality).


    3. Re: Tedy selling us his life insurance.

      The Bruschi commercials with the smiley Mrs. Heidi and the happy, frolicking children Dante, Rex and Tedy Jr. give me such a warm and fuzzy feeling, actually makes me feel a little misty inside, but; ,,, Call-up SBLI and tell them you are a 38 year old male not named Tedy Bruschi and you've previously suffered heart disease resulting in a stroke and several months of rehabilitation but you're looking to purchase a life insurance policy. CLICK!

      I, on the other hand, an average schmo named Louie Lunchbucket got rejected because my grandfathers cousins stepfathers ex-wife Matilda once had pimples. Real world. Check.


  2. In Curran's column:

    ESPNBoston's Mike Reiss charts player participation on offense, defense and special teams from the press box during the games. Everybody – sports talk, fellow writers, blogs – use the info but not enough people say where they got it and they ought to…it's a lot of work from Reiss.

    Is it any wonder why people regard this guy as the hardest working man on the Patriots' beat? Kudos, Reiss.


  3. Greg Bedard who I am slowly warming to makes the point that I made in a different thread. The Defense actually played a decent game. I know it is hard to look at a team that gives up nearly 500 yards of total offense but the fact is Miami only had 98 total yards rushing and 30 of those came on the first drive of the game. Miami was 2-14 on third downs but a whooping 4-5 on 4th downs mostly in garbage time. Cam Newton in a different game, threw for 428 yards in a loss….when you are losing you have to take risks to get back into the game. I thought the fact that Miami was only 3-6 in the Red Zone coupled with the third down statistics showed that after the first drive the Pats settled down and played much better defense.

    Regarding the Tedy Bruschi tweet. Dave, I have no idea if ESPN put him up to it or if he spoke before thinking…to be honest I don't really care. Its the lack of civility that bothers me. If TB wants to criticize Chad 85 for being invisible or not playing well, or even for not having his head on straight…have at it…there is no reason to be a condescending, holier than thou ftard about it.

    Lastly, like all fans who follow the Sox and who think Tim Wakefield is a gamer and nice guy I am happy he achieved a personal milestone. The fact it took him 7 tries…was a little annoying. If the Sox do indeed not make the playoffs…then this was akin to celebrating a touchdown when you are down 42.


  4. I agree. I throw compliments to the media like manhole covers but I actually think Bedard is pretty good. I thought he first column about Patriots defense was rational and spot on. Surprised "fans went after him". I think you hit the nail on the head, Bruce.

    As far as Bruschi goes, LOVED him as a player but think he's just becoming another ESPN "SCREAMING HEAD"….I find it comical that Tedy has turned into one of those media guys HE HIMSELF used to despise. I can remember him as a player responding to this kind of criticism by saying, "they aren't in our locker room, they aren't in our meetings, they think they know but they don't" .. NOW HE"S DOING THE SAME THINGS!…….This is to be expected though. That's why I don't put too much stock in what FORMER players say. Once they join the media they have to "play the game".


    1. AOB…I wish more ex-players could be like Ron Jaworski or Dennis Eckersley. I don't want them telling players how to play, how it was done in the old days or being judgmental on the "teaminess" of their actions…instead I want solid expert analysis that goes beyond my understanding of the game. If Bruschi, who I do like as an analyst stuck to breaking down x's and o's he would be better than fine. When he starts treading on Tom Jackson supposition ground he stops being an analyst and becomes a commentator. Bruschi has no training in that role. He doesn't know and he doesn't see any more than you or I do. In some ways I see Bruschi's comments as no different than Jackson's…they are just wild supposition designed to make better television than actually convey a message. AOB you make one other excellent point…Bruschi was on the Pats when Tom Jackson made his comments. He was angry about a "media person" reporting how he, Bruschi, felt without any facts. Now he is doing the same thing. He is a hypocrite.


  5. It may very well be that Ocho just doesn't have enough left in the tank, OR he just can't grasp the system, OR it's going to take SOME time. I just thought Brusci went OVERBOARD based on a one line tweet from Ocho…….and then there's the little matter of Brady throwing for 500 PLUS YARDS and a victory without really throwing the ball to Ocho. I'll take that every week……doesn't this all play into Rick Pitino's "Fellowship of the Miserable" theory??….Pats pull off opening day win on the road and all anybody want's to talk about is "Why didn't Ocho catch more balls?"…..as long as they win I don't care how many he catches


    1. Although I think Classless' statement is very accurate and it is very similar to how I feel at this point, I really think there are two different discussions taking place and keeping them separated is difficult. The first discussion concerns Tedy Bruschi's comments and whether they were appropriate. The second discussion concerns whether Chad 85 has the mental and physical skills to contribute in this offense. I am on record as to what I think about the first discussion. Regarding the second one… as long as he is on the roster Bill Belichick thinks he can contribute. That is all I need to know. He might only catch 12 balls this year…he might catch 70…it does not matter as long as he does everything that is asked of him, block when he needs to block, decoy when he needs to decoy, catch when he needs to catch and run when he needs to run.


    2. Why is it that Felger amongst others is so concerned that Ocho Cinco didn't catch enough balls or play enough snaps? Isn't the "Patriot Way" to a accept a role and just thrive in whatever way you can? I recall last year Felger blasting Moss for caring too much about the snaps, catches, tds and attempts. So now he's gonna blast Ocho for the exact opposite reason. This is my problem with Felger who I generally like (Although I do complain about certain points that he can't let go). Listen, I don't have enough information yet on Ochocinco to know whether he spends more time on twitter and xbox than the playbook. But I do know that after a week 1 win against a division rival on the road, should not revolve around the amount of catches/plays your 3rd or 4th WR on the depth chart, or 5th/6th option overall has. This is where they irritate me. We had two hours of this talk rather than breakdown on San Diego, preparation for rivers, jackson, tolbert, mathews.


      1. Because Felger has figured out that people listen longer when you say things that annoy them. It doesn't make sense to me but it works for him.

        Re: Bruschi/85 Tedy loves to talk Patriot way, but my question would simply be is causing a ruckus that ends up being a national story "the Patriot way?" Is BB excited this week that former players are calling out/drawing attention to the shortcomings of current players? Is the Patriot way to start a minor controversy that players will no doubt have to answer questions about? Come on Tedy, you're better than that.


      2. At the risk of being on the same side of an argument as Felger, Ocho's performance thus far does beg the question, "Is he accepting his role and thriving in it? Or is he in the role he's in 3rd/4th receiver because he simply hasn't played well enough to merit a more prominent role?" Basically, is this the role they've asked him to play, or is this the only role he ::can:: play? If it's the latter, then I'd say criticisms are in order.


  6. " * I’m convinced that these “fans” are really Steelers, Jets or Cowboys fans, Bill Parcells syncophants, or people who jumped on the bandwagon in 2007 and feel “owed” a championship, and who constantly criticize the Patriots just to be annoying and contrarian. There are several who visit this site."

    Bruce can you explain this quote please?


  7. Bruce, it’s “sycophant”. You must’ve been listening to Felger when you put this statement up, so I’ll give you a pass. 😉


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