It’s finally time to hear the griping about the “consumer fraud” that is preseason NFL football, and to hear/read columnists griping about broadcasters being forced to wear golf shirts with Patriots logos on them during a Patriots-produced telecast. You know what? We may not even mind those annoyances, as after a spring and summer of labor talk, we finally get to see some on-the-field action at Gillette Stadium tonight.

What can we expect?

Pats Pregame Points: Preseason One Vs. Jags – Chris Warner kicks off a new season at Patriots Daily with some points to examine tonight.

Patriots-Jaguars: Points of interest – Mike Reiss eschews the usual “things to watch for” list in favor of a few points of interest.

We’ll get a little peek at the rebuilt defense – Greg A Bedard says that we’ll get our first look at what Bill Belichick has been cooking up on the defensive side of the ball.

First (preseason game) and 10: Points of emphasis for Patriots against the Jags – Chris Price continues the emphasis on “points” and not “things to watch for.”

Pay day for Logan Mankins – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots guard finally getting the new deal he was seeking.

From Rexy, With Love? – Also on Patriots Daily, we chat with Brian Bassett from TheJetsBlog about Shaun Ellis coming to the Patriots.

The Red Sox winning streak came to end last night with a 5-2 loss to the Minnesota Twins.

Primed for a payday: Where Papelbon stands in the free agent market for closers – Alex Speier looks at what the market might be for the Red Sox closer after this season.

Reserving judgment on bench moves – Despite the title of the column, Nick Cafardo isn’t happy with how Terry Francona managed the game last night – a game that Cafardo feels was winable. On the other hand, Michael Silverman doesn’t think this loss was a big deal.

Here is a list of the outlets that will carry tonight’s Patriots game live (7:30 kickoff):

WBZ-TV Channel 4 (Boston)
WWLP-TV Channel 22 (Springfield)
Rhode Island
WNAC-TV Channel 64 (Providence)
New Hampshire
WMUR-TV Channel 9 (Manchester)
WMTW-TV Channel 8 (Portland)
WVII-TV Channel 7 (Bangor)
WCTX-TV Channel 59 (Hartford)
WVNY-TV Channel 22 (Burlington)
Rogers Sports Net East

In the past, this list has included outlets in Honolulu and Anchorage. It doesn’t appear that these outlets will have the games this season. However, the game will be replayed on the NFL Network tomorrow at 4:00pm ET, and at least two more times in the coming days.


8 thoughts on “Consumer Fraud, Patriots Logos On Golf Shirts – Football Is Back!

  1. Bruce,
    I was kind of surprised to not see from Patriots Daily a Q&A exchange with a blogger who is following the opposing team (Jags blogger). Are we going to have it this season? Hopefully, Patriots Daily is reserving all of its energy for the regular season.


    1. Probably not in the preseason. In fact, the blogger exchange may only be selective during the regular season as well. I don't always think the quality is that great.


    2. Eh, it's only the preseason and it's the Jags (hard-core Jags fans are pretty thin on the ground as it is). No big deal.


  2. My prediction for Pats game, If Patriots win the Media will LECTURE us about how i's ONLY pre-season…..If Pats Lose?…They will start the "Nervous Nelly" routine and tell us the Pats might have "Real Problems"……book it!


    1. So true, AOB. While some mediots go so far as to rip fans for being biased, I’d prefer that to the predictable phony double-standard they like to play.


      1. one of my biggest pet peeves….especially when Pats win a pre-season game and some mediot looks into the camera with a serious look on his/her face and says sternly, "now before the fans get all excited it was only a exhibition game"……as if we're idiots or something . unreal…..granted there are SOME fans who might get all wound up about a pre-season win but they are in the MINORITY. Most of us know what the deal is with pre-season football.


  3. So what's the deal? Am I banned or whatever, Bruce? My last two comments weren't approved and all I said in the comment for this piece was that it's no big deal that PD didn't chat with a Jags fan-blogger because it's preseason and there aren't all that many Jags fans anyway.

    How is that controversial or inappropriate?


    1. Dude, calm down. I don't delete (hardly) anyone's comments. Somehow you got caught in the spam filter. I don't know why. It just happens sometimes. My own comments have gotten caught in there at times.

      You didn't get "banned or whatever."


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