The Red Sox continued their recent trend of pulling out close victories, this time with a 4-3 win in which David Ortiz drove in the winning run with an infield single with the bases loaded.

Erik Bedard pitches in – Scott Lauber has the Sox lefty overcoming a shaky first inning before settling in.

David Ortiz lands some creative RBIs – Gordon Edes has the Sox DH finding all sorts of ways to drive in runs.

Filling the final holes – Nick Cafardo thinks that the Red Sox will still make a move or two before the end of the month.

Jonathan Papelbon better than ever – Michael Silverman has the closer just starting to hit his stride.

Red Sox have three legit MVP contenders in Pedroia, Gonzalez and Ellsbury – Brian MacPherson looks at the Red Sox version of the Big Three in their lineup.

Darnell McDonald Part of Continued Red Sox Success Against Lefties, Clearing Up Preseason Concern – Tony Lee has one of the few preseason concerns about this club proving to be a non-factor.

A healthy bet on Jed Lowrie’s impact – Steve Buckley thinks that the infielder could be Boston’s secret weapon in October.

Reddick is getting familiar – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the rookie outfielder starting to garner notice, from both fans and opponents.  The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has Ortiz with a big impact from a small hit. The Red Sox journal has Ortiz getting his RBI from the other night. The notes from Sean McAdam have Bedard staying cool and collected last night.

Charting Albert Haynesworth’s orbit – Karen Guregian was able to decipher from Bill Belichick’s comments yesterday that things are fine with the massive defensive lineman, and we shouldn’t be all that worried about his continued absence from practice.

Defensive line may be in flux, but Pats know they can count on Chung in secondary – Paul Kenyon says that the third year safety is a stabilizer on defense.

Belichick loading up for a title run – Mark Farinella thinks that the Patriots coach is going all-in for this season.

Ochocinco: ‘On the right track’ when it comes to picking up Pats’ offense – Christopher Price has the new receiver starting to find his way with the Patriots.

Bill Belichick Using Ball Boys to Mess With Quarterbacks to Keep Them Sharp and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe rips off 20 thoughts on camp.

Happy return engagement – Monique Walker’s notebook has Gerard Warren happy to be back with the Patriots. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has the Patriots dedicating the season to Myra Kraft. The notes from Danny Picard have Aaron Hernandez having a big day at practice.

Watched NFL Total Access last night and left the channel on after while I did some other stuff, the next show was “Top 10 Football Divas” – a idiotic idea for a show to begin with, but #10 on the list?

Tom Brady.

Leading the charge was 98.5’s Damon Amendolara, who said that Brady is making it very hard for Patriots fans to like him. They did have several people on the program however, saying that the idea of Tom Brady as a diva was utter nonsense.

The unanimous NFL MVP doesn’t make it hard for me to like him.

A couple of local media outlets are running interesting campaigns right now. is running Villains – The Bad Guys Of Boston Sports with some very well produced vignettes, the first in the series was Kobe Bryant.

ESPN Boston is creating an ESPN Boston Hall of Fame. You can vote for five candidates in the inaugural class.



17 thoughts on “Sox Pull Out Another One Against Twins

  1. Amendolara just lost me. When I've listened to him in the past he's been mostly entertaining and has done a decent job in filling his time slot when there's little to talk about. Now it seems he's made a deal with the devil and has decided to be Felger 2.0. Disappointing. Hard to like MVP Brady? Yeah right I get it – you're controversial, whoo f'ing hoo.


    1. I agree completely. The contrarian view is the "Movie of the Week" around this town.
      The problem is, when Felger or Amendolara say "It's hard to like Brady" we will eventually talk about it and criticize them for being so brash and nonsensical. However if someone like Ordway or Merloni say "I like Brady, hes a likeable guy" do we even give it two thoughts? Controversy generates discussion. We all know this but it is hard to stop the machine that churns out this garbage.


      1. Legitimate controversy generates discussion…"Was Bedard squeezed last night?", Should Drew get his job back when he is healthy?", "How many DL's should the Pats carry and will that number affect special teams flexibility?", "Should Marc Savard retire or show up to camp each year flunk the physical and collect the $20 mill remaining on his contract? Should the Bruins buy him out?", " What are the players and owners waiting for in NBA lockout to begin talking?"

        Saying something as inane as Tom Brady is easy to hate is just dumb. Amendolora knows that. So rather than creatively working at creating good sports talk he takes the easy way out. My question: is his apparent change from thoughtful sports guy who was a great alternative to Mike Adams into DB 2.0 his idea or something he was told to do by management? I follow the Professional Wrestling's #1 rule…if it is on the air…it is a work. I want to know in this case who planned it.


    2. Well, he is a Dolphins fan after all.

      What's more annoying to me is the time the F&M spend on outside the area teams especially lately. Yes, I know they can't talk for 4 hours about just the Pats and Sox this time of year but every day it's been a bunch of talk about the Yankees, Phillies, Michael Vick, Deion Sanders vs. Bo Jackson, etc.


  2. A couple of Boston Sports Media thoughts:

    1) I was wary of the website when it started. I did not want it to become just a reflection of what they do at Bristol. However, I have come to love it. A great example is this piece posted on Mike Reiss' football blog:
    It is simple. Gave me an intelligent perspective on the Shaun Ellis signing from Boston and NY's side. The production values did not suck. It was interesting. it also showed how resources from the two local sites can be shared to produce better information than I can find at say the Globe or Herald or CSSNE or WEEI's blog site.

    2) I drove from the Cape to Providence mid morning today. I take a lot of shots at Gresh and Zo as a lot of us do…because they suck. However when they do something well I want to point it out. I was all set to do that today. They opened their show with a pretty well thought out look at Dustin Pedroia's comments on David Ortiz's contract last night. They played raw audio of the new conference to show that he was just answering a direct question rather than inserting himself into a controversy. It was thoughtful and informative radio. 10 minutes later…they were bragging about how good their raps are…click.


  3. It appears that the "Belichick is going for broke in 2011" meme is the new narrative among most of the media people who cover the Pats. Seems to me that he's been doing what he usually does, which is to scour the league for "value" deals with which he can improve the team. I mean, Haynesworth is a gamble, to be sure, but for a 5th round pick the "value" there is undeniable. Same with Ellis and the two other DLs they've signed. The only difference between 2011 and prior years is that because of the lockout there are many more of these types of "value" players available on the open market than usual….and free agency began in August, not March.


  4. Two big thumbs up to Jackie McMullen for her story on Jacoby Ellsbury and Tom Verducci for his story on Dustin Pedroia . Commentor, Lance described the McMullen piece perfectly, when he said it is what writing is supposed to be. In my opinion, Ellsbury was given a raw deal with coverage of his ribs. The media made baseless accusations about how soft Ellsbury is and the prodding that is needed to have Ellsbury play when hurt. That was a nice leak job by the Red Sox as well. The loudest ranged from respected media members like Sean McAdam and Joe Haggarty to the usual suspects like Shaughnessy, Felger, Maz, Ordway and especially Andy Gresh. The Red Sox have done a mea culpa on how they dealt with Ellsbury. (The Matt Clement issue was very eye opening). I wonder how many media members will do the same? The over/under I have is 0.5 and I will take the under. Ordway earlier in the season said that Ellsbury's teammates questioned his injury. Umm Glen they questioned him going to Arizona not the injury. In fact, Kevin Youkilis said that on your own show. Way to listen big guy. Maz in another attempt at showing doorknobs can have a higher IQ than some humans said Ellsbury has been shamed into playing this season. Ryan Hadfield nailed it with regards to Gresh, you can show him mathematical, video or written proof of why he is wrong on a topic and he will not accept it. You would think that this will eventually lead to his downfall. McMullen also does a great job explaining the evolution of Ellsbury's swing. The only thing I did not buy was Ellsbury going to Arizona to allow some of his injured teammates the opportunity to get more attention to get more attention. I feel he went there out of anger and frustration with the Red Sox and the medical staff and I frankly don't blame him.

    Verducci does a superb job on his cover article on Pedroia. There is simply one reason why Pedroia is as good as he is, his will. He eats, sleeps, drinks baseball. He is as confident in his his abilities because of how hard he works.


    1. mandb97… I know you are passionate on this Ellsbury story. With hindsight the Sox medical team blew the diagnosis and the treatment. But I am not ready to let Ellsbury off the hook. He gave one of the worst/most self serving interviews any player not accused of infidelity has ever given. Couple that with his pre injury contract talk/demands/unhappiness and the idea that he was 'soft" was not that far fetched. His choice of Boras as an agent was just one of many questionable/clearly selfish decisions the kid has made.

      I think the single fastest way for Ellsbury to turn his reputation around and put all that past nastiness behind him is to sign a long term extension with the Sox that is not for $20 mill a year…I am thinking 4 years 70 mill where the sox buy out his remaining arbitration years and then they get a couple years after. It shows he is a team player. At the end of the deal he would be 32 which is young enough for one more contract. It will never happen because Ellsbury and his agent are going to get to free agency because they want Crawford money…great…its the American way and he is entitled to do what he wants…but that doesn't mean I think his behavior is exonerated or that I think he was a victim of a media created conspiracy.


      1. Late, we'll agree to disagree. There is no question, Ellsbury's press conference was awkward but I understood why he did it. He was being being attacked from every phase of the organization. Management, the medical staff, teammates and of course the media, who are outside the organization, all felt the need to take a shot at Ellsbury. Ellsbury probably felt that he had no choice but to defend himself. When it comes to the media, two things stick out when it comes to the Ellsbury situation. The first is the praise given to Kevin Youkilis and John Lester for essentially selling out a teammate which is a cardinal sin for any sport. The media of course will not take issue with players talking because it is the equivalent of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Terry Francona was not pleased with either Youkilis and Lester for speaking to the media. He also blamed himself for not being more clear on what Ellsbury was going through. The second issue was the media's complete indignation that Ellsbury would be actually prepared using notes. He had a timeline of everything that happened and was mocked because of it. If Ellsbury spoke without notes and his timeline was off in describing the when different events occurred, then we would have heard liar from the likes of Shaughnessy, Maz, DA, and yes Joe Haggarty who for whatever reason had a big issue with Ellsbury.

        As far as compensation and goodwill go, if Ellsbury continues to play the way he is playing for the next two seasons, he will be able to ask for whatever the market is asking at the end of the contract. I do not believe there will be any backlash for it. I do not think anyone will begrudge Ellsbury if he make more then Crawford because he will have deserved it.


        1. Mandb…we do disagree…welcome to the horserace :-). Look I respect your opinion. In this case I think the decisions Ellsbury made suck. Its not that he had the note cards…it was that his people decided and he agreed to go along with making a a highly technical almost bordering on legal argument defense of his injury. It was disloyal coming on the heals of his feelings on a new contract being made public. He hadn't accomplished anything yet. my point is I don't think he did anything to help his reputation. What he should have done is what Patriot players do…NOT SAY ANYTHING. Let the media speculate. Let the team leak. Just say nothing. Then when he is healthy prove them all wrong. I think his news conference prolonged the story and left a bad taste in some fans (and media's) mouth. As far as compensation goes as long as he does not sign for $200 mill with the yankees you are absolutely right. He signs in NY…he is soulless and proves my point.


          1. Remember late it was the Red Sox doing the original leaking(for some reason I just found the word leaking funny) but I digress. The Red Sox themselves could also do things the Patriot way be keeping quiet themselves. I will say this. I like that the Red Sox are handling injuries differently. They wisely did not send Buchholz out to the mound when he was still hurt. They kept sending him to doctors until they knew for sure what the problem was.


          2. The Sox have had medical issues for 40 years. I can think of no bigger conflict of interest than when the Yawkees gave Dr. Pappas an ownership position in the 1970's. Their record of not doing what is best for the player continued through last year.I agree it was the Sox leaking. They were upset about the contract comments a few weeks earlier and they thought, wrongly in hindsight, the injury was being manipulated to leverage a contract renegotiation… If Boras was not such a snake maybe they would have been more willing to trust the player…that's an angle none of our intrepid media personalities have explored.I do agree the good thing to come out of the Ellsbury mess is far better communication about injuries, diagnosis and treatments. I thought for sure they would screw up Buchholz but they seem to be airing on the side of caution.


  5. I would like to say that DA's view of Brady is an aberration, but it isn't. He has become Felger jr. in throwing something against a wall and acting like it is fact. There has been a few times where he has been called out for it. Steve Buckley (that's right, Steve Buckley) called out Amendolara on CSNNE Sports Sunday last month for making something up on what fans and media were saying about a topic (the topic escapes me). Buckley asked what fans and what media were saying something? Amendolara became tongue-tied and could not answer. Latetodinner brought up a great point. I believe Amendolara has gone over to the dark side of bad radio at the request of his boss, Mike Thomas. Remember, when Amendolara was at his best he was still losing the ratings battle to Mike Adams. This does not include Celtics and Red Sox broadcasts. Since doing the Felger jr. show DA is now beating Adams. The loser of course is those of us who want intelligent radio.

    I have decided to wave the white flag when it comes to Gary Tanguay. Tanguay must work for minimal money because he is one of the most ill prepared people in the BSM and I think that is saying something. Last night he said two things that made me shake my head in disbelief. Like Amendolara, Tanguay said Tom Brady's popularity has taken a hit because he does not seem like an every man type of guy anymore. It was only topped when Tanguay said, if Tim Thomas has a couple of bad games he is going to get crushed by the fans. Really, the Vezina and Conn-Smyth Trophy winner of the defending Stanley Cup winning team is going to get run out of town because of a couple of bad games. If CSNNE is going to keep Tanguay, then they should relegate him to host duties only and he should be barred from any opinion. He should introduce a topic and then stay out of the way.


    1. Did you see Tanguay on the CSSNE roundtable discussion this evening. They were talking about players who might make a surprise jump. When they get to Tanguay he says "Jermaine Cunningham". Andy Gresh says "I could see that" and was about to explain why Cunningham might make a big jump this year even though he is having a disappointing camp so far when Tanguay looks at Andy Gresh and says "Not bad, huh Mr. Football expert". Riveting, self aggrandizing, nonsensical TV.


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