Carolyn Manno is a Sports Reporter/Anchor at Comcast SportsNet New England.


A graduate of the University of Florida, Manno began her career as a Reporter/Anchor at WSBT-TV in South Bend, Indiana. She joined Comcast SportsNet New England in August of 2009, and has been quite visible during that time, working Celtics telecasts and utilized by parent company NBC/Comcast during hockey coverage for the network. She’s been a frequent guest on The D.A. Show on 98.5 FM.


15 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Carolyn Manno

  1. Approve. Great addition to CSNNE's revamped lineup a year or two ago. Not as highly visible as other media members but than is also due to her required role. She is a host not a columnist, but you do hear opinion of DA show. No complaints!

  2. I took a poll of my friends and asked them how many woman they dated in their lifetimes that liked sports? Of the 6 of us, only 1 guy dated a woman that liked sports. So what do all the sports network do, they shove woman reporters down our throats. I can't take woman talking sports seriously. It may be sexist but I'm sick of watching woman wearing lots of makeup and large jewelry talking about the the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense, how the Red Sox bullpen is performing or how the Bruins powerplay could be improved! If they weren't pretty, they wouldn't be doing sports.

    1. Dave Thomas,
      Good point. I"m not sexist either but you're totally right. It's bad enough we have nerds like John Wallach and "Mutt mutnanky" talking like they know everything about sports, but now the woman are too much. They work their butts off and do a good job, but I just don't respect their opionion as much.
      I have been thinking about his for a long time but didn't know what I was thinking, but you're words have helped me understand! Good post

  3. Approve. If she were really smart, she would make some serious cash selling ad space on that five-head of hers.

    1. to "notjoewest"
      I guess you're right – I am sexist. Does it make me a bad guy? Is it so bad I don't want to watch/listen to a woman talk about sports?
      Maybe you should be in the kitchen with them?

    2. Sexist? No – not at all. The person who hired Manno for CSNNE is sexist. I can just see it now: "Hey, let's hire this hot-looking blonde chick from Florida so all our male viewers will tune her in and go ga-ga because Manno is a real looker. She's hot! Yea, that's the ticket". Now, tell me who's sexist?

      BTW, just another CSNNE outsider making a pit-stop here so she can say she worked the Boston market. She ought to back-off on the makeup – she looks fake to me. Disapprove.

  4. i luv articulate announcers like carolyn, can’t stand announcers that hem and haw,er, ahhh, hesitate, etc. spit it out please. carolyn is one of the best!

  5. Carolyn does know her stuff and she just happens to be a very good-looking lady. Which makes her fine to look at and I can appreciate listening to what she has to say!

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