Given the massive “approve” rating Rich Shertenlieb garnered during Tuesday’s poll, I thought it would be appropriate to post a link here of the podcast I conducted with him. He had some interesting thoughts on perceived negativity in sports radio, never becoming complacent (as Chad Finn said in a recent chat, Rich is relentless in his approach), among other topics. Please click here to give it a listen. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Rich Shertenlieb on Work Ethic, Athletes and Skits, WEEI, and MUCH MORE!!!

  1. Ryan, you will be a success soon, and I enjoy your sports media musings, but one thing you can work on on your podcasts is to do less pontificating. you should let the guest state their opinion first and then you can chime in. otherwise, keep up the good work.

    1. Completely know what you mean. And also agree (I even gave you the thumbs up). As I get more guests, I will improve on that sort of stuff as comfort level goes up. I've only done about 8 podcasts thus far. Thanks for the kind words though.

      1. thought you were very good, Ryan. I thought you "chimed in" at the proper times. At times Rich was starting to "ramble" and you reigned him back in……good job, excellent podcast

  2. Excellent podcast Ryan! I really enjoyed the variety of topics and Rich is a really good interview. He touched on alot of things we hit on at this site. I found it interesting that a few days ago, when I heard about the rap battle, I ranted about how I think thats what sets TSH apart from WEEI and Rich mentioned the same thing at the end of the podcast. You really come out feeling the passion and drive along with the endless creativity Rich has. He comes across as a fun-loving guy who enjoys life. It's no surprise TSH is doing so well.

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