Chad Finn at the Boston Globe reports tonight that NESN Daily host Jade McCarthy has given her two week notice and will leave the network at the end of the month. According to Finn’s story, McCarthy’s husband has found a job in Philadelphia and they will move soon. Finn writes that McCarthy is seven months pregnant and NESN has been searching for a replacement for her maternity leave, but now that becomes a search for a new permanent host.

McCarthy had come to NESN in January 2010 after working at WCAU in Philadelphia. She originally anchored “SportsDesk” and then co-hosted the revamped show, “NESN Daily” with Uri Berenguer, but the chemistry did not work and he was let go shortly after the debut. McCarthy has been anchoring solo ever since.

NESN has issued the following statement from McCarthy:

“My husband was recently offered a new professional opportunity in the Philadelphia area. At the same time, we are expecting our first child this fall. It was a difficult decision, but we have decided it is best for our family to move back to Philadelphia. I want to thank all the people who gave me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in my home town of Boston during such an exciting time. I will miss working with all the great people at NESN.”

NESN says it will begin searching for her replacement immediately.

In the interim, it’s expected that weekend NESN Daily anchor Randy Scott will be the host of the show.

McCarthy is the second departure from NESN that was announced today. On the Toucher & Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Bruins studio host Kathryn Tappen made it official that she’s going to the NHL Network in the fall.


14 thoughts on “Jade McCarthy Is Leaving NESN

  1. See ya Jade. KatTap wanted major market money and NESN's top two execs said no. The NHL people saw a good fit and snagged her. Watney will be the next blonde to go.

  2. Doesn't sound like it was quite the homecoming for McCarthy, does it?

    Not that it's entirely her fault at all — NESN's studio programming is just pretty terrible, and vastly inferior to CSN's.

    1. Can’t imagine it’s EEI fill-in Matt Perrault. About a year after their publicized breakup she wound up finding Mr. Right and landed at NESN.

      Speaking of Perrault, it had to be awkward for him last weekend to be filling in for John Ryder on the Saturday morning show he used to host (and was relegated to the third chair, to boot).

  3. I don't think watched more than 5 minutes of that show, except when it first aired. I realized within 3 secs it was terrible. BYE Jade!

  4. The mass exodus from NESN continues. What you don't hear about is the amount of off-air personnel that have been leaving over the last few years. Programming leadership and wages are so poor nobody wants to stick around. They have to bring in work from outside the region because of NESN's terrible reputation in the market.

    1. Their sales staff is ostensibly a revolving door of good people who have to overcome major obstacles to make money, not to mention they work for managers who don't ever leave their offices to go out into the marketplace…

      1. Jtee…two guys run nesn…a cable system expert and a bean counter. that's all you need to know…its there way or the highway

  5. Forget about Jade, she was one person in a growing line of failures for NESN. Perhaps it's time for those in a position to program and hire be the ones who hit the road. NESN, and the Red Sox inparticular seem like one big commercial break…Zero content!

  6. Adding Dino and Jerry’s morning radio show from WEEI is the first move made by NESN that makes sense. The only problem there is that most of the time only three of the four hours are on TV, though NESN has teased us with the last hour a few times. That program is miles above the insipid Boomer and Carton from WFAN which is seen on MSG for the entire four hours with 60 minutes repeated at night. Come on NESN and do the right thing. That still leaves you enough hours to televise “paid” programs that very few watch.I find the Dan Patrick show and the local sports shows on CSNE much more entertaining than anything NESN offers other than the ballgame and D&C.

  7. Jade was bland…She seemed devoid of a personality. Hazel Mae seemed enthused. Tappen was the best they had and blew that. Cervasio was good but not from here which hurt her. Uri was horrid, John Chandler sucked too…..Perfect female person for this is married to Randy Scott…..NESN, Shannon Mulaire would be perfect, personality, good sports knowledge enthused, and good looking….NESN, the blackhole of TV in Boston

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