For the second straight night, Jacoby Ellsbury won the game in the ninth inning for the Red Sox, this time slamming a home run into centerfield to break a 3-3 tie and give Boston a 4-3 win over the Cleveland Indians.

Last night, following the game, Peter Gammons tweeted the following:

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I love it.

That of course is in reference to this. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in a year with Ellsbury.

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19 thoughts on “Ellsbury Does It Again

  1. Oh, it wasn't just the FM Talk "screamers" it was some of your own colleagues, Pete (can I call you Pete?). To bad no one really has the gumption to go back over all the daily blogs and articles to find out who said what when.


  2. What ever happened to this screamer: “I think one of the things that’s killed them is that Jacoby Ellsbury has forgotten what his job is in baseball, which is to get on base and run. His four home runs, to me, are one of the worst things that’s happened to this team early in the season, because I think it’s encouraged him to get wider and wider with his swing."


    1. Gammons is right-on with his tweet. Gresh calling Ellsbury a pussy because Jacoby was too injured to play last year is a whole lot different than Gammons offering his analysis (that is his job BTW) that Ell's was swinging for the fences instead of hitting base hits to get on base. In spite of Jake's power surge this year (it is a beautiful thing), the Sox will still tell you and Ellsbury will agree, that his job as a leadoff hitter is to get on base and not to hit homers. Also, remember at the time when Gammons offered his commentary, the Sox were in a funk with a 5-11 W/L and Ellsbury was:
      "Ellsbury entered Wednesday’s game hitting .196 with a .281 OBP, .451 slugging mark and .732 OPS, along with a team-leading four homers. He has walked five times and struck out on 11 occasions in 57 plate appearances this year."
      Just because Gresh has a microphone doesn't give him the right to make an ass out of himself even though he's good at it.


  3. While I don't agree with Gresh tweeting Elsbury is a puss*, only because he is in the media, I actually don't mind them taking shots at Ellsbury. Why is Gammons so offended that peopl on "FM" criticized Ells last year? I'm listening to G&Z right now defend themselves, and they make sense (for once). They are explaining the difference between attacking a player's toughness and their actual ability to play. I agree.

    Gammons looks foolish only because everyone had questions about Jacoby's toughness last year, and the way he handled it. Even his own teammates (Youk) and manager seemed to be agitated by the way Ells handled the whole situation. Why isn't Gammons saying anything about that. The point is he is selectively targetnig those he does not like (which is ok, but lowers my view of him).


      1. Bully for you then!

        JD Drew hamstrings also take awhile to heal! They've been recovering the last 10 years.


    1. Everybody questioned Ellsbury's toughness last year? Not true at all. Many recognized how hard it was to TRY and play with hurt ribs. But those were the people who have actually played sports – not the local whining knuckledraggers. From what I remember Francona (or Fran-coma to idiots) defended Ellsbury to the hilt last year, so where/how did he seem so?

      I do question the doctors of the Sox though – they did another doozy with Clay this year. I do know I wouldn't want those guys practicing medicine on me. Do they even know how to read an X-ray? Someone back west (where Ellsbury went) sure did.


      1. Stress fractures do not appear when X-Rays are taken initially. Which is why people questioned Ellsbury. I don't question toughness, nor am I now (except for Drew) but the way it was handled was the main topic. There are also snippets of Francona where you can tell was not the happiest man with how the situation was handled both by player and staff.


        1. Stress fractures appear on X-Rays once the fracture begins to heal itself. I believe its the calcified bone that makes it show up. This means the original injury will not appear when evaluated, leaving both parties mystified wondering whats going on. The second doctor evaluating Ells performed the X-Ray late enough that the stress fractures were healing. This appears to be the same thing with Clay, less than media/player hoopla.


  4. To followup, does that mean when JD Drew plays two weeks in September, bats .425 with 10 Homers and 25 rbis, that Gammons will say something about "us" then for all the bad pub we gave JD? This is just childish. We (fans) and they (media) have an opinion/job to evaluate what we see. Ellsbury's injury was strange (this year Buckholz back is very similiar, though no1 is complaing about him going to California, weird) but it was the way his camp handled it that attaracted so much attention. Grow up Peter!


  5. Gammons has had such a sharp fall from grace since I began reading him as a kid. He frankly sucks at his job now and offers none of the insight and access he used to. Verducci (SI) is light years better than him nationally.


  6. How about Gammons looks unprofessional for taking a shot at another broadcaster without knowing fully what that broadcaster knew. Meaning Gammons is guilty of the same crime he is accusing Gresh of… Whereas I thought Gresh's original tweet was repugnant and should have gotten him fired, Gammons is no less so. He wasn't asked about Ellsbury in relation to that original comment. He decided to create "news" by rehashing something that was said months ago in different context without the benefit of hindsight.

    I really like Gammons…other than the late David Halberstrom there is no one I would rather read on Baseball than Gammons (doesn't mean I always agree with his conclusions)…but this is so far beneath someone with his reputation that it almost defies logic as to why he would make that tweet.

    Lastly, I still have a hard time warming to Ellsbury. Is he having a great year…absolutely. Do I think he is loyal to Boston…nope. Do I think he signs a long term contract for less than $20 mill a year…nope. Do I believe he should have never have said a word in that press conference last year where he was explaining what was medically wrong with his ribs…absolutely. That press conference screamed Wade Boggs or Mike Greenwell to me. Had he not said a word and come back this year putting up these numbers…he would be revered.


  7. Bottomline for me?….anybody who takes a shot at the FM Screamers is OK in my book ( especially another media member) , Atta boy Pete!!…..LOVE media on media crime!


  8. I hope he's calling out Cafardo. That guy had a weekly note digging Jacoby (Ode to Jacoby's Rib etc). Dr. Nick was an expert on the recovery period for broken ribs last year. I love the one where he compared Jacoby to Pedey's recovery time. Next day, Pedey had to back off and almost double his recovery time because he came back too soon.

    That said, Gammons been wrong enough that he shouldn't be gloating over this one. He survives on his 'Commissioner' reputation and no one calls him on it when he picks sides or makes mistakes.


  9. Gammo can be a fanboy sometimes, but he was right to point this out.
    If I must have the radio on late morning, I torture myself with Mutt and Merloni. I refuse to listen to Gresh and Zolak because of the p***y Tweet. someone should have been fired for that. Period.
    Also, it's one thing for an uninformed Carnival Barker to call a player a p***y. It's completely different for Gammo to suggest that Ellsbury should be getting on base and running mad, driving pitchers nuts and disrupting their rhythm.
    Frankly, as much as I've enjoyed his power display and late-game heroics, I think that in general, he's more effective to the team just getting on base and stealing, when it's not a walk-off situation. Make the pitcher worry about him.
    Comparing Gammo's criticism to Zo's Tweet is comparing apples and oranges.
    Lastly, despite the misinformation about Ellsbury's ribs, no one, NO ONE, did anything as remotely low as Zolak did.


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