So I apparently lost the entire first version of this post, which really doesn’t happen all that often.

Quickly – Lots of articles on Adrian Gonzalez’s greatness this morning, as well as the future of David Ortiz, who could be elsewhere next season.

Rather than do them all again, I’m bringing you the top five, plus a few miscellaneous pieces:

Gonzo is just out of this world  – Dan Shaughnessy is a fawning fanboy over Gonzalez in this piece. More on Gonzo from Bob Nightengale | John Tomase

Is there life after David Ortiz for the Red Sox? – Alex Speier looks at the possibility that this is the last year in Boston for Ortiz. More on this from Michael Silverman | Nick Cafardo

Ortiz the home run champ in Boston – Gordon Edes makes the case for Big Papi as the great home run hitter in Red Sox history, over guys like Jim Rice and Ted Williams.

Star in fixed position – Peter Abraham has Josh Beckett accepting responsibility for his lousy 2010, and working hard to return to ace form.

Sox look like fall guys – Gerry Callahan says that the Red Sox look like a sure bet for the postseason.

Wild move leads former sportswriter to Flames’ front office – The Montreal Gazette reports on former Boston Globe Red Sox beat writer Chris Snow taking a new position with the Calgary Flames.

Five things we learned from Bruins’ development camp – DJ Bean with a look at the Bruins youngsters.

Mike Vrabel goes out a winner 0 Ian Rapoport has the former Patriots linebacker calling it a career, and going into coaching.


11 thoughts on “All Star Break Allows For Reflection on Gonzo’s Greatness

  1. From Speier's article about Papi:

    "Only two players who are eligible for free agency after this season are eligible for free agency after this season."

    Deep, man…. deep……


  2. A couple of sports media related thoughts:

    1) If WEEI needs any more proof about how good Dale Arnold is management should go and listen to the tapes of the shows last month when Dale filled in for John Dennis thereby teaming him up with Gerry Callahan and compare them to the last 2 days of Steve Buckley with Gerry Callahan. The last two days have been unlistenable….just dreadful. I keep flipping in hopefully to hear an interview but I never got lucky. The issue is with a partner as weak as Buckley, Callahan wanders. When Dale was with him he stayed on topic, focused and was forced to defend positions. Buckley, for as long as he has been doing fill-in and co-hosting radio…really sucks at it.

    2) If there is anything more dreadful than listening to sports talk radio recap and critique the coverage of the HR contest at the all-star game (or the slam dunk contest at the NBA all star game) then I do not know what it is.

    3) For the past few days on WEEI there has been this back and forth about why Women's Soccer is not getting more coverage and from a few caller's points of view how the Brazil/USA game was so great that it deserved mention/talk on the air. First off I am a huge international soccer (Futbol) fan. I have watched the Women's world cup with both my daughter's because they are also interested in it. My passion for soccer is only eclipsed by my passion for the Tour De France. Having said that…these people are nuts. Boston Sports Radio could not do an hour on any out of market NFL team or NBA team or MLB team, they tried to cover Derrick Jeter and his 3000th hit and that was snooze radio. Boston Sports Radio can't do an hour on Boston College Football or the Bean Pot because not enough listeners care and these yahoos are bitching that Women's Soccer is being ignored. I have to ask, when they wake up in the morning what color is the sky in the universe they live in. I don't get it. For the life of me I do not understand why Jerry Callahan gave 6 minutes to Caller Ken to discuss his essay on the USA/Brazil game that he posted online. I know the three days around the all-star game are dead regarding sports…but there has to be better things to talk about and the Soccer Krishnas have to understands there is not enough interest to talk Women's soccer. What's next a push for WNBA talk?


        1. I am pretty sure that was my point…let me reread…yes… I was arguing that even a huge fan like me does not want to hear soccer talk on Boston Sports Radio.


  3. Tomorrow will be a huge day in sports radio. The only question is going to be how big of a margin will 98.5 win by as the spring books are tallied.


  4. I forgot to do this yesterday so I will mention it now. One of the sports talk personalities that I loathe is Tony Massarotti. Smarmy is the word that first comes to my mind when I think of him. Well I have to give credit when credit is due. For the first time ever, Maz gave credit to a fan. For the first hour yesterday, Maz ripped David Ortiz for his behavior during Friday's brawl. Of course, Kevin Gregg was lauded for pitching inside and having a right to the inside part of plate. A texter said basically, so Ortiz should just tip his cap and smile when a pitch is inside. Maybe Ortiz staring down Gregg would get in the pitcher's head? I expected Maz to point his finger at the texter and inform him what little knowledge he has compared to him. Instead, Maz said, you're right. Is this one of the signs of Armageddon?


    1. Mandb, I regularly enjoy your comprehensive posts regarding the local sports media, and although I appreciate you giving Mazz credit, I have to strongly disagree with you describing him as smarmy. John Meterparel is the official poster boy for smarminess, to the point that his photo ought to be in the dictionary next to the word, defined as ‘ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is perceived as insincere or excessive; unctuous’.

      I hardly think that smarmy describes Tony’s radio persona, although he does have several bad habits. For one, he shouts way too much – my theory is he’s either consciously (or subconsciously) trying to overcompensate for his high-pitched voice. He can also come off as condescending when he breaks out that Boston accent in an attempt to mock the local fanbase. Every time I hear him with that accent I can’t help but think back to that column he wrote about Pats fans. I still feel that was a turning point in Mazz's career when he officially became a polarizing presence in the Boston sports media.


      1. Jason, I am certainly not going to argue with you on Meterparel. He is the king of smarm, no question. With regards to Maz I am talking about his radio persona only, although he took it to a whole new level in his fan attack article after the Super Bowl. Maz has always felt that fans are way beneath him. He becomes most feisty when someone brings something to the table. He will talk over callers and say their moneyball stats mean nothing, and in the next breath use moneyball to prove a point. He also is a big drama queen who as Chad Finn described are part of the chicken little the sky is falling media who only want to talk about the problems that COULD occur. He is a terrible nuisance that is brutal to listen to.


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