Yes, that was the best picture I could find of Silverman. The guy is a ghost. Even the photo on his Twitter page isn’t of him.

Michael Silverman covers the Red Sox for the Boston Herald. He’s a lifer there, having come in with the illustrious 1989 class that included Michael Felger, Tony Massarotti, Bill Simmons and Paul Perillo.

He’s been covering the Red Sox since 1995. He’s not a guy you hear a whole lot from on the radio and television airwaves, though he does make some appearances. He doesn’t generally inject a lot of opinion into his pieces, but his tagline this season of the 2011 Red Sox being the Best Team Ever has gotten some play.

He was friendly with former Sox ace Pedro Martinez, which often made him a go-to guy on Pedro stories, even after the pitcher had left town.


9 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Michael Silverman

  1. Solid, dependable fourth-line player who skates his lane and does the job. Every team needs guys like this. NOT a media whore, which in and of itself is refreshing as hell.


  2. anyone who reads this guy on a regular basis can't like him. bad writer, unoriginal storylines, zero sources


  3. Steady, skates his lane, doesn't make alot of waves…certainly not a, "LOOK AT ME" guy……..APPROVE!


  4. We never did get to get to rate Pete Sheppard and now the Meat Locker podcasts have been relegated to the recycling bin. Let's get Larry Johnson up here before some tragic gastrointestinal illness takes him before his time.


  5. It's not like I approve or disapprove. Silverman is just kind of like always 'there'. There's nothing real negative about Silverman but there is nothing real great about him either. For me his writing is like watching paint dry – very uninspiring but he doesn't create any waves either. Wait, I just wrote something negative about him. Still I approve or should I say I don't disapprove (something like that).


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