Peter Abraham is a Red Sox reporter for the Boston Globe.

A native of New Bedford, MA, Abraham joined the Globe in 2009. He attended UMass-Amherst.

Prior to coming to the Globe, covered the Yankees for The Journal News beginning in 2005, and spent four years prior to that covering the Mets. Before coming to New York in 1999, He covered the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team for the Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin.

Other publications Abraham has written for include Baseball America, Slam, Basketball Digest, Sports Illustrated, Sports Nippon, Metropolitan Golfer, Basketball Times and Backstreets.

Prolific in the ways of new media, Abraham was one of the first credentialed baseball writers to be as well-known for his blog coverage of the team as for his print coverage. He is also very active on Twitter, often engaging with and taking on fans through that medium.


9 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Peter Abraham

  1. Wholeheartedly approve. Knows his stuff, constantly updates his followers on Twitter, provides good insight, healthy amount of snark, doesn't suffer fools, covers the team without ego or hurt feelings. Great hire by the Globe.


  2. I like Peter. His bits with T&R are usually informative and teach me something I did not know. He might be another one (like Curran, McAdam and Joe MacDonald) that I would like to hear more from on the radio. I have to believe that an Abraham/Zolak show has to be better than Gresh Zolak. Just saying…


  3. I haven't heard him much on the radio, but enough to want more.

    He was actually the reason I started using Twitter more, a month or so ago, because he updates consistently, is consistently funny, and (obviously) is quite informative.

    So, yeah, I'm all for him.


  4. Approve. Not lazy in the least., like Cafardo. Needs to take over the baseball notes from Nick. A little defensive of his globe mates, but I guess I find that respectable more than a fault. Appreciate the constant updates and hard work. It shows and is appreciated.


  5. I generally like him and it is entertaining when he's tooling on fans who tweet him with stupid questions or stupid comments. However, the fandom has turned him a little anti-fan such that he is way too quick to throw out a "where are all the Lackey haters?" when the guy throws a random good game.


  6. Pete is a great 'go-to guy' for Red Sox and baseball stuff. I like that he reads the comments that his readers write in the Globe and if someone makes a ridiculous stupid comment he'll answer and correct them. Great real-time tweeter for Red Sox news too. I like Pete. Approve.


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