Not a bad night for Boston sports.

The Bruins took a 2-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals with a 2-0 shutout of the Tampa Bay Lightning down in Florida last night. Get the complete links over at

Glue guy kept it together – Kevin Paul Dupont has the return of Patrice Bergeron paying immediate dividends for the Bruins. More on Bergeron from Douglas Flynn | Joe Haggerty | Steve Buckley | Joe McDonald

Bergeron, Thomas show way – McDonald also has another piece on Bergeron and Tim Thomas leading the Bruins last night. Matt Porter has Thomas coming up with his second career playoff shutout.

Now that was more like it – Bob Ryan is on the verge of being excited about this Bruins squad.

Whether or not he gets credit, Andrew Ference earns it – DJ Bean praises the rock-steady contributions of the Bruins defenseman this postseason. Stephen Harris has Zdeno Chara coming up big last night.

Bruins show commitment to team – James Murphy has Bruins players making sacrifices for the greater good.

Tim Thomas beyond regular – Steve Conroy’s notebook has the goalie far more sound than he was in game two, as was the defense in front of him. The Bruins Journal from Matt Kalman has more on Bergeron’s return. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has David Krejci getting a heads-up before a big hit from Tampa’s Marc-Andre Bergeron, which may have helped him avoid serious injury. The notes from Haggerty have Krejci continuing his strong play last night.

The Red Sox get a walk-off hit from Carl Crawford last night as they beat the Detroit Tigers 4-3 at Fenway Park. Get all the coverage at

Carl Crawford better of late – Scott Lauber has the outfielder cranking his third walk-off hit in 19 days. Maureen Mullen has Crawford and the Sox scripting another happy ending.

As the roster turns: Making sense of the reconfigured Red Sox – Alex Speier looks at the roster churn that sweeping the Red Sox right now. Michael Silverman has a stiff neck for Josh Beckett adding to the Red Sox worries. Gordon Edes has the Red Sox bringing in Kevin Millwood and Franklin Morales last night.

At low level, Ranaudo deserving high marks – Peter Abraham’s minor league notebook has the highly-touted Anthony Ranaudo getting off to a strong start with Single A Greenville.

Park benches, different views – Michael Vega’s notebook has Terry Francona able to see both sides of the Cubs and Red Sox. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has more on the acquisitions of Morales and Millwood. The ProJo Red Sox Journal has Sox reliever Rich Hill looking forward to facing his old team. The Patriot Ledger notebook from Mike Fine has Crawford starting to hit his stride with the Sox. The notes have more on Beckett leaving the game with a stiff neck.

 Different views of Celtics for Tony Allen, Kendrick Perkins – Mark Murphy has a mini-feature on the two ex-Celtics and how they’ve grown since leaving Boston.

Eric Moore may make a rush for Patriots – Karen Guregian has the defensive end/linebacker hoping to be an impact player for the Patriots this season.

Ebersol walks away from NBC – Chad Finn on the shocking news of Dick Ebersol leaving NBC.

Media Roundup: Dick Ebersol Resigns, ESPN’s Tell-All Book Causes Stir – my SB Nation Media column has more on Ebersol, a look at the new ESPN book (as does Finn) and a number of other Boston media notes.

Young men tune out WEEI – turn on “Sports Hub” – As posted by Ken Fang earlier in the week, Jessica Heslam has 98.5 trouncing WEEI during April in the 18-34 male demo, including a 20.9 to 2.6 trouncing of Dennis and Callahan by Toucher and Rich.

On Wednesday, May 25, The Boston Globe is hosting its annual Business Breakfast.  This year’s topic is “Playing for Profit: The Business of Boston Sports.”

The breakfast will feature a panel discussion with  Larry Lucchino, president & CEO of the Boston Red Sox, Stephen Pagliuca, co-owner of the Boston Celtics and Charlie Jacobs, principal and co-owner of the Boston Bruins.  They will be joined by Patrick Moscaritolo of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau and Jonathan Paris of the Massachusetts Sports Partnership in a l discussion about sports as an economic driver for Greater Boston.  Boston Globe Business Editor Shirley Leung will lead the discussion and opening remarks will be offered by Mayor Thomas M. Menino. 

Tickets for the breakfast are $30.00 and are available online at


12 thoughts on “Bruins Shut Out Lightning, Red Sox Walk Off Against Tigers

  1. This is a "Pink Hat" frenzy for the Bruins. For decades no one has cared about them, except to call their owner names. For the time that sports radio has existed in Boston, they have been virtually ignored. Even when Bob Neumeier and Dale Arnold , both Bruins announcers, hosted a show together, they were a dismal fourth in terms of sports interest. During the dark days of Pitino and 'Twoine interest in the Celtics was much stronger than the Bruins..

    All of a sudden all you hear about, from people that you know couldn't care less, is talk about the power play, which line is best, etc. etc. I've always thought hockey was incredibly boring, soccer on skates. Hockey talk is the most boring thing ever. What is there to talk about? In another sport where touching the object with your hands is forbidden, people skate (an unnatural act) around and knock the puck away from each other. Ocassionally someone scores. How exciting!! It's bascially an exercise in failure.

    By the way, where are all the fights? Why do they go away during the playoffs? Maybe because they're phony and staged to keep the spectators from falling asleep?


        1. ….he's another one of those people I was talking about. He hates hockey, Well that's fine (I hate Basketball, myself) the question is : Why is he SO ANGRY about the attention the Bruins are getting??………so sorry "Eddie" that everyone doesn't have the same likes and dislikes as YOU. Maybe hockey is #4 on the radar screen, however 17,000+ pack the Garden every night and the TV ratings are strong. The numbnuts on talk radio have to pay attention or they will look like FOOLS. …and by the way, don't judge Boston sports fans by talk radio. That is a grave mistake, there is a HUGE silent majority out there. That's the problem with Sports talk radio, they act like the losers who call into the show speak for the masses, do you really want "Steve From Fall River" to represent you?


    1. I think "Eddie's" point is that WEEI has paid little or no attention to hockey for their exixtence. A lot of us were fine with that. It is a niche sport. I also realize that this is one of the niches. All of a sudden a lot of us who didn't care about it are being innundated by people who up until now also didn't seem to care about it either.

      Felger talks about hockey a lot because he doesn't know anything about baseball or basketball. WEEI is reacting to his recent sucess in the ratings. So as anyone can plainly see, Felger is the root of all evil.


    2. Hey genius, these ratings are for April. The Bruins didn't even get their first series lead of the playoffs until there was only a week left in the month. What was there to be excited about before that? A 3rd place finish in the regular season and losing two at home in the opening round? Please. They've had better starts than that, including best overall record, such as 2009 when they had the best overall record and swept the first round of the playoffs versus Montreal. Much better April. So don't do you 'EEI lackey spin this is some kind of unique April for "pink hatted" Bruins fans.

      'EEI is a sinking ship. The Bruins have zero to do with it. You and your buddies deal with it.


  2. I wonder what WEEI thinks of Chad Finn now. Finn has not mentioned WBZ waxing WEEI in the major demographic ratings for April. Maybe Finn has a bias against 98.5. LOL


    1. They seem to alternate. They never write about them in the same month. It is pretty obvious that they both hate WEEI. They've been the cheerleading squad for 98.5 since they went on the air. I bet they both voted for Obama, just a hunch.


      1. You're right. It can't be that some people just don't like the radio station and its programming. It must be a liberal conspiracy.


  3. At the end of today's T&R show Rich made a comment that a lot of texts had come in asking them to comment on the new ratings news. He said they weren't going to comment, other than to thank Jessica for having a nice write-up in the Herald. Fred chimed in with something to the effect of 'it's settled, there's nothing to talk about any more' with regards to D&C. I thought it was striking given D&C's enormous rant last month to open their show after etching out a pretty closely contested win that T&R took the high road after they soundly crushed 850.
    The other shows haven't addressed the new ratings either, at least that I've heard. I am beginning to wonder if there's a new strategy where 98.5 just doesn't consider 850 a real threat anymore.


  4. No offense to a fat old man, but who the f*** cares what Bob Ryan thinks about hockey? Or just about anything, for that matter?


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