There has been quite a bit of talk this week about the demand for tickets for this weekend’s Red Sox/Cubs series at Fenway Park. (Yes, the first time the Cubs have been to Fenway since 1918, if you hadn’t heard already.)

But from this analysis, the average ticket price for this series is actually below the average price this season.

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8 thoughts on “Red Sox/Cubs – Below Average Prices?

  1. Bruce —

    Keep these comin', because they're useful when I'm trying to sell tix on Stubhub.

    I don't know if this is really the forum to bring this up, but the math on the "IQ" rollover for tickets (the thing that tells you whether it's a good deal or not) appears to be wrong. My loge box seats are $94 face value, as are all the other loge boxes in the area around home. Someone in the next section over is offering their seats for Sunday at $100 each on Stubhub. That's $6 over face (before fees and shipping), but the IQ rollover is saying that this is 12% over face value. It's actually about 6% over face. I'm offering mine at $115 each (which is just above break-even after the Stubhub fees for me), and it's saying they're 28% above face. That's wrong. Without fees, they're 22% above face. I don't know where that additional 6% comes from — at first I thought that it was based on a price including fees, but that would be a higher % in both cases.


  2. It boggles my mind why ANY REGULAR SEASON BASEBALL TICKET would be a "hot ticket" or sell for OVER face value……just another game in the long endless drudgery that is the baseball regular season…….must be the "pink hats" that are driving up the prices.


  3. Cafardo can't seem to grasp that the Sox and Cubs actually did play each other in 2005. Both in the extra bases blog last night and in print today.

    "The first game between the Cubs and Red Sox since the 1918 World Series has ended with a lopsided win by the Red Sox, who embarrassed Cubs pitching for 15 runs and 19 hits."

    "Nothing really changed from the last time these teams played in 1918 — the Red Sox win, the Cubs lose."


  4. Probably the weather more than any other factor is contributing to the drop in prices. It's a very challenging time of year to go to a night game at Fenway.


  5. I can understand why Cubs' fans would want to experience Fenway Park. I went to Wrigley once and it was pretty cool. But why would a Red Sox fan pay extra to see the Cubs at Fenway? Unless of course, Ernie Banks still played for them.


  6. Funny too was I noticed Cub fans sitting in Kapstein and Drinkwater's first row seats. I'm sure they paid a good buck for them too.


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