To open up their show this morning, Dennis and Callahan congratulated themselves on winning another ratings book, and struck out at competitors Toucher and Rich at 98.5 (though they never actually named them) and at media writers Jessica Heslam and Chad Finn of the Boston Herald and Boston Globe respectively.

Rather than having you listen to the entire segment, here are the highlights, and I figured we can let John and Gerry’s exact words be on the record and in print here. I do wish I could accurately portray the sarcasm, venom and whining that some of these statements were made with.

After some silly talk about “high body slams”, they said this:

JD – …We want to keep it subtle.

GC – We don’t want to gloat too much, but congratulations.

JD – We just want to wait for Jessica and Chad to write it, which they always do…

GC – The hell with them, We don’t care about them, we’ll announce it ourselves…

JD You know who we care about? We care about the people who made us # 1

GC – That’s true.

JD – The ones who appreciate what we do and like what we do and support what we do. AND by the way, for the record, and this needs to be said, this was the BOSTON rating book, not Providence, not NESN, these are not all the other stations, and I would dare say this, if you added up the people who are listening or watching on NESN and the entire radio network, including Providence, and including the station from Providence that comes up into the Boston signal area, the beatdown would be like bully beatdown. But this is just the Boston audience. Boston vs Boston, number one, I believe that’s seven books in a row.

GC It’s more than that, but it’s at least that many. We can go back and get the number if you want..

A few moments later, Callahan alluded to their demographic by saying:

GC – In our business, in our genre, the only thing that matters is men, and in men, in the winter ratings book, we won again. Congratulations Meterparel.

JD – What a minute, hang on, you mean being slightly ahead for like three weeks doesn’t count as something? REALLY. So we shouldn’t celebrate if we’re slightly ahead for three and half weeks?

After a few more comments referencing their competition lying to their listeners, D&C unloaded on media reporters, specifically Chad Finn.

GC You know what the amazing thing is, you could call a reporter, lie to them, he’ll run with it, the paper will correct it, I’ve been in that business for a long time, that’s the most embarrassing thing, a correction, to fix your mistake,

JD …and you still continue to carry the water…

GC – How that works, I don’t know. If someone lied to me, and I was forced, the paper,  you know, you’d obviously be called into the boss’ office, and he’d be like what the hell are you doing, don’t you check your facts, and then they run a correction, an official correction, and that would be painful, I would never forget it.

JD – Right, you’d be pissed at the person who erroneously who lied to you and gave you misinformation which went with into the paper…and yet some people say “That’s ok…as long as you call me back, and you remember my first name, isn’t THAD. “He didn’t call me Thad!”

GC – That’s how it works.

JD – I’ll just write some story and be your PR agent, basically.                                                                                    

GC – That is the height of unprofessionalism in this business, and kind of pathetic. ….wouldn’t you double-check it next time? It’s one thing to be corrected once, can you imagine being a writer and the newspaper was forced to run corrections multiple times?

Then they dipped into the area that has caused the most controversy. The allegations that WEEI tries to include numbers from Providence in their total ratings.

JD- That’s part of the lie, Gerry, that they’re counting people who listening in Providence.

GC – That’s never been true, and if you say that, you’re either stupid, or dishonest.

JD – As a clarification the Providence signal comes north. It doesn’t just go south to Rhode Island. It comes north to places like Canton, Stoughton, Randolph and places like that, and people can pick it up on the FM side.

GC – Why wouldn’t you? We don’t have the best signal, that’s another thing we’re proud of, overcoming that obstacle.

JD – So the Providence signal comes north into the Boston market, and so when they do count Providence, and this number one has nothing to do with it, nor did the last one or the seven before that, when they do count people who are listening in Boston, but on the Providence radio station, then the beatdown is significant.

GC  – Again, if you say there is anything deceiving about that, then you are either A) Stupid, or B) lying. Because you know if someone is sitting in, forget Canton, sitting right here in Brighton, and they happen to get the FM signal, and they listen to our show, you’re think for some reason they shouldn’t count?

This morning, on his Facebook page, 98.5 morning host Rich Shertenlieb posted the following:

THANKS for making Toucher & Rich #1 in ALL male demos in March. For the months of Jan Feb & March- We had 35% more Men 18-49 listeners & a whopping EIGHT TIMES more Men 18-34 listeners than WEEI. Time & time again, our listeners continue to show that they are hands down the most diehard and loyal in radio. Never seen anything like it. Thanks from all of us…even Wallach for letting us do what we do.


50 thoughts on “WEEI’s D&C Strike Out at Competitors, Media Reporters

  1. Why do smarmy radio hosts think their listeners want to hear them prattle on about their ratings for 30 or 40 minutes? I suppose it's slightly less painful to the ears than right-wing political invective.

  2. I've never been able to discern the true meanings of the ratings. They seem to be deliberately complicated. One thing I have noticed though, is that for the last two or three months the Arbitron totals have shown 'EEI in the lead and nothing has been written about it by Chad or Jessica. They were writing cheerleader-like articles when TSH was making gains however. Something tells me Chad and Jessica are both liberal democrats.

    1. I think it just comes down to WEEI won the 25-54 Male demo, which to them is the only one that counts, given it's importance to advertisers. 98.5 won all ( or most of) the other demos. So they can both claim to be #1.

      1. Bruce, per Jack's point, why do you think Chad and Jessica avoid reporting positive D&C showings in the ratings book vs their willingness to do so fro T&R?

      2. JD tweets that they won more than that –

        Thanks to ALL of you D&C are again #1 with men age 25-54, 35-44, 35-49, 35-54. That's called a sweep going back 7 rating books & 21 months.

    2. Or D and C's schtick is painfully old at this point. Yay, golf, Obama sucks, golf, goof on Meter, golf, NBA games are on too late. And for a change of pace, golf.
      Speaking of the Putt Putt Twins, I wonder who they compared to Phil or Tiger this morning. Jermaine O'Neal? Tim Thomas? Jed Lowry?
      I'm just going to proceed as if T and R and D and C are both full of crap in this area and enjoy my day.

    3. Why are you bringing up liberal democrats? The reason it was news, was because no one had ever come close to challenging D&C or WEEI. Line like that are exactly why nobody under 40 wants to listen to D&C. If your thing is right wing politics, that's fine. All the more power to you. People tune into sports radio, to hear about sports though. If I wanted to hear right wing speeches, I'd turn on Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News. D&C are old and boring, and they pander to a grumpy old man audience.

  3. These guys are a joke. I can't listen anymore. I've converted to T&R (took a while but I'm not turning back). When are they going to learn that pompous, arrogant, talking down to your listeners isn't the formula (see Big Show). Eff GC. Everyone in his book is stupid or uninformed. I can't believe I used to be a regular listener to this crap. Their day is coming soon as well.

    1. You are correct D and C are impossible to listen to and who knows what anyone says on the Big O's show?? Everyone just talk over each other.
      WEEI, rest in peace, your days are numbered.

  4. I have noticed the same about Finn and Heslam. They do not seem to like any WEEI personalities. Is there an incident in the past that caused this animosity or is it simply a matter of distaste for political conservatives. When 'EEI had no competition, I'm sure they didn't try to curry favor with them or Jim Baker before them. Is their attitude based on a little schadenfreude?

    1. Finn and Heslam were probably not treated very well by 'EEI when they were the only game in town and I'm sure they are happy to see them eat some humble pie.

  5. Its funny they talk about lying when they're as dishonest as anything I've ever heard concerning ratings. They spin, they move the goalposts, they blatant lie, they run commercials lying concerning their ratings and then they have the nerve to claim others are. Pathetic.

    They're as unethical over at WEEI as ever. Always have been. Sad excuses for journalists, or even entertainers if they want to parse and make excuses for their poor conduct. Just bad people.

  6. It's amazing how complicated the rating system works. Essentially everyone can claim to be #1 as long as they take one demo.
    Heard the D&C rant this morning via podcast after hearing all the back & forth between stations. 98.5 claimed to try to get them on the air to discuss who exactly was lying but 'eei wouldn't play.
    The amount of joy D&C were exuding tells me they've been sweating very hard, which in my opinion they should be. And it was been suggested that ratings were up while Dennis was out on vacation. Uh oh, better look over your shoulder JD, there's a Wolfe at the door.

  7. So to summarize, everybody won the ratings, and Dennis & Callahan are still smarmy jackoffs. Somehow, I suspect this same thing will be able to be written at the end of every ratings books for the forseeable future.

  8. These numbers can be manipulated in any way, shape or form. The big deal for the hosts is that they likely have bonuses attached to their ratings. Being in the ad industry I always thought the numbers, both in TV and radio, we’re funky. Think about it, what’s the root of Arbitron? Arbitrary! There have been some new metrics that supposedly help but it’s really hard to truly know who is listening to what and when. And here’s the thing, I bet many people listen to both. I know I do, flipping back and forth around ad breaks, etc.

  9. So these are the guys who said that the "Metco gorilla" comment had nothing to do with race, and they're accusing someone else of being a liar? Nuff Said.

  10. Let's be real. The great majority of the media, especially in pink state Mass., are ultra liberals. D and C are Republicans and proud of it. Chad Finn is an uber liberal in Maine employed by the Code Pink rag the Globe. Heslam, like her wrinkled hag colleague Marjorie Eagan, tows the moonbat feminist line. Funny how Heslam and Eagan work with Republican Callahan but will critique him ,yet Finn never criticizes his fellow globie…… Tony the rodent Massarotti.

    1. I think you guys place WAY to much emphasis on politics. I don't know what the political leanings of all these people are, and frankly, I don't care. I honestly don't think it enters the equasion, at least not to the level that some think it does.

      1. Bruce, you are absolutely right. The issue I have with D&C is not what their politics are, it is they are speaking about politics period, on a sports radio program. Other issues is Dennis acting like a wise-ass 95% of the show or Callahan being a miserable, rotten, human being to a person with Asperger's Syndrome.

    2. <div id="idc-comment-msg-div-145085021" class="idc-message"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(145085021)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a style="text-decoration: none;" class="idc-share-facebook" onclick="IDC.ui.fb_wrapper(145085021)" href="javascript: void(null)"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(145085021)">Close MessageChad does criticize Mazz fyi. Oh and Mass is not as liberal as you repubtards make it out to be. Just take a look at our prison system and the programs offered and then compair it to Texas, Indiana, Ohio and the other red states. We are like nazi germany compaired to them. You are a typcial clueless D & C listener who just hates without looking at facts. You and your idols have so much in common!

      1. "Oh and Mass is not as liberal as you repubtards make it out to be."

        Yeah it is. And using "tard" (you know retarded) is really sensitive and tolerant.

        "We are like nazi germany compaired to them."

        LOL! No.

  11. Chad Finn has commented on EEI's good morning ratings repeatedly in his chats. It may have not been the subject of one of his printed articles, but what's the point in having the subject of an article be about a show that continues to be successful? Is Andy Rooney whining that there aren't enough articles about 60 Minutes's continued rating successes. A brand new channel having any rating success is much more newsworthy.

  12. Bruce, if you could post the ratings for all of the demos for EEI and 98.5 it will be easy to see who won what demo. Easy for both of them to crow when no one sees the numbers.

    The truth is always in the data.

    1. He cannot publish the data, it is not public. The stations pay for it and use it for advertising.

  13. Toucher and Rich spoke about the ratings for only five minutes. Toucher brought up the best point in the argument. When T&R go on vacation 98.5 loses on average 1/3 of their listeners from 6-10. When D&C go on vacation rating either take a slight tick upwards or a slight tick down. Toucher said, "if I am an executive at WEEI I would be asking why the hell am I paying D&C so much?" Truer words have never been spoken.

  14. Just another example of how these media bozos think it's ALL ABOUT THEM. They protest a bit too much. Babbling on about their ratings like, they must be insecure or something.

  15. Maybe it's me, but this smacks of desperation by D&C. To me the louder they shout the more nervous they seem to be.

  16. See, told you, Bruce. I was laughing all the way to work when they kept going on and on about how if you don't believe they're #1 your being lied to or just plain old stupid.

  17. Media hacks live an insular life. In short order, they begin to feel the world revolves around them. Here, we have Connecticut School of Broadcasting students–probably not even 'graduates'–who prance around and preen as though they have three advanced degrees. The ridicule heaped upon all of them is richly deserved.

  18. The actual ratings don't matter. Ad revenue is what matters. While its based in large part on ratings in particular demographics, there is more to it. Take WWE or Glen Beck. Their ratings don't result in ad revenue.

    And now Neilson and CBS are pushing the point that target demos are totally overrated.

  19. I have to disagree with Bruce. I think politics has a lot to do with the feelings toward D&C., This is the bluest of blue states. The rest of the country threw democrats out in droves. We re-elected a governor who raised taxes eight times. That just the way it is here. Your average sports fan, citizen (I'm not talking about the moron who wrote "repubtards and couldn't spell "compare") should idolizie Curt Schilling, but instead, hate him because of one phrase, "Vote Bush".

    1. Or it could be that some people insist on making everything into a partisan political argument.

  20. I believe the sports term that describes D&C's obsession with the ratings debate is called: having the red ass"…I think they are whistling past the graveyard, check out WEEI in 2 years when Ordway's contract is up and D&C are walking on the beach again because in the current state of media, especially radio, these guys are on their last big contracts…to quote Dennis: check your check stubs, because their high paying jobs will be gone. Ther eis no way that Wolfe and Kahn can re-up these guys for big dough and hope to keep their own jobs.

  21. 98.5 morning show is juvenile bile brought to you by people that have no intelligent knowledge of the sports they try to talk about. D&CI is arrogant, egotsitical and much too often. political. I think they both suck…with EEI's morning show sucking slightly less. If that's something to crow about…yippee for them.

    1. I enjoy the even handed way you dislike radio and I would like to subscribe to your news letter…

    2. I can't argue with you Tree. The only thing I would do is say 98.5 is the one that sucks slightly less, but I maybe picking nits.

      1. I would also like to subscribe to your newsletter. Or perhaps you do the Twitter or the Book of Faces things the kids seem to love?

  22. What I can't stand about D&C is their amazing arrogance. It's what causes me to change the station. These two idiots are wrong about the events IN THEIR PROFESSION more often than not, yet they continue to be dismissive about anyone and everyone that doesn't agree with them whether it's sports, society or politics. These two SPORTS reporters challenged people to come up with reasons how the Patriots could possibly lose to the Jets, and yet that happened and they continue to think they're the chosen ones. This wouldn't in itself be that horrible, but I know that their opinions influence people. Many people don't have the intelligence to form their own opinions and instead will quote D&C as if they actually know what they're talking about. People, these guys are PROFESSIONAL SPORTS REPORTERS and they get more than their fair share of opinions wrong in the field that they are supposedly experts in. They are entertainment, not leaders of knowledge or opinion.

  23. All I know is that there are 8 guys in my poker card club and all but 2 despise D&C and 1 could care less about any sports talk show so do the math. BTW, some of the comments here complain that of MA is a liberal blue state and thats why people don't like D&C. Well, if that's the case why talk junk that is going to alienate the listeners you are trying to attract? It's called arrogance and that's why a lot of listeners loathe Dennis and Callahan. The only thing worse than listening to D&C is watching D&C.

  24. So if I'm in Chicago but listening online do I get counted in the Boston market? Seems like the argument can go either way, depending on who's making it. Both stations are saying they're number one. Obviously it matters from a business perspective, not sure it matters to the fans. But in any case, the more one has to boast about their success, the more insecure one seems. Real success speaks for itself.

  25. And to think that NESN thinks that it is a good idea to put D&C on tv, who wants to watch those 2 mamalucs during breakfast.

  26. their arrogance while being absolutely ignorant is what makes people hate D and C.
    as it was mentioned earlier, the more they had to babble on about being number one, the more likely it is that ther are full of bull cookies.

  27. I remember when John Dennis , who actually considered himself a journalist, got this radio gig. He said, and I paraphrase, that he wanted to bring a more sensitive and intelligent show to sports radio, Insread he has along with his insane partner brought talk radio into the gutter.

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