More meetings this morning make for short links. Get all the Red Sox coverage of their 5-3 win in Oakland over at

Red Sox back on track, if not full speed – John Tomase says that now we can start seeing what this Red Sox team is really all about.

Closers future, past and present: How Sox relievers relate to their roles – Alex Speier with a look at the Red Sox relievers.

Red Sox bullpen handles road work – Gordon Edes has the bullpen key to yesterday’s win.

Clay Buchholz analyzes surge in HRs allowed – Scott Lauber’s notebook has Buccholz pondering reasons why he’s giving up more home runs in the early going. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Jed Lowrie hoping his hitting can keep him in the lineup. The CSNNE notes from Sean McAdam have Buchholz pitching well enough to get the win.

Bruins have a tall mountain to climb tonight vs. Canadiens – Mike Colageo writes History says this series will end Saturday night in Boston.

Four keys to Bruins winning Game 4 – Joe McDonald looks at what the Bruins need to do to even up the series tonight.

Mark Recchi: Believe it – Steve Conroy has the 23-year veteran believing his team can take this series.

Coach as star: Rivers shines vs. Knicks – A. Sherrod Blakely has Doc Rivers the MVP of this series thus far. Dan Duggan says that the coach is always game-planning.

Inside the Celtics excellence of end-game execution – Paul Flannery examines the roles of Rivers and the players in their late-game execution.

How These Two White Guys Wound Up In This Kendrick Perkins Family Photo – Alan Siegel with a very nice story of how the former Celtics center befriended a couple of guys who ran a web site about him.

Plan needed for Tom Brady successor – Ian Rapoport with a look at what the Patriots could be thinking about the future. Karen Guregian has a look at a QB who could be the next Brady.

Son has been able to shine – Shalise Manza Young with a look at running back Mark Ingram, whose father is in jail for for money laundering and bank fraud.



5 thoughts on “Sox Finally Get a Road Win

  1. It's 10:30 and Mutt and Merloni have spent the entire first 30 minutes of their show today on…the Bruins big game tonight? Nope. The Celtics game tomorrow? No.


    This is some of the most contrived, cliched, auto-pilot sports talk I've ever heard.

    1. I think 'EEI screwed the pooch big time with this move. Merloni is decent, but needs a strong co-host. Muttnansky has nothing to offer. I never understood why he got the weekend gig, never mind this. Either Dale really ended up on someone's s**t list or Muttnansky is related to someone. I just don't get it. Mutt is basically Larry Johnson with a better voice. They should just cut their losses and bring back Dale. They have to pay him for another year anyway.

      1. I have to wonder what they were thinking when they put Muttnansky on this show. I could see him being a flash boy, but not much more than that. He's never played, coached, written about, or announced any high level sports. I can listen to people more knowledgeable than him at the coffee shop. He must know somebody.

  2. Can you remind me what the Boston pundits thought of Frank McCourt's bid for the Red Sox getting short-circuited in favor of Henry/Lucchino?

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