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16 thoughts on “Ratings Battle Extends to Twitter

  1. I suppose there are things in life I could care less about…but I can’t think of one right now. All a bunch of juveniles.

  2. Did T&R really try to call and talk to them on the air? That is beautiful, and shows confidence. Confidence isn't bragging about your ratings incessantly like D&C, that's insecurity.

  3. I'm going to say this; no one is coming out of this looking good. I'm not a advertiser, I don't care about ratings. Please stop.

  4. I love T and R, but I really don't care about this at all. and if they did have Adolfo call D and C, how is that anything other than a slap in the face?

    1. No that's good radio. Especially when your competitor is crowing about how they're winning and lie about it incessantly. Heck,. D&C are too cowardly to even mention their competitor's name on their show.

  5. This morning, T&R pointed out that when they take vacation time, their ratings drop by 30% (I think I'm remembering that right), while D&C's ratings either remain level or actually increase. Fred Toettcher read that as why is WEEI paying D&C so much if they don't add to the ratings. However, I remember Dale Arnold filling in during D&C's last vacation week. That might explain some of the increase. In any case, both stations are doing well, but WEEI wants to dominate and crush the competition. Obviously, that's not happening this time around.

    1. FHG you are absolutely correct. I believe D&C won the ratings from mid-December to mid-January. Of course, D&C and T&R were on vacation most of that time.

  6. T&R did call D&C this morning to ask why they were lying that they won all ratings books. T&R openly admitted losing the 25-49 demo by a slight margin but stated they did win the two other by a good amount. Its D&C who refuse to acknowledge defeat at all and continue to act like children. I don't blame T&R for responding when facts clearly aren't stated. I could honestly care less about this but one piece of info I did find entertaining was that D&C's ratings didnt slip when they left for 2-3 weeks and bob ryan and neumi filled in. I actually with those two were there everyday, proving WEEI has a faithful older demo during the morning hours that will stay with the station no matter what. I think this all proves one thing: T&R attracts the younger crowd 18-35 while D&C wins the older 35-50 group.

  7. I don't care. The fact is, to my ear, ALL sports talk radio has devolved into the same tiresome schticks. Hosts who don't really let callers talk or make their point, too much non-sports talk ('EEI it's politics, 98.5 it's pop culture crap), hosts who think they're always right (Big O, Felgah, etc.). It's all way too tedious. I can't listen to any of 'em for longer than 10 minutes any more. It sure ain't the heyday of the '90's/early 2000's.

    1. No kidding tl;dr. That's why I said I listen for about 10 minutes. Believe me, I'd listen longer if I could take it. Interviews are ok, it's the pontificating that kills me.

  8. Here is Chad Finn's article on the ratings. The majority of the piece is an interview with Tina Cervasio. Finn does not get in to the vitriol that has been going on. He gives a nuts and bolts analysis of the numbers. WEEI has won the overalls but it is virtually a dead heat. .3 point separates both stations. He also said both D&C and T&R are correct. D&C has won the older demographics while T&R has won the younger ones.

    After reading the article Finn really has it in for WEEI. (sarcasm)

  9. I, for one, never listen to D&C. I DID listen as much as I could when Ryan and Neumy filled in, and the same went for when Dale filled in. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Great point by Toucher when he asked why on earth would Entercom want to pay D&C when them being away doesn't move the needle by much.

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