Both the Bruins and Red Sox needed some extra time last night, but they both managed to pull out road wins. The Bruins evened up their first round series with Montreal at 2 games apiece with a 5-4 OT win. The Red Sox beat the Angels 4-2 in 11 innings.

This is a little late, but there is some really good material today, and I tried to look at some different sources as well.

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Ryder’s goal in overtime squares series – Fluto Shinzawa has the story of the Bruins epic overtime win in Montreal to square the best of seven series at two. Get more on the game from Douglas Flynn | DJ Bean | Steve Conroy | Joe McDonald

When playoffs arrive, Bruins’ Ryder’s not just along for the ride – Matt Kalman notes that “no Bruins’ player has become more synonymous with the team’s failures over the last few seasons than Michael Ryder, yet no player has exceeded his regular-season performances with playoff brilliance more than Ryder.” More on Ryder from Joe Haggerty |Stephen Harris | Dan Hickling | James Murphy | Mick Colageo | Amanda Bruno

Julien’s timeout may prove to be of the season-saving variety – Jesse Connolly of New England Hockey Journal says that the Bruins coach may have saved his season (his job perhaps) with a timeout last night.

Somehow, getting it done – Kevin Paul Dupont examines “how crazy things have begun for the Bruins as they try to win their first Cup since 1972.”

Ference could pay a big price for gesture – Shinzawa’s notebook says that the Bruins defenseman could be looking at league punishment for his one-fingered gesture to the Montreal crowd. The Bruins Notebook from Steve Conroy has Chris Kelly leading a third-line charge that lifted the Bruins.

Extra effort lifts Red Sox over Angels – Scott Lauber has the gamer on the Red Sox win over the Angels.

The catching conundrum: What options do Sox have? – Alex Speier looks at what the Red Sox can do about their catching situation. Nick Cafardo says that now is not the time to make a change.

Sox’ littlest man comes up big – Sean McAdam has Dustin Pedroia coming up big in the win. John Tomase has more on Pedroia’s contributions.

Josh Beckett’s success is Sox’ good four-tune – John Tomase says that “last night Beckett provided some of the most compelling evidence yet that he is back, and in a big way.” Gordon Edes has the Sox leaning on Beckett for 125 pitches last night.

Lowrie making up for lost time – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the shortstop proving himself all over again. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has Kevin Youkilis having to leave the game early after taking a foul ball off his shin. The CSNNE notes from Sean McAdam have more on the strong start from Beckett.

Iglesias has winning attitude – Michael Vega’s minor league notebook has a look at the shortstop phenom’s start at Pawtucket.

Where history has roots – Amalie Benjamin has a look at Madison Square Garden, and the historic basketball battles that have been held there. Chris Forsberg has Doc Rivers hoping to erase some bitter memories of the place. Steve Bulpett revisits some of the classic battles between the Celtics and Knicks.

Game 3 Keys: Get a rebound – Paul Flannery with a simple gameplan for the Celtics.

Rondo is on the attack for Celts – Scott Souza has the Celtics point guard with the series in his hands.

NBA player, Epsom teen share a loss and a game – Jim Fennell tells the touching story of a NH teen who caught the attention of NBA star Chris Paul.

Belichick says ’11 defensive line class is benchmark group – The Patriots coach tells Tom E Curran that this draft class is stocked at defensive linemen. Wait, I thought I was told repeatedly that Bill Belichick was not speaking to the local media before the draft?

Doing homework sets up Bill Belichick’s board – Hang on, he spoke with Ian Rapoport as well?

Cervasio at home back in New York – Chad (or is it Thad?) Finn checks in with the former NESN reporter, and looks at the latest radio ratings, which caused so much rancor yesterday.


13 thoughts on “Bruins, Sox Go Extra For Big Wins

  1. A couple small things but possibly indicative of future behavior at WEEI. Yesterday, they took a poll and decided to throw out the new whiner line music. With the new format they had gone to this funeral march drum beating in the background. Recently they also decided to bring in Mike Adams, because the Ordway/Holley combo was clearly forced. Now they are going to bring back limited co-hosts. Cedric Maxwell was on this week. Does this mean that little Wolfie has learned to admit when he screwed up and is willing to correct it? If so, look out Mutt-man.


  2. I really can't believe all the agita over the catching situation. Was Salty calling for 89MPH fastballs over the middle of the plate? If he's poor at calling the game, why not call pitches from the bench? Hell, have Varitek do it.

    By the way — .237 BA, .615 OPS, 6 RBI. Also, .216 / .639 / 18. You know what those are? Jason Varitek's April numbers, and his numbers for the whole season as a left-handed batter……

    ….. in 1998.

    Boy, sure am glad we ran that stiff out of town after that crappy April! Why weren't they playing Leyritz more????? The pitchers like the way Hatteberg calls a game! These are veterans! We can't experiment with some prospect on this team!!!!


  3. And another thing: Of the internal candidates mentioned in Speier's column, the only one who's actually hitting is Tim Federowicz at Portland, who's currently hitting .341 with a .898 OPS. Well… Saltalamacchia hit .309 with a 1.022 OPS at AA in 2007 in about the same timeframe (22 games) before he got called up to the Braves.

    Give the poor kid a chance, for pete's sake.


  4. Here is the live chat Chad Finn had today at Finn is one of the best live chatters there is. He spent almost two and a half hours answering questions. The radio wars was a topic but it was not any bigger than other topics like the local teams.

    A few items stood out.

    1) The reason why D&C went after Finn with such venom is that Finn made a mistake with the Arbitron ratings back around Christmas. He immediately corrected it, but he was officially on the D&C enemy list. Of course, we all know D&C are flawless people, serves Finn right. (sarcasm) Finn seemed to emphasize Dennis saying it is like a badge of honor to be on the same list as Ryen Russilio and Pedro Martinez. Finn zings Callahan a little bit by saying he used to be a great writer.

    2) He also said that T&R made no false statements on the demographics they won. Finn did say D&C is a big fan of the half-truth. Finn refuted the claims by Dennis that he was handed the numbers by CBS. Finn says CBS is much harder to deal with than Jason Wolfe who is more than accommodating to help out.

    3) Speaking of Ryen Russillo, a couple of years ago there was a story about John Dennis leaving a mean, and somewhat threatening phone message to Russillo. We never did hear from Russillo regarding what Dennis supposedly said. Finn, actually, did interview Russillo on the record but did not run the story because Dennis did not have a chance to respond. I'm not sure if Finn had asked Dennis for a response or if he never got around to asking. If Finn tried and Dennis would not comment, then he should have run the story with the disclaimer that John Dennis was asked for a comment but he declined. Finn said that Russillo eviscerated Dennis in the interview.

    4) I was surprised to hear that NESN had tried to let go of Heidi Watney before the 2011 season. Watney had an option year on her contract. Finn said management, which I have to assume is the Red Sox, stepped in, prevented the termination and picked up the option. Finn does believe that Watney will be let go after this season. He also seems to believe NESN made a mistake letting go of Tina Cervasio.


    1. You're not in the least bit biased, though…… right? It sounds like Finn had nothing good to say about D&C and you loved every minute of it. I also bet I know who you voted for in the last election.


    2. I just read Chad Finn posting on SoSH. That led me to google some of his other work. It reminded me of Borges writing about Belichik, when it came to WEEI. This guy has a bias that it is just as obvious as Borges and therefore he's just as credible. He's been taking shots at WEEI for a few years. It has nothing to do with his "error" in December. Read some of his stuff…………he's a cheerleader for 98.5.


    3. They let Cervasio go? I thought she left because she wanted to. She was never going to stay in this market anyway; she's from NJ, worked at the FAN, wanted to go back where her family is.


      1. Probably, not stated well on my part. He feels that NESN should have tried a little harder to keep her.


    4. Eddie, no bias here. I am not a fan either morning show. If you held a gun to my head I would choose the Morning Jab on 96.3 WJAB in Portland, ME. They have a novel approach to sports radio. They talk sports. If Dennis and Callahan want to talk politics, then they should go on their sister station WRKO where they would get better ratings than what is on in the mornings now. Toucher and Rich can find a wacky FM deejay station where they can do all of the whoopee cushion and party horn noises they want. Both shows can please stay the hell off of my sports radio.

      Georgie, what has Finn said that is wrong about WEEI? His last article before WBZ went on the air, summed up what was and to a point still is wrong with the programming.

      1) Finn said that the morning show talked too much politics with a couple of snide hosts. (true)

      2) He said that the afternoon drive host loved to scream over co-hosts and callers, made sure that only the dumbest of callers got on the air to show what "genius" he was and most of his co-hosts were just terrible. (true)

      3) The night show….. well we do not need to comment on how dreadful the host of that show is. (true)

      The only show Finn did not go after was Dale and Holley because it was actually good.

      Did WEEI take to heart what Finn said? Of course not, D&C, Ordway, and Adams spent the majority of their shows ripping Finn. Entercom actually believed that their hosts were beloved by the market, which is why the ratings were great. It had nothing to do with the teams or the fact people love pro sports in this area. Now WEEI finds themselves in a quandary of getting rid of their only good show to help one of their worst in Ordway. By the way, when it was announced that Holley was moving to the Big Show. Finn did an interview with Ordway in which Ordway admitted Finn was right.


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