The Red Sox were unable to sustain any momentum they may have started with Josh Beckett’s sparkling performance, as they got bombed by the previously hapless Tampa Rays 16-5 at Fenway Park last night. Get all the depressing coverage at

The Celtics made the decision to concede the #2 seed in the East, and rested their “Big Four” last night. The result was a 95-94 OT loss to the Washington Wizards. The Celtics got a couple of good individual performances from Jeff Green (20 points, 15 rebounds) and Jermaine O’Neal (15 points, 13 rebounds 5 blocks) but also lost guard Delonte West to another ankle injury. Get the Celtics coverage at The Celtics will face the New York Knicks in the first round of the playoffs.

Celtics have gone soft – Gerry Callahan says that Danny Ainge only screwed up by trusting that his four All Star players could actually act like professionals.

Game 1 return goal for Shaq – The Globe notebook has Shaquille O’Neal expected to be ready to begin the playoffs. A. Sherrod Blakely has Jermaine O’Neal giving the Celtics a taste of what they’ve missed.

Dice-K  reaction renews eerie memory – Mike Fine says that the postgame reaction from Daisuke Matsuzaka reminded him of a similar poor outing in the 2007 playoffs.

One hundred starts later, the Daisuke Matsuzaka mystery remains unsolved – Rob Bradford says that we still don’t know what Dice-K is.

Bruins report card – Stephen Harris has a regular season report card for the Bruins.

Task force – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins eager to move forward after their epic playoff meltdown last season.

Sitting Seguin needs to be among impact players – Mick Colageo says that sitting down the first round pick seems to confirm “the troubling reality that this wunderkind may not be made of the right stuff.”

Pats’ BenJarvus Green-Ellis training like a champ … a boxing champ, that is – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots running back training in the gym run by Muhammad Ali’s former trainer Angelo Dundee.



5 thoughts on “Sox Can’t Keep It Going

  1. I was ready to rip Callahan for his Herald column, but as I read it, I realized he had a point _ if true. Rondo is hideously inconsistent. I hope there's another reason (injury, something in his life, whatever), but if not, the whole PerkLove thing is a little _ ah, quirky. I think sitting the Fab Four is fine. I still think the Cs have the ability to get to the Finals. If Rondo plays now like he played in December.


  2. I don't think the article about Seguin "not having the right stuff" (sic) is fair. When he was drafted last June it was nearly a consensus opinion that he wouldn't even see Boston in 2010-11, because he either wasn't physically mature enough or his game wasn't NHL-ready. Taylor Hall was supposed to be the guy who was NHL-ready right away, not Seguin. That he made the team and spent the entire season in Boston, and chipped in with 11 goals to boot, was actually more than anyone really expected from him in Year 1. If I were in the media I'd wait a little while before writing stuff like this about a kid who's not even 20 yet.


  3. Here's another case and point of just when you think the writers in your area are bad there is John Steigerwald of the Observer-Reporter in Pittsburgh. He wrote this gem about the S.F. Giants fan who was beaten within an inch of his life for committing the offense of wearing a Giants jersey at Dodger's stadium. Guess who Steigerwald blamed for the beating. I'll give a hint every commenter disagrees with the article.


    1. From the last year:

      "When the paid attendance at Fenway Park was announced at 37,404 Monday night, did the Red Sox extend their sellout streak by the skin of their teeth?

      The readjusted seating capacity happens to be 37,404. Four times this season the paid attendance has been less than capacity.

      The Sox’ definition of a sellout is when paid and complimentary tickets are equal to (or greater than) the capacity. So the Sox could announce a paid attendance that is less than capacity and still consider it a sellout."


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