In what is quickly becoming a lost month, the Red Sox fell once again last night, this time losing 3-2 to the Tampa Rays. The Red Sox are now an MLB-worst 2-9 on the season. Catch up with the full coverage over at

If you think tonight is the night they put things together, just remember John Lackey and his 15.58 ERA is starting for the Red Sox.

When does it stop being early for Red Sox? – Alex Speier wonders when we can officially worry about the season being in jeopardy from this horrific start.

Red Sox just not good enough – Michael Silverman notes that “Even when they play a crisp, clean game, the Red Sox still cannot catch a break.”

Jed Lowrie makes case – John Tomase has the infielder making his case to be a full time starter. Steven Krasner has more on Lowrie.

A Sox fan growing up, Fuld’s Fenway debut was simply special – Christopher Smith looks at Durham, N.H. native Sam Fuld getting the chance to live out his dream as a member of the Rays.

Manny Ramirez deserves spot in Hall of Fame – Jonathan Comey swims against the current on this one. I thought it odd on Sunday Night Baseball that Orel Hershiser said he would vote for Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire for the Hall of Fame, but not Manny.

Crawford not frustrated by slump – Maureen Mullen’s CSNNE notes has the outfielder confident he and his teammates will break out soon. The Globe notebook from Michael Vega has Kevin Youkilis taking a night at DH. The Herald notebook from Michael Silverman has a hesitant throw from Adrian Gonzalez allowing the deciding run to score for the Rays. The Patriot Ledger notes from Mike Fine looks at the difficulties of communicating with Daisuke Matsuzaka. Brian MacPherson’s Red Sox Journal has Dice-K remaining in the rotation.

Julien behind the 8-ball – Kevin Paul Dupont says that these playoffs are make-or-break for Claude Julien. Joe Haggerty says that failure is not an option for Julien.

Breaking down Bruins vs. Canadiens: Who has the edge? – DJ Bean predicts Montreal in six.

Bruins forward Milan Lucic thrives in playoff atmosphere – Mike Loftus says that Lucic has always been a factor against Montreal in the post-season. Steve Conroy says that the playoffs are Lucic’s time to shine.

Tim Thomas pushes doubters aside – Joe McDonald has the Bruins goaltender making believers everywhere.

Zdeno Chara delivers on hit – Conroy’s notebook has the Bruins captain confirming that he has spoken to the Montreal Canadiens’ Max Pacioretty. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has Nathan Horton prepping for his first playoff series. The Patriot Ledger notebook from Mike Loftus has Chara unconcerned about his reception in Montreal.

The revitalization of Kevin Garnett – Paul Flannery looks at the bounceback year from Kevin Garnett, who has played better than most thought possible this season.

Danny Ainge offers uniform response on Celtics – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics boss more confident heading into this playoffs than he was last year at this time.

Celtics not lacking confidence – Gary Washburn excited about starting the playoffs. A. Sherrod Blakely says that the Celtics will need to get “gritty” against the Knicks.

Bill Belichick gets taste of Jake Locker – Ian Rapoport reports on the Patriots hosting the Washington QB on a two-day visit.

Globe outsources online-comment screening – Dan Kennedy looks at’s new commenting policies.


2 thoughts on “Red Sox Still Cannot Break Through, Now MLB-Worst 2-9

  1. Bruce, I believe Buster Olney said the exact same thing as Hershiser about who he would vote for during the game. Olney's logic though of saying baseball was the wild west back then so we should let McGwire, Bonds and Clemens in, does not make a lot of sense. Buster thinks we should ignore some of those pesky federal laws that these players were breaking.

    P.S. I actually do like Olney. He is usually very good in his reporting and analysis of baseball. I just think he is off base on this issue.


  2. "P.S. I actually do like Olney. He is usually very good in his reporting and analysis of baseball. I just think he is off base on this issue. "

    As do I. But when I saw him on TV talking about Manny, his face and the way he was talking gave away a weird anger. I think he has something personal with Manny, not sure what. My opinion, which has shifted over the years, is to let em all in, instead of ignoring the fact that not even a fraction of all users have been discovered by the Mitchell Report and the BALCO investigation. And if Olney thinks that we can now draw a line at Manny because the 'steroid era' is over now, he is sorely mistaken. If Manny were smart, he wouldve been on HGH instead and would have never tested positive for anything.


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