From the Wall Street Journal this afternoon:

LeBron James in Deal With Fenway Sports

In this deal, LeBron gets a minority ownership stake in the FSG-owned Liverpool soccer club, and FSG along with James’ LRMR Branding and Marketing become the business representatives for LeBron James.

Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner is quoted in the piece:

“We’re not interested in talent or athlete representation but we think he is one of the most remarkable athletes of his time,” Mr. Werner said in an interview Tuesday. “We believe we can open doors for LeBron and LeBron can open doors for us.”

With LeBron’s popularity sunk since “The Decision”, is this a case of the Fenway Sports Group “buying low” on an athlete to see what they can get from marketing-wise? Disdain for James aside, this is a very interesting move for the FSG, as they continue to position themselves as a global player in the sports world.

I just hope that this doesn’t mean that soon we’ll be seeing reruns of “The Decision” alongside replays of the 2007 Red Sox “Mother’s Day Miracle” game.


5 thoughts on “Fenway Sports Group Signs Deal With LeBron James

  1. If John Henry and Tom Werner are in bed with LeBron James (and mustn't Delonte West be in there somewhere as well?), then I'm actually enjoying the Sox' losing streak a lot more.

    If they have LeBron's money, then surely they don't need any of mine going forward. Wonder how many New England fans will feel the same way?


  2. Expect a press release soon from NESN stating that a new lifestyle show featuring LeBron will be coming on the air. Then expect some creative cross-platform marketing…LeBron eats at Strega the next time the Heat are in town, and NESN spins a 30 minute show out of what LeBron had for dinner (unless an infomercial is running.)


  3. I'm not sure what's been more disappointing, the Red Sox play up until now or Liverpool's play as of late.
    In that spirit, I'm very happy they are now linked to the imploding Miami Heat.


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