The Bruins posted their first six game road winning streak since the Orr era (that’s Bobby, not Colton, by the way) with a 1-0 win in Ottawa last night. Get all the coverage at

Yes, it was 1972 the last time the Bruins won this many games in a row on the road. This edition of the Bruins hopes to emulate the success of that season, which ended with a Stanley Cup Championship.

Bruins just can’t lose – Kevin Paul Dupont compares this trip with the 1972 Bruins.

Bruins cap a very telling road trip – DJ Bean says that this trip taught us a lot about this Bruins team.

B’s look to capitalize on perfect trip – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins now need to maintain the mojo obtained on this trip.

It’s Tuukka time – The Herald notebook from Steve Conroy has Tuukka Rask picking up his fourth win in the six games. The Globe notebook from Kevin Paul Dupont has the power play still a work in progress for the Bruins. The CSNNE notes from Joe Haggerty have more on Rask. On Douglas Flynn also looks at the performance of the young goaltender.

Ex-Irish star Troy Murphy’s wish comes true – Mark Murphy has the former Notre Dame star getting his lifelong wish of playing for the Celtics. Julian Benbow and Gary Washburn have more on Murphy’s decision to choose the Celtics over the Heat. Scott Souza and Jessica Camerato look at what Murphy can bring to the Celtics.

Celtics warming to newcomers – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics veterans excited about their new teammates. A. Sherrod Blakely has Kevin Garnett embracing his new teammates, and Jazz center Mehmet Okur giving his approval to the deal as well.

Reaction to Perkins trade proves that some fans still don’t get it – Jerry Thornton with an analytical take on the trade, and how teams previously did when they traded the “Guy we couldn’t live without.” Chad Finn has a good take on the deal as well. Jackie MacMullan says that the deal made the Celtics more versatile and athletic.

Ace Jon Lester holds all cards – Michael Silverman says the lefty is the key to the Red Sox season.

Gonzalez, Crawford seeing double this season – Brian MacPherson has the Red Sox newcomers ready to batter the Green Monster.

Remember Jayson Werth and Mark Teixeira? Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez do – Rob Bradford looks at the cause and effect in these moves.

Good early signs from Aceves – Michael Vega reveals that the new Red Sox reliever is a big fan of Dennis Rodman.

John Henry has the Red Sox, but apparently he has no First Amendment rights – Ron Chimelis has the Red Sox owner revealing he was fined $500K for comments last year.

Josh Beckett eases off – Scott Lauber’s notebook has the concussion slowing down Beckett a bit. MacPherson’s Red Sox Journal has Lester focused.

Patriots add Marcus Stroud to defensive line – Karen Guregian isn’t sure about much the former Jaguar and Bill has left, but says he’s another great locker room guy and could contribute as a role player.

The business-vs.-football battle over Mankins – Tom E Curran looks at what might be an internal battle inside Gillette over Logan Mankins.

Putting the NFL lockout on hold – Mark Farinella isn’t obsessed with the NFL lockout.


19 thoughts on “Bruins Post Perfect 6-0 Road Trip With Win Over Senators

  1. It is me, or id the Big Show still the same old, same old and now mid-day is a wasteland? Just tuned to EPSN Radio online.


    1. No, now instead of the annoying "comedy" bits before each block of talk, we have annoying Peter Gustin produced "songs" featuring sound bites.


  2. (Warning — rant incoming…. rant incoming….)

    Ron Chimelis, you're a f—ing idiot.

    The First Amendment prohibits THE GOVERNMENT from infringing on a citizen's right to freedom of speech. THE GOVERNMENT cannot pass a law making it a crime to merely say things that it doesn't want you saying without a strongly compelling reason for doing so (e.g. "fire" in a crowded theater), and thereafter imprisoning or fining you. The prohibition applies to the Federal GOVERNMENT directly, and, by operation of the 14th Amendment (See Gitlow v. US ), to state GOVERNMENTS as well. (A state is free, after Pruneyard Shopping v. Robins, to extend greater rights to its citizens if it so chooses.)

    Major League Baseball, Inc. and its affiliated clubs are not GOVERNMENTS. John Henry has ZERO "right" to "freedom of speech" with respect to other private actors. I'm preeeeetty sure that if I went on, say, WEEI and started talking about how Ron Chimelis is a long-time heroin and PCP abuser whom many believe is a closet serial killer, we wouldn't see a Ron Chimelis article about how the $1m libel suit brought by Ron Chimelis was a "violation" of my "freedom of speech", now, would we?

    Read a f–ing book and/or leave the lawyering to real lawyers.

    /rant off


    1. Appreciate the sentiment and must agree. However your last comment made me think of that well known question in my field. "Know why many scientists are using lawyers instead of rats in laboratory experiments? Because there are some things rats won't do." I love my dog and the fact I'm not a lawyer every single day of my life.


    2. I have a much shorter rant.
      What's the point of our first amendment if it disappears the moment we get employed?
      thank you for your time.


      1. You DO realize that there are still places in this world where if you stand on a streetcorner and say "I think Our Dear Leader is doing a crappy job", Our Dear Leader's employees will come, take you into a cell, and beat you to death, right? Unless you're someone of importance, in which case they'll apply electricity to your testicles until you agree to stand in front of a camera with Our Dear Leader and publicly trumpet how great Our Dear Leader is (after which they take you into a cell and beat you to death). You know this, right?


        1. And you realize that most of us don't have the free time to stand in front of any place with any sign because we have these lovely things called "jobs", right?
          Pointing out that there are crappier countries doesn't cover that. In fact, it might give corporate america some fun ideas of how to deal with dissent because firing people en masse doesn't have the personal touch that torture does…


    3. John Henry told the whole story yesterday to Ordway and Holley……..before this article was published. Is Ron Chilmelis trying to lead us to believe that this is his story? WEEI wasn't mentioned in the article.

      Also, I have to agree with Bill. The new Big Show isn't doing anything for me. The lead-ins after the breaks are really annoying and the show seems to have lost its humor. As far as the mid-day goes, they should have gone right to Mutt and Merloni. This week has been brutal. Tom Caron screaming with Dickerson, Neumie, and Halloran. It's the a**hole du jour show. They may not have any audience left after this week.


      1. Not to mention the demise of James Brown's "Living in America" and the 'Whiner Line' music bed changing from an appropriate carnival/organ grinder-like sound to a more funkadelic groove that does not work. From what you guys are saying, I feel grateful to have not yet heard the Gustin music bits.


        1. I liked the Living in America thing because for whatever reason when I heard it as a lead in I had the mental image of Ordway waddling down the street to that music.


  3. But but but, without Perk the C's can't defend Dwight Howard or deal with the Lakers and their "length" and he was Rondo's BFF and Doc loved him like a son and even on the bench his witty reparte would help heal the departure of the Vanilla Gorilla who was Brian Scalabrine!!!


  4. I have read lots of comments about the changes WEEI has made in the last week. My own personal opinion is that WEEI made a huge mistake is breaking up my personal favorite show along with the only show that was consistently strong against the competition 98.5. I think this move clearly indicates Ordways stranglehold at WEEI. His show has seen the most drastic decline. In my opinion, the blow hards and exjocks that put anyone down that hasnt played the game hurt his ratings and drove listeners to 98.5. Many will agree that Felger and Mazz may be annoying and wrong quite often, but they will at least listen to your opinion and not talk over you. Ordway decided that his show needed the boost and broke apart WEEI's most consistent and balanced show. Unfortunately for Dale Arnold, he was odd man out. Ever since 98.5 came on I have been a listener to F&M and T&R but always made it appointment listening to tune into Dale and Holley. Between both stations it was my clear cut favorite show. It is unfortunate for Mutt and Merloni as I feel even though they may have an effective and entertaining show, they will suffer due to many listeners that protest. Myself, I will make it a point to only listen to 98.5.


    1. The only reason Felger and Mazz don't talk over the callers is because they usually hang up on them after twenty seconds. While that may be the wisest option, let's not heap a ton of praise on F&M for doing it, as Jim Rome has been using that talk format for years.

      Speaking of Rome, Fred Toettcher's JR impression on T&R is dead-on, funny and extremely underutilized.


    2. Yeah, F&M will listen to your opinion and then state their own contrarian, baseless opinion. e.g. – Tom Brady had to get on his knees and beg for a new contract.


    3. I agree that Ordway has far more decision making power at WEEI than he lets on. After all, he was also the program director there for years (the position now held by Jason Wolfe) while he was a host. Despite what Ordway says, I have to believe Wolfe is currently his "boss" in name only. Ordway certainly must have signed off on the new show.

      The new Big Show has had its ups and downs – a lot of Ordway talking over Holley and way too many pre-produced "bits". That "What the F%&$?" segment the other day was just awful. However, when they actually get down to talking sports, the conversation is far more intelligent than what would have been expected in the previous incarnation of the Big Show. Hopefully they work out the kinks and start to develop a little chemistry because I can't stand Felger & Mazz,


  5. I have read lots of comments about the changes WEEI has made in the last week. My own personal opinion is that WEEI made a huge mistake is breaking up my personal favorite show along with the only show that was consistently strong against the competition 98.5. I think this move clearly indicates Ordways stranglehold at WEEI. His show has seen the most drastic decline. In my opinion


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