The Celtics kept their loss to the Suns out in Phoenix fresh in their minds, looking for some payback last night as the Suns made their only visit to the Garden this season. The result was a 115-103 victory for Boston.

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Celtics get in last word – Mark Murphy has the Celtics winning one of the stranger games of the season.

Kevin Garnett’s fire burns Suns – Chris Forsberg has KG with a dominant performance last night.

After whirlwind, Krstic settling in quite nicely – Bob Ryan has a look at the new Boston center. Jessica Camerato has more on the guy that they call “Curly.”

Journey to Overrated: Debunking three myths about Kendrick Perkins – Glenn Ordway really needs to read this piece from Kirk Minihane.

Swinging for Sasha Pavlovic – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics looking add the former Cavs and Mavericks swingman. Peter May says that with the additions of Pavlovic and Troy Murphy, this Celtics team is finally complete. Paul Flannery says that Danny Ainge’s vision for his team with the Perkins trade is now in focus. Dan Duggan has the new pieces being thrown right into action.

Hurt knee KO’s Glen Davis – Mark Murphy has the reserve forward hurting his knee in a dunk in the final minute. The Globe Celtics notebook has more on the addition of Pavlovic. The Celtics Journal from Tim Britton has Troy Murphy looking forward to his first postseason. The Celtics notebook from Jim Fenton has more on Murphy.

A game of Red Sox musical chairs – Joe McDonald wonders if swapping Carl Crawford and JD Drew in the outfield might be something for the Red Sox to think about.

John Lackey starts over – Michael Silverman has the Red Sox pitcher looking to start fresh in 2011. Michael Vega has more on the big righthander.

Once-hyped Andrew Miller shows he still has the tools – Brian MacPherson has Daniel Bard’s former college teammate looking to put it all together.

Gonzalez ahead of the game – Peter Abraham’s Red Sox notebook has the prize first baseman looking to play in his first game next week. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has Josh Beckett ready to go on Tuesday.

NFL’s ’11 season lurches deeper into uncertainty – Greg A Bedard has the NFL heading for a work stoppage.

What we learned at the NFL scouting combine – Chris Price wraps up the combine.

Bruins still have much to accomplish before playoffs – Mike Loftus with a look at what’s ahead for the Bruins.

Bruins restarted; now they must finish – Kevin Paul Dupont says that the new-look Bruins need a strong finish.

Stephen Neal to step off the mat – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots guard calling it a career.


11 thoughts on “Chippy Celtics Exact Revenge On Suns

  1. Minihane's analysis of the Perkins trade is the best one I've read yet. I'm still a bit nervous, naturally, about the C's center position going forward, but Minihane's article at least boils everything down on a factual basis. And he's right about the Felger/CHB trade-bashing fest on Sunday night; the only thing missing was the clown noses.


    1. I have to disagree, Tony. Minihane's analysis, I think, veers towards the traditional "kick a guy while he's on his way out" school of Boston journalism. Please note the tone of the article — it isn't saying that Celtics fans and the press overrated Perkins (something I'd agree with 100%), it's saying that Perkins himself is overrated. Yes, Kirk, this isn't Bill Russell we're talking about. But it also isn't Michael Smith we're talking about. Perkins was, and is, a valuable NBA player at a position where there is very little true talent in today's NBA.

      If Perkins is as overrated as Minihane thinks he is….

      (1) Why did Sam Presti, a GM most NBA types think isn't exactly stupid, trade for him?

      (2) Why did Presti give up value for him?

      (3) And why, oh why, did Presti sign him to a lucrative max extension before he even set foot on the court for the Thunder????

      I don't think the loss of Perkins is the end of the world, as I think ultimately Ainge patched a huge hole by creating a small hole, resulting in a net improvement. But calling him "a nice player" and nothing more is a bit much. Basketball isn't baseball — numbers don't tell the whole story with respect to a player. For example, Russell is, if anything, underrated, because his raw numbers don't fully illustrate what a colossal impact he had when he was on the court. Opponents had to basically play around him, because if they challenged him, he'd eat them alive. So his raw numbers don't fully reflect the disruption in the opponent's offense that simply having him on the court wreaked. Perkins is not Russell, but I think his presence on the floor definitely made teams adjust how they matched up and attacked the Celtic's half-court defense.

      He's not Larry Bird, but he's a much more valuable NBA player than Minihane's article makes him out to be, I think.


      1. That's fair.

        Perhaps he was a bit too hard on Perk in the article, but I did think his arguments, at least, had some merit to them, I, for one, didn't realize that Perkins' career rebounding numbers were so average (I had the perception that he was a better rebounder than that).

        Let's face it, in the end what the C's will really miss is his interior defense. If KG is healthy, the loss of Perk will be a lot less devastating than it was in Games 6 and 7 last year.

        Also, the fact that offensively the C's are a much deeper team now shouldn't be discounted. A lot of the reason they blew that lead in Game 7 is because the offense completely shutdown in the 4th quarter. Pierce and Wallace were gassed and Allen's outside shot, as it was in the Game 3 loss at home, was AWOL all night long; and they didn't have enough offensive weapons on the bench to make up for that. Now, it appears, they do.

        Either way, I think it's time we all put the trade behind us and begin to focus on what should be a pretty fascinating March-April-May (and hopefully, June).


      2. Minihane never saw Bill Russell play. How would he know? This punk should go back to his bubble gum cards. He's also the same guy who said Jim Rice couldn't carry Ricky Henderson's jock, but he never saw Jim Rice play. Stick to things you know about.


  2. The only negative to taking the day off from work today was hearing Gresh whine about KG like some sort of lame mini-Felger. He only scores 28 points to lead the C's in scoring, yet we continue to hear the mindless criticism that he's a "fake tough guy". I'm beginning to think that 98.5 has the same inability to talk intelligently about the Celtics as WEEI has about the Bruins.


    1. I agree with your last point. The Celtics seem to be getting the same treatment from 98.5 that the Bruins have been receiving from EEI for the past decade….at least as far as the midday and afternoon shows are concerned.


  3. You mean the same Kevin Garnett who picks on Jose Juan Barea, Jose Calderon, and Channing Frye? I love KG because he's on "my" team, but if he played on any other team in any professional sport outside of Boston, I'd completely agree with calling him a fake tough guy.

    Gresh is an idiot though.


    1. I'm not even sure what a fake tough guy is….KG gets emotional and talks trash – especially when he's in the process of defending an opponent. What is he supposed to do, challenge someone to a fight after the game to show that he is in fact a real tough guy? If I only followed the players who don't seem to talk much trash then I'd basically be following Tim Duncan and a handful of others who I can't think of right now, because everyone in professional sports talks crap to their opponents.


  4. Opposing Centers output vs. Celtics since trade:

    Nene: 12-10, 2 blocks
    Chris Kaman: 16-9, 3 blocks
    Al Jefferson: 28-19, 2 blocks
    Robin Lopez: 6-4, 0 blocks

    I'm not sure if Perkins would have made a difference.


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