How many snowstorms this week have we had? I’ve lost count.

After Jets-Patriots, A Vain Attempt To Avoid The Sports Media – Here is my SB Nation Boston media column, with a look at the aftermath of Patriots/Jets, and examining more garbage from Tony Massarotti.

Jackson takes hit on his credibility – Chad Finn has a look at the ridiculous comments, spin and backtracking this week from ESPN’s Tom Jackson, who picked the Patriots to win the game, then afterwards said he only picked them to fire up the Jets, and then backtracked to say that he actually did think the Patriots would win. Kirk Minihane also goes after Jackson.

Jets run may not be done – Bill Doyle’s media column has CBS’ Phil Simms and Jim Nantz weighing in on the AFC Championship game.

A pair of WEEI hosts have engaged in media-on-media crime in the last 24 hours:

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Both are worth a listen, though in the John Dennis rant, one of his primary targets is Tony Massarotti. That’s a tough one – who to side with?

Rosy memories – This was a good piece from Buddy Thomas, who catches up with former Ohio State and Bears running back Bobby Watkins, who grew up in New Bedford and still lives in Dartmouth.


13 thoughts on “Snowy Friday Media Roundup

  1. Anyone think this a directive from the top to stir the pot and bring more attention to WEEI? Reminds me of the 90s pro wrestling war.


    1. I think this is a pretty reasonable thought Jules. I find it funny that two days in a row that WEEI would go after their competition. Not only do they go after the competition, but they go after the ones who have had the most success in Felger and Mazz. Dale goes after Felger and Dennis goes after Maz. I will be interested to see if Felger and Mazz respond at 2:00pm. Dennis seems to have a major axe to grind still against WHDH. I agree with Bruce, when it comes to Dennis criticizing anybody I think pot meet kettle.


    2. If you need any more evidence of Boston sports radio's Royal Rumble, you don't need to look any further than the joke of a segment on Felger's 'Sports Sunday' show, when Dale paid Mike a visit (on a totally unrelated note, it looks like Dale has lost some weight). When Felger challenged Dale that he and Holley give callers who are critical of Francona a short leash, Dale's lame response was, 'we generally give all callers a short leash'. Does anyone watching this not believe that almost everything these two stations say about each other isn't contrived, or said with a wink and a nudge? What doesn't help is the presence of CSN serving to bring together the EEI/98.5 personalities with enough regularity that it feels almost incestual, in a broadcasting way (if that analogy makes any sense). These folks will say anything about each other and will collect a paycheck from anyone.


    3. Following up on my previous comment, I find it all rather sad. While most of the posters here actually care about the credibility of the local sports media, I think we represent a very small minority of the sports radio listening audience. We may make a big deal about this, but I think most listeners merely tune in to be entertained and not informed.


  2. That was it? That rant sucked and it was typical Dale: take on people outside the building (and when you say something about someone like Callahan you make sure he knows it's tongue and cheek) and make sure you assert that you love the boss. No one is bought and paid for quite like Dale Arnold. What a douche!


  3. Holy Smokes, when did Rex Ryan take over as the GM at 'eei???? They sound just like the Jets last week. Unfortunately, for them, it won't have the same result. 98.5 (sans Gresh) is a better product.

    Good to see 'eei finally acknowledging that there are losing the battle and now have to resort to some silly attention getting tactics, what a bunch of turkeys.


  4. Where is the audio/proof that Maz knew about the foot injury? Tony Maz has no connection to the Patriots.

    I agree with the belief that these shots from WEEI personnel are calculated reactions to the competition,


  5. Dale Arnold & John Dennis — I must have missed the memo as to their credibility on anything. I agree with several who state that 'EEI having been the "top dog" for many years is having major problems with some legitimate competition.


  6. ya know i think it was atually the ridley comment that got dale closest to home – he honestly seemed threatened – of course that was 30 seconds after he called out others for their insecurities??

    yeah this was definitely eei marching orders – otherwise dale does not rock the boat


  7. John Dennis wants to get the story right….I remember his source said Michael Vick was at Logan Airport when it was another quarterback.


    1. Does Shaughnessy realize that having the "3rd lowest payroll in the NFL" is utterly meaningless? Yes, this was an uncapped year, but most teams still treated it as if it was a capped year, save for a few. The next time NFL football is played, after the new CBA is signed, there will be a cap again, you can bank on it. Then, what will payroll have to do with it? Nothing. Just like payroll had nothing to do with the Pats losing last week. I swear that Shaughnessy is the most immature jerk in the Boston sports media. Don't think for one minute that the swipe at Kraft wasn't motivated by Dan STILL seeking revenge agaisnt Kraft for the whole Parcells fallout and the friction between the two of them 13 years ago. That, and he's one of those Globies who can't stand the fact that the Sox don't rule this town anymore, and that the Pats have caught up to them, or even pass them in popularity. What a childish fraud.


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