Now that the New York Jets have been silenced for the season, Patriots fans can now look forward to a quiet couple of weeks before the Super Bowl, and then the start of Red Sox spring training.

Even with the Jets eliminated, you may want to turn away from football completely for the next couple of weeks as the “Steelers Dynasty” talk heats up (Ron Borges is all over that this morning) and the Roethlisberger vs. Brady comparisons are hashed out.

I’ll get this out there. I thought I could root for the Jets yesterday, as the idea of the Steelers getting their third Super Bowl title since the Patriots last won one is sickening, but once the game started yesterday, the hatred for the Jets trumped all. I can respect the Steelers as a franchise and organization that has been consistently great for many, many years, and they have a great tradition there in Pittsburgh. That’s worthy of respect.

Nothing about the Jets is worthy of respect.

All that said, go Green Bay!

First Super Bowl was bittersweet – Mark Farinella has a very nice look back 25 years ago to the Patriots first Super Bowl trip, and his experience covering it. I do hope though, that Mark knows how pretentious this paragraph sounds:

Rubbing elbows with celebrities is no big thing for me after some 30-plus years of covering the NFL. I’ve seen the great and the near-great over that time. Remember, I stood next to Gisele Bündchen in the bowels of Qualcomm Stadium on the very day when she first met Tom Brady. I wasn’t impressed. He was, apparently.

Lining up the Patriots’ biggest needs – Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots biggest offseason needs.

Rapoport’s postseason awards – Ian Rapoport applies high school-yearbook style awards to the 2010 Patriots.

High-flying Celts fear looking down – Steve Bulpett looks at the Celtics odd issues with the weak sisters of the NBA.

The Celtics About To Perk Up – Alan Segal with a look at the imminent return of Kendrick Perkins to the Celtics. (with audio interview with Perk.) Gary Washburn also has a look at Perkins this morning.

What to watch in 2nd half – Peter May looks ahead to the major storylines of the second half of the season for the Celtics.

No alternative: Why Crawford’s deal looks even better in light of Wells trade – Alex Speier notes the extremely high price the Angels paid for Vernon Wells.

Dropping Carl Crawford to Fifth Creates Potent Red Sox Lineup, Keeps Sluggers in ‘Normal’ Slots – Tony Lee looks at why batting fifth might be the best spot for Crawford.

Just thinking: Rays not Idiots – John Tomase looks at the Rays landing Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon.

Big hit sends Savard home for tests – Stephen Harris has the Bruins center reeling after yet another big hit to the head.

16 thoughts on “Jets Vanquished, Patriots Fans Can Now Move On

  1. Former BSMW tagboard poster Mark Farinella? You think Mark's mad that Buckley got to write that column before he did? He's like a bad combination of Robert Goulet and James Lipton, with a propensity for overcoming the phyical design limits of press box furniture.


  2. an old, fat white guy is "not impressed" with Gisele? Really? Farinella sounds like that wet blanket James Veniere (movie critic) from the Herald.


  3. Not sure if you saw it last night, but Dale and Felger went at it on Comcast's Sports Sunday. And Dale acquitted himself quite well in front of Felger, who almost seemed to confess that his show is an act designed to drive up the audience (he even said he still listens to EEI at times). He also back-pedaled completely on his statement that WEEI doesn't criticize the coaches or play calling. Let's face it, he was completely wrong last week, in fact the best analysis (crazy as it sounds) on breaking down the loss was on EEI, at least when Fred and Steve were on (yeah, they take a lot of flack, but their overall view of the game was actually insightful).

    On 98.5 we got the daily dose of Felger shaking his fist in righteous indignation about the loss and Mazz doing his "you're absolutely right Mike" shtick. Tony ought to hang it up whenever baseball season isn't going on, it's shocking how little he brings to the table.


    1. Felger is going to be discussing the loss to the Jets for the next 6 months. 18 months if we have a lockout. And I'm going to be trying to find something else to listen to on the way home. I think Dustin Pedroia, Zdeno Chara and Shaq could unite to go on a 10 month crime spree that leaves thousands of dead people in their wake and Felgie would be talking about Jets/Pats… sigh. 98.5 has been awful for the past 7 days. Even Fred Toucher is depressed and he's a Jets fan.


  4. You guys are going to make Farinella cry. He lives for a mention on BSMW and yearns for a spot on the Big Show. You guys are costing him; just sayin…


  5. So I'm listening to Drs. Frankenstein and Jekyll otherwise known as Felger and Maz, as well as many others including Dale Arnold and Troy Brown, telling me that Jay Cutler was a wuss. Really what did Cutler's MRI tell you armchair MDs? I guess these guys did not learn from Jacoby Ellsbury. They also use the real-time tweets of some active and former players to enhance their arguments. Players like Maurice Jones Drew, who conveniently missed his teams last game to knee sprain (how ironic), Deion Sanders not the toughest tackler to ever play and Mark Schlereth who yes had twenty knee surgeries but missed a game with a virus. Another issue these radio doctors seem to disregard is Cutler diabetes. Both Arnold and Brown, and Felger and Maz say the disease has nothing to do with the decision. Here is an article from the CMSB that says it could have.

    Jason Lisk of The Big Lead also has a terrific article on the reaction to Cutler's injury.

    One more thing, both articles mention Philip Rivers. The local yakers that I heard today talked about how tough Rivers was for playing in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots while conveniently forgetting that Rivers had to leave the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Colts in the second half.


      1. By the way I forgot to dedicate that post to you.

        What you are not getting is that Rivers did not lead San Diego to their victory over the Colts because he left the game due to a knee injury and Billy Volek lead the Chargers to victory. Another thing, Rivers was 19-37 with two interceptions against the Pats. You call that incredible?


        1. No, but I call going out there on basically one leg incredible.

          So are you going to bag on Brady for not being tough because Drew Bledsoe had to come into the AFC Championship game after he got hurt?


          1. You were the one that said Rivers was incredible. I thought Rivers performance was brave but it was not very good. The whole point of what I wrote is that there are people out there in the media who like to question someones toughness without having any idea what the injury actually is. I'm not questioning anybodies toughness from Brady to Rivers to Cutler. There are those in the media like Felger and Maz who are calling out Jay Cutler's toughness even though the team doctor told Lovie Smith he's done.


  6. One more thing on Cutler. Here is an ESPN Sports Nation poll on on who is the least likable QB in football. Not only are some of the media and players a bunch of knuckledraggers, but a lot of others as well.

    Yup, that's right, Jay Cutler is worse than a two time alleged rapist and a dog murderer.


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