The Celtics were not at their best last night. For much of the night, their offense was stagnant. When cruch time rolled around, it was 38-year-old Shaquille O’Neal who gave them a spark, and Ray Allen hit a big shot late in the game to help the Celtics to a 86-82 win over the Detroit Pistons.

Shoot, give it to Ray Allen – Steve Bulpett says that even though Allen was 1-7 heading into that final shot, he was still the man the Celtics wanted to take the big shot. A. Sherrod Blakely has more on Allen getting the shot.

Shaquille O’Neal defies age with big play – Chris Forsberg has Shaquille O’Neal more than pulling his weight with this Celtics team. Mark Murphy says that Shaq shocked the Celtics into business mode last night.

Winning the games they shouldn’t – Paul Flannery says that the Celtics had no business winning this game, but this is what elite team do.

Surgery not in the cards – Julian Benbow’s notebook reports that Jermaine O’Neal will not have surgery, but instead another month of rest and strengthening work. The Herald notebook from Murphy has more on O’Neal’s knee.

Brady to have foot surgery today – Shira Springer and Monique Walker broke the news last night that the Patriots quarterback has been playing with a stress fracture in his foot, and will have surgery today to put a screw in.

Defense tackles many questions – Karen Guregian looks over the Patriots defense for who is worth keeping, and who should be gone.

Patriots hoping to draft up successful offseason game plan – Glen Farley has the Patriots looking to improve the team through the draft.

Rookie receiver Taylor Price’s future wide open – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has the rookie receiver looking for a bigger role next year.

Lavarnway next in receiving line – Peter Abraham has a look at minor league catching prospect Ryan Lavarnway. Christopher Smith has more on Lavarnway.

Red Sox and Ryan Kalish see virtue in patience – Alex Speier has Kalish’s AAA manager predicting that he’ll be a 10-time All Star – even though he’ll start the year at Pawtucket.

Red Sox insist minor-league talent hasn’t dried up – Sean McAdam has the Red Sox believing they’ve still got plenty of young prospects.

Ex-Portsmouth star Westmoreland continues rehabbing – Brian MacPherson has an update on the outfielder.

Curt Young set to pitch in – Michael Silverman checks in with the new Red Sox pitching coach.

Welcome to Red Sox 101 – Joe McDonald has a look at the rookie development program.

Bruins finding their third identity – Joe Haggerty has the Bruins becoming a team that can pull off third period comebacks.

It occurs to me that . . . – Bob Ryan has a thoughts column.


4 thoughts on “Celtics Grind Out Win Over Pistons, Brady To Have Surgery

  1. I was listening to Dale and Holley this morning. Unfortunately, I caught the middle of Dale Arnold eviscerating Ron Borges. I checked what Borges wrote this morning in the Herald and there was not anything inflammatory in his article on the Patriots. Did he say anything on Comcast? Dale was calling Borges a two year old for a position he took with regards to the Patriots. He was also lumping a lot of the Boston Sports Media for acting childish when it comes to how they bring up their points. My question is did anyone hear everything with regards to what Dale was upset about?

    PS – Dale also went after Larry Ridley who responded to a tweet from a follower who said it would be great if EEI fired Dale and had Ridley work with Holley. Ridley responded that would be a great tag-team. Dale took offense to it. I should remind Dale, who I like, that not too long ago he went on a rant after NESN let him go and announced that NESN offered him to do the pre and postgame show which he refused. My guess is that Eric Frede, who was the host at the time, could not have been too happy when he heard this.


    1. here's the audio link:

      A classic Dale rant that garnered multiple "outstandings". Personally, I'd love to hear Holley and Michael Smith paired up. Dale seems like a miserable person to be around and I get the feeling that he doesn't even like talking to callers. Holley sounds like a whole new man whenever there's a fill-in host.


    2. It was my understanding that he was upset with something Felger said or wrote, not Borges, but I dod not catch it all.


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