With the loss to the Jets a day further away, some are starting to come around to the notion that this was a surprisingly good season for the New England Patriots, and that the future is looking bright for the franchise. The labor situation in the NFL stands between now and the 2011 season, but assuming things get worked out, we should expect that his team will continue to get better.

Kraft laboring forward – Greg A Bedard has the Patriots owner keeping positive about not only his own franchise, but the league’s labor situation as well.

Patriot fans, all is not lost – Mark Farinella says that there certainly is reason to look to the future with optimism.

Deion Branch uses defeat as Jet fuel for 2011 – Dan Duggan has the receiver saying that despite the loss, he’s glad to be back in New England and excited for next season.

Ten quotes that define the legacy of the 2010 Patriots – Christopher Price has 10 quotes that will define this season.

All is not lost for fans – Bob Ryan says that Boston fans can look to the other local teams for support during this tough time.

The Continuing Slow, Agonizing Death of Sports Commentary – Michael Gee wonders why credit cannot be given to the other team after a loss, it’s always the fault of the home team.

Talent, not coaching, doomed Patriots – Staying consistent, at least, Ron Borges says that it wasn’t the X’s and O’s, it was the Jimmys and Joes that lost this game.

Tim Thomas remains way ahead of the pack, follows easy shutout with hard-earned win – DJ Bean with a look at last night’s Bruins victory over the Hurricanes.

Red Sox hope for rebound from Beckett, but he doesn’t need to be the ace – Brian MacPherson looks at the prospects for a bounce back season for Josh Beckett.

Jed Lowrie not short on hope in bid to be a Red Sox starter – John Tomase has Lowrie hoping to seize the starting shortstop position.


2 thoughts on “A Step Further Away, Perspective Is Coming On Patriots

  1. So Borges gave BB an F for coaching, then today says the loss was due to lack of talent on the field. Seems as though his new gig appearing on the big show is affecting his judgment.


  2. I disagree that the Pats choked. A choke to me is the Bruins & Yankees giving up 3-0 series leads or the Oilers giving up a 32 point lead against the Bills.

    It's not like the Pats got to face the 7-9 Seahawks. The Pats were beaten by a Jets team that had a better record, 11-5 this season, than division winners Indy & KC.

    I'm old enough to remember Victor Kiam, Patriot Missiles, Sam Jankovich, and the likes of Hart Lee Dykes and Marc Wilson. So if being in playoff contention just about every season means some tough loses I'll take it. Even if that means losing to the Jets.


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