ESPN tried its hardest this week to convince us that the Celtics/Knicks rivalry was back. (Of course, the Celtics biggest rival in their division has historically been Philadelphia.) The Knicks, or should I say Amare’ Stoudemire, tried to make it seem like a rivalry last night, but in the end, the veteran Celtics pulled out the win, thanks to a Paul Pierce step away jumper with .04 seconds remaining, giving the Celtics a 118-116 win over New York. Get all the coverage at

Celtics embrace the challenge in thrilling win over the Knicks – Paul Flannery has the Celtics showing True Grit in beating the Knicks.

Paul Pierce plays villain in New York– Chris Forsberg has Pierce giving the Knicks a familiar ending.

Celtics shocked Pierce got off his go-to shot – A Sherrod Blakely has the Knicks allowing Pierce to get off his patented step-back jumper going to his right.

Loss aside, New York passes test– Bob Ryan looks at a moral victory for the improving Knicks.

Scary situation for banged-up Rajon Rondo – Mark Murphy’s notebook has the Celtics point guard rolling his ankle pretty badly last night. Julian Benbow’s notebook also leads off with the ankle.

The Bruins didn’t have the same success last night in the state of New York, losing to the Sabres 3-2.

Bruins lose their cool, game– Kevin Paul Dupont reports on the Bruins losing two leads in the loss.

Bruins don’t answer call – Stephen Harris calls this one a weak loss.

This Bruins loss hurts – Joe Haggerty says that this loss could haunt the Bruins.

Milan Lucic loses it over referee’s non-call – Harris’ notebook quotes a steaming Lucic after the game. The Globe notebook from Kevin Paul Dupont and the CSNNE notes from Joe Haggerty have a flu-ridden Tyler Seguin sitting out in favor of Daniel Paille. If you’re worried about the Seguin scratch, DJ Bean says to Calm down.

Lie Gate – Dan Snapp on Patriots Daily says that commissioner Roger Goodell’s mismanagement of SpyGate is giving the Jets a pass.  While you’re there, check out this week’s edition of the Worry Wart.

Jets, NFL Teams Need to Own Up to Mistakes Instead of Blaming Patriots – Jeff Howe says that this NFL trick of dragging the Patriots into every scandal needs to stop.

Sorry attempt by Jets coach – I like angry Mike Reiss.

Pats have beaten many of league’s top defenses – Robert Lee looks at some of the Patriots accomplishments this season.

Offensive line passes tough tests – While they’ve shut down many of the league’s top pass rushers thus far, Karen Guregian says that the Patriots O-line gets another big test in Clay Matthews. Mark Farinella says that the unit will not take the Packers lightly.

Without Rodgers, Pack would be lacking– Greg A Bedard says that with the Packers QB looking doubtful, it looks like the Patriots will miss another chance to face a top offense.

Coverage is a tall order– Monique Walker looks at the difficulty that Wes Welker and Deion Branch have put on opposing defenses.

 Arrington turns the corner for Patriots – Mary Paoletti has a look at the second year cornerback’s improvement.

Very good now, maybe even better later – Glen Farley says that this team will continue to get better.

New guy on ‘D’ may have to cut in line – Rapoport’s notebook says that the new additions on the defense line are needed right away. The Patriots Journal from Robert Lee and the Globe notebook from Michael Vega each report on Jonathan Wilhite being placed on IR.

Feller: Hard and fast – Bob Ryan remembers Bob Feller, who passed way yesterday at the age of 92.


9 thoughts on “Pierce Sinks “Rival” Knicks

  1. The step back winner by Pierce sums up the Knicks (and specifically Stoudemire) perfectly; can't play defense to save their lives. I can't take them seriously.


  2. So let me see if I have this correct. The Jets by their own admission are saying a rogue coach set up an illegal wall to curtail the space allowed for a player who is forced out of bounds on a punt to move. The wall is illegal because practice squad players are not allowed to be that close to the field. The Jets are also admitting that one of their coaches deliberately tripped an opposing player as he ran by. The special teams coach admits that there is a strategy involved, using offfield players to directly affect the play of on field players as they move up the field but he says he does not coach this strategy. He claims NE does, therefore other teams do it, introducing and accusing another organization of doing something illegal to deflect blame. No coach above the paygrade of strength and conditioning coach is taking any responsibility for what happens on the Jets sidelines (not that this is surprising remember the Inez Sainz debacle). The Jets have not fired the guilty coach. All this is occurring and the NFL stays quiet.

    In Denver, the head coach receives a video tape of an opponents walk through from a "rogue" employee…who happened to be in charge of video taping, who used to be his roommate and whose father has been a respected NFL assistant coach for over 30 years. No one in Denver could claim the rules were not clear. After the Patriots situation in Spygate illegal videotaping commands a $750,000 fine and a loss of a first round draft pick. The NFL instead accepts Denver's firing of the employee, the word of the now fired head coach that he did not watch the tape before the game and then does nothing.

    The Patriots in "spygate" were video taping opposing signals to be used in a library for future research. They did not try and deliberately INJURE another teams player. They did not try and learn a specific game plan. They lost $750,000 and a draft pick.

    Sometimes Fred Smerlis and his black helicopter theories surrounding the Patriots and the league don't seem that absurd.


  3. The Big Lead is having a field day with this video from the 2004 AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Colts. The video which was shown on CSNNE shows Bill Belichick impeding Marvin Harrison. Jason McIntyre, the Editor and Chief, tries to make it sound like Belichick attempted a Johnny Bucyk like hip check on Harrison. It's a bit of a stretch, but he did impede. As a commenter on the site said, " If we knew then what we know now about Marvin Harrison, no way this would’ve happened". Here's the link.


    1. Of course he is. He's a Jets fan. He's trying to muddy the waters since his team is imploding.

      Big difference there though. 1) Belichick didn't go on the field to hit him, and 2) He never actually touched him.


      1. No question about it Bruce. There were a couple of commentors who completely refuted McIntyre's argument. McIntyre had very weak responses. One more thing Bruce, Belichick was also where he was supposed to be. The onus is on Harrison to get around Belichick so I have no problem with him impeding. I did think the comment I showed on Harrison was hysterical though, but that's just me.


    1. I can't believe Felger interjected himself into that. I mean, that's his wife involved there. Sometimes you have to have boundaries that you won't cross for the sake of ratings or publicity. Geez.


  4. In all the time I've been reading Mike Reiss I can't think of another time he's as passionate about a topic. I feel the same way and I'm glad he posted that.


  5. Awesome. Glad some one is taking the NFL and the mainstream media to task over their gutless attempts to weave Spygate into everything.


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