NESN sent around the following release this afternoon. Looks like FOX is attempting something similar to what has done with local sites that have a tie-in to the national site.

December 16, 2010 – on MSN and NESN announced today a new digital content sharing partnership that will make the exclusive provider of New England and Boston sports news on one of the most popular sports web sites in the country. The agreement allows the right to both publish and directly link to NESN’s sports news content and provides for significant cross promotional opportunities between the two sites.

“The FOX Sports Local websites are the fastest-growing regional sports websites in the country,” said Mike Hall, NESN’s Director of New Media. “We are proud to join the FOX Sports family of local websites to help extend their reach in the northeast while helping NESN to continue to grow our site as the premier destination for fans of New England sports.”

“Providing our readers with the latest news in New England sports greatly enhances and complements the coverage from all of our existing local sites. We’re excited to partner with the leading sports website in that market,” said Kyle McDoniel, Vice President of Business Development for   

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  1. Imagine how cool it would be if had almost anything of value. Just article after article of idle speculation and stuff said better somewhere else.


  2. Hey, without, who would actually believe the Bruins are anything better than a nine seed in the East?


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